Sunday, 30 December 2012

And In My Dreams

Sitting in the dark of early morning and listening to rain and hail beating against my window, Muse started to suggest a few words to start me off on a new journey.  The few words offered were the title phrase.

And In My Dreams  -  30 Dec 12


A tender voice
Told me of her Love
For me
Eternity together


Waves sang a soft song
Telling tales
Of days gone by and
Days to come


Rose held in both our hands
Whisper soft
Red petals hold our desires
Carry our thoughts
Eternity in a moment
We share


Once again I thank my Muse for assisting me.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Haikū 44

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.  All of these Haikū originate from 19 May 10 except for the last one which comes from 20 May 10.


Your intense beauty
Flowing from your Soul ... cannot
Help myself ... I stare


While thinking of you
I remember what we did
and my Heart beats fast


Changed his position
To appear more attractive
Ecch - what a poser


Wandering around
Feeling lost, very alone
You are not with me


In darkness I sit
Low cloud releases the rain
Day faded to black

More to come...

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Haikū 43

Another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Cramped  -  17 May 10

Need a bigger Heart
Not enough space in here now
Love is feeling cramped

Careful  -  18 May 10

Am always careful
In matters of Love and Heart
These must be cherished

Conduct  -  18 May 10

Polite in manner
Careful in conduct always
My gentle nature

Twister  -  18 May 10

Danger threatened me
Held safe in your Heart ~ guarding
The twister passed by

Random  -  19 May 10

Random messages
Are pushed out into the world
Just done sneakily

More from May 2010 to come.

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Haikū 42

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Anti-...  -  16 May 10

Wonder if I dare ...

[I dared]

Sex  -  16 May 10

But when I was asked
What sex I was ~ had to say
Don't know ~ never looked

Loose  -  16 May 10

Sex-crazed wombat loose
Marsupial with urges
Of the carnal kind

Open  -  17 May 10

My mind and body
Open always to yours now
I give you my Love

Vacation  -  17 May 10

You are changing me
I would like a vacation
Not from but TO you

Even more to come...

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Haikū 41

A few more offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Rogue  -  14 May 10

Accused of being
A rogue ... all because I said
I think I Love you

Sever  -  15 May 10

Many times ... been told
To sever my ties with you
Can't ... Love you too much

Thrill  -  15 May 10

Tasting her presence
Gives me a thrill every time
I know she is near

Spoiled  -  15 May 10

The fruit, once tasted,
Has spoiled my palate ... there is
No comparison

Smile  -  15 May 10

You gave me your smile
I cherished it, nurtured it
and now it has grown

Another batch of Haikū will appear soon.

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Haikū 40

More offerings from the hand-written Haikū archive collection.

Deviance  -  12 May 10

Because you enjoy
Things slightly unusual
Is this deviance?

Working Girl  -  12 May 10

No ... can you not see
That it is not working, girl
It can never be ...

Intrude  -  13 May 10

Thoughts of you intrude
Upon my dreams but they are
So very welcome

Ocean  -  13 May 10

Let me lay in the
Ocean of the Moon ... her light
Can wash me away

Dreaming  -  14 May 10

Dreaming ... holding thoughts
Of you in the nights we shared
I keep coming back

Figure  -  14 May 10

My lover's figure
Held me transfixed ... her beauty
Captivating me

More Haikū and new works coming soon.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Six Senses

A poem which grew suddenly and rapidly in my mind, it insisted that I write it out immediately and publish it.

Six Senses  -  16 Dec 12

Tasting your kiss
Drawing us close
To experience

Your warm perfume
Exciting ~ wanting to please

I reach out
Touch silken skin
Soft smooth inviting

Hearing your heartbeat
As I rest my head
Against your breast

Seeing the Love
Shine in your eyes
I am lost within

Souls moved us close
So we can be
Together ~ forever

I thank Muse for inspiring me and I thank a different Muse too.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Haikū 39

A few more offerings from my hand-written Haikū archives.

Broken  -  09 May 10

I broke my own Heart
I dropped it ... you picked it up
Held it close to yours

Smile  -  10 May 10

Speak your smile, even
When nobody can see you
They will catch one too

Join  -  11 May 10

I said ... join with me
Come let us explore our world
All our tomorrows

Pout  -  11 May 10

Said ~ "I'm not happy"
Gave me a pout to prove it ...
I had to kiss it

Suspense  -  12 May 10

Aching ... no answer
Suspense is messing with me
Does she think of me?

There are a lot more to come...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Haikū 38

Another selection of Haikū from the hand-written archives.

Drifting  -  07 May 10

Drifting off in a
Hazy minded afternoon
Wake me with your smile

Night  -  08 May 10

Night enfolds me now
Wraps me in her velvet cloak
Protects me till dawn

Snob  -  08 May 10

Can't abide a snob
"Better than you" ... but their feet
Are still in the mud`

Apology  -  09 May 10

Wish I had known you
A long time ago ... please take
My apology

Love  -  09 May 10

You have touched my Heart
In a way I will never
Forget ... I love you

More soon...

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Frosted Night [re-written]

The poem first posted here three days ago has been re-written after it was pointed out to me that it could be split into two related poems.
So now I offer the new version, presented as a Tanka and an Haikū envoi.
Hoping you like the new offering.

Frosted Night [re-written]  -  08 & 11 Dec 12

Moon ~ her beauty shines
Encrusted ~ a thousand stars
Frosted night Dragons
Sky diamonds shine brightly
Amid enchanted dreaming

Crystal shards ~ glitter
On fields of velvet darkness
Reflecting the glow

Thanks are due to dani harris for her suggestion ~ I always consider any suggestions carefully...especially if they are polite. [smiling as I type]

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Haikū 37

Another few offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Thinking  - 06 May 10

Sitting here, thinking
Music running through my mind
Listen ... can you hear?

Radiant  -  06 May 10

Who needs the sunlight?
When I have radiant you
Living in my Heart

Listening  -  06 May 10

Listening for you
Words of Love spoken to me
Only in my dreams?

Hawks  -  06 May 10

Words I have spoken
Snatched in flight taken by hawks
Transported higher

Hinky  -  07 May 10

My reasoning is
Just a little bit hinky
Right yes but ... not quite

There are more to come...

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Frosted Night

Another of the late night or rather, early morning, creations when Muse kept insisting that I made a note of the lines that were forming in my mind.  Glad she did because I nearly forgot that I had even created the note.

Frosted Night  -  08 Dec 12

Frosted night
Sky diamonds shine
Crystal shards
On fields of darkness
Reflect the glow

Not so strange that poems should grow in darkness.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Haikū 36

More from the Haikū hand written archives for your delight and delectation.

Peruse  -  04 May 10

Soul reading your tale
Peruse the legend you left
For others to see

Imagination  -  04 May 10

Taking minds and thoughts...upward
Into playful heights

Dance  -  05 May 10

Dreaming of your touch
Wanting your fingertip dance
Across my body

dani wrote an Haikū and I felt inspired to add one to complete the sequence.
Hers first then mine...

and if i tell you
that i love you a million
times ... will you love me then?

I already love...
your words would be in the way
of kisses I give

Ally  -  05 May 10

Through troubled times
I will get through easily
You are my ally

So pleased to have permission to repost one of dani's Haikū here along with my response.
There will be more offerings soon and maybe a new poem too.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Haikū 35

After a long gap I present another selection from my hand-written archives of Haikū.
All these originate from 03 May 10


Strong wind from the sea
Carry thoughts, distant places
To blow through my mind


And in the darkness
Dreams gather in the corners
Waiting to catch you


Talking to myself
... again, only I listen
Lonely sometimes though


Dream walking, again
I am awake while asleep
Not unusual


Standing in sunshine
Feeling the warmth flow through me
Reminds me of you

There will be more soon.

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Monday, 26 November 2012


Drifting through the afternoon, thoughts drifting too till slowly they coalesced into a poem.  Here now is "She".

She  -  26 Nov 12

 She touched my eyes
Drew me in
Captivated me

She touched my cheeks
Warmed me
With her fire

She touched my Heart
Gave me Love
From her Heart

She touched my body
Ignited my lust
Shared her with me

Muse often gets me to see things in different and sometimes unusual ways, for that I thank her.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spark 16 ~ Blackbird[s] + Complete + Love

Another post from the fairly recent past, dani harris and I submitted our offerings to Spark and were pleased to collaborate on another [we feel] successful work.  Incidentally, the square bracket around the "s" in the title refers to the fact that the first two pieces have essentially the same title but dani makes it a plural form.

Spark 16 ~ Blackbird[s] and Complete and Love


Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
by dani harris
sun low on the English horizon
silhouetted in a tree
blackbird calling to his Love
here i am,  my Love
waiting patiently
here i am,  my Love
please,  come to me
i hold my breath
to better hear his song
blackbird calling to his Love
here i am,  my Love
and here i will be
here i am,  my Love
until you come to me
i close my eyes…
hear a soft beating of  wings
blackbird calling to her Love
here i am,  my  Beloved
and here i will stay
by your side,  my Beloved
until my very last day

by dani harris
Inspiration piece
not the light of the sun
nor the dark of the moon
not the flicker of the stars
nor the tail of a comet
not the tides of the sea
nor the petals of a flower
nothing in all the galaxies
can compare to our love
you are mine
i am yours
we are complete

Ainsley Allmark
Response piece

To view these and other people's offerings go to Get Sparked and have a mouse around.

We, dani and I, hope you enjoyed reading these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Please visit dani's blog site [ ] to read more of her Lovely works, you won't be disappointed.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Muse insisted that I make a note of what was forming in my mind and so the first part was "written" while lying in bed preparing for sleep and the second part came this afternoon.  I hope you like it.

Lovers  -  19 Nov 12

Love you till the end of time
We have heard that
We do not feel it
Lovers make their own time
Seconds flow into hours
Hours flash by
In the flutter
Of an eyelid

We share our time
Becoming WE
Till nothing else matters
We exist in a time
Without end

After I had recorded the first part I fell deeply asleep, Muse was satisfied.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Owl Evening

This poem was triggered by my stepping outside for a few moments and hearing an Owl calling then being aware of what was happening in the western sky.  Without further comment I present it now.

Owl Evening  -  17 Nov 12

Darkling sky
Holds a memory of the day
That has been

Thin silver crescent
In the west
Foretelling the month to come

Owl serenading
Farewell to the Sun
Greeting Lady Moon

I really Love the way Muse shakes my mind and offers suggestions.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


In the very early hours of the day, an hour had barely formed, when Muse asked me to make a note of some images which were forming in my thoughts.  The poem grew quite rapidly and I now present it here.

Huntress  -  13 Nov 12

Bird on the wing
She watches
Fleet of foot
Huntress dances through
My dreams

Sings to her bird
Spirals in … touches me
Huntress smiles
Takes me in her arms

Licks blood droplets
From my arm
Kisses and entices

The bird looks deep within
The huntress ~ even deeper
They know me
I wake and a feather
Rests on my pillow

I just Love how these poems grow, inspired by my Muse.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wandering Dreams

This poem grew rapidly from two points of inspiration. the first, as so often the case, came from a piece of music I was listening to and the second from thoughts of someone special.  I offer it for your reading pleasure.

Wandering Dreams  -  06 Nov 12

You lost your thoughts
In the dreams of another
He took them
Squandered them
Wasted the love
You gave

When I saw them
Floating on the breeze
Lost ~ flying without aim
I gathered them ~ took them
In my arms
Offered my love to them

Took you into my dream
You smiled at me
Requested me to hold
You and your dreams
Give them purpose again
Let them grow

Offered your kiss
Your tender smile
In your gentle hands
Love grew and flourished
Our dreams
Took flight

It is really lovely when Muse brings inspiration to me, I am always most grateful.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I felt a little tickle and realised that Muse was teasing me.  The first stanza formed immediately and the second followed today.

Tease  -  29 Oct 12

Her head lowered
Eyes lifted
Looked at me
Shyly ~ slyly
Her mouth shaped a question

I felt her touch
Unleashing shivers
But still all she did
Was look
And smile

Once again, I thank Muse for her inspiration.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012


This poem grew yesterday as I looked out of my window and watched how the day was changing, rather unexpectedly.

Wind  -  27 Oct 12

In a wind
Carrying darkness
From the north

Ice shards
Slice the day

Shred the clouds
Twilight peers through
Muddy sky

Taste of snow
In the air
Wind messengers

Watching for the first
Ice dancers
On the cold winds

Interesting how my Muse inspires me sometimes.
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Her Touch

Another poem grew in the very early hours of the day, this one is part of the sensuous Love songs series and I present it for your reading pleasure.

Her Touch  -  18 Oct 12

Her lips carried kisses
Which lingered on my skin
The fragrance of her hair
As it danced on my face
Demanding my senses obey
Tasting her

Her hands carried hints
Of pleasures to come
The warmth of her breath
Gently blows ~ gently blown
Ripples across me
Like a warm sea
Testing me

Her eyes showed me Love
Unexpected ~ hoped for
Her words invited me
To share in a mystery
We wove one together
Built it carefully
Teasing we

Muse seems to offer most of my fun and interesting [to me at least] poems during the night,
I rather enjoy them.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

She Touched Me

As I lay awake between periods of deep sleep, listening through my open window to the rain singing on the porch roof, words started to form in my mind.  Half this poem grew at that time and the rest came as I read what had already been formed, this afternoon.  This is the first acrostic poem to emerge for quite a long time.

She Touched Me  -  11 Oct 12

Songs she sang
Have stayed with me forever

Time carried my thoughts
Over space through worlds and
Underworlds where galaxies shone
Creating diamond vistas
Holding an
Eternal promise in our

Messages passed from Heart to Heart

Once again Muse asked me to make a note of my words before they are forgotten, she was right and reading them today allowed completion.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Dreams of Eden

The title line "Dreams of Eden" had been wandering through my mind for the whole of the day yesterday, suddenly it all seemed to come together with a series of songs that are often in my mind.  All but the last stanza was completed before I went to bed and part of the final stanza appeared when I was in bed, Muse reminded me to make a note of what came at that time.

When you finish reading the poem I would suggest following the links to YouTube to listen to my references.

Dreams of Eden  -  01 Oct 12

Remembered hours
The dreams of Eden
Still echo through my mind
And slumber with the thoughts
I still harbour
Of our times together

In restless dreams
I walked
Through places that others
Never knew
But only in my Eden
I have seen

Splinters of evening
I feel you ~ I touch you ~ you touch me
Our Souls still wander
Through the gardens
And taste the flowers
Of Eden

Everything changes
Worlds dance on their way
Round the suns like
Glittering dust
But always we have
Our Eden

The links to the references made in each stanza...

Remembered hours – Lady of the Dancing Water
King Crimson

In restless dreams – For Emily Wherever I May Find Her
Simon and Garfunkel

Splinters of evening – Midsummer Night’s Dream
Hunter Muskett

Everything Changes – Everything Changes
Lesley Duncan

I hope you enjoy the music and my poem.

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012


This poem was written just after "Midnight" was completed and the writing of this was accompanied by listening to music.  One of the pieces was "Amoureuse" by Kiki Dee and the line "...rainfall on other planets..." spoke to me again and I was transported ~ again.

Worlds  -  18 Sep 12

Sunsets on worlds
That are reflected in the
Of our dreams
We have watched
As the fires of the days
Fade into beautiful embers
Into the dark of blissful night

Stars in constellations
Lost against the shine
Of a galaxy
That lights the night

And fires our dreams

Happy trails ~ see you out there on other worlds.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


During most of the evening [of 17 Sep] the word "Midnight" had been wandering around in my mind but I could not find anything with which to associate it.  At about 02:00, however, this poem started to grow, almost fully formed and with a couple of really minor alterations is what you see here.

Midnight  -  18 Sep 12

A whispered prayer
Gossamer thoughts
Fragrant ideas born
Of things in shadowed memories

Shadowed memories of
Ideas held suspended
In places
Where light seldom goes

Light plays
In fevered memories
Times when old thoughts
Seldom play

Play the games
From when we were young
And dreamt that
Was somewhere we could go

Somewhere in our thoughts
A secret place
We always held hands
And held the thoughts of

I rather like the way that the word "Midnight" wanders through the poem and that the first line of each stanza contains an echo of the last line of the preceding one.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Muse seems to be setting a new pattern for the times I am prompted to write, just as well I do not mind.  This new poem was started at just after 05:00 and finished fairly soon after I woke later in the morning.

Words  -  16 Sep 12

Her tongue wrapped around
Her words
Warmed them
Moistened them
Let them fly

My ears gathered them
Let them flow
Listened to their song
Asked me to sing along
My Heart took some words
Shaped them
Gently took them
Wrapped them in Love
Offered them

Her lips kissed them
Held them in a way
To show those words
Were ours

"Morning" that's my story and I am sticking to it ☺

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sweet Rain

At about 05:00 the first stanza formed completely in my mind, I noted it down and went to sleep.  Approximately twelve hours later the rest grew and I offer it to you here.

Sweet Rain  -  12 Sep 12

Sweet rain
Warm kisses fall
From my Lover’s lips
On a summer night

Veils blow gently
Lifted by soft winds
My Lover’s breath
Upon my neck

Secret stars
Shine beyond the cloud
In my Lover’s eyes
I see the sparkle

Gentle touch
Across my brow
My Lover’s hand
Caressing me again

Once again I thank Muse for insisting that I note the words somewhere in case they are forgotten.

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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Night Whispers

At about 05:00 the words of this poem grew in my mind.  Muse suggested, very strongly, that I noted them down [using my phone] because she knew that I would forget them before I woke.

Night Whispers  -  29  Aug 12

Night whispers
In the wind
Dreams talking to each other
Across time
Across space
In the dark

Tears of rain
Beat out a rhythm
On the Autumn leaves

Sentences left hanging
Now completed
Words unspoken
Now shouted
Silenced only
By a closing window

Muse was right, I had forgotten what I had written.
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Night Storm Spills

I lay awake in the night listening to the rain beating down and Muse suggested, rather strongly, that I wrote down what I was thinking.  When I woke, more words started flowing and the whole thing came together.

Night Storm Spills  -  27 Aug 12

Gathering wind
Rustles leaves
Shaking branches
Owls are silent ~ expectant
Waiting for the storm

Rain on an already
To an already full stream

Night ~ silent but for wind
Storm ~ lashes the land
Spills ~ its rain

I feel that this poem works even though it didn't grow in the way I expected ~ thank you Muse for the prompts.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stone Heart + heart of stone + together + Look Deep ~ Spark 15

This is another of the collaborations that dani harris and I had, this time for publication on Spark 15.  Once again we had a great deal of pleasure in working together. 

Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
heart of stone
by dani harris
a heart set in stone
once broken asunder ~
what loss
could have caused it
o shatter so?
the pieces carefully
put back together
…..with hope?
a heart set in stone
…still vulnerable
…still exposed
…still yearning for someone
to reach out and touch it?
a heart set in stone
waiting for Love
ready to become whole once more
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
the breeze
dancing round us
warm the sunlight
caressing our
the feel
of your lips
sweet the taste
of your
the touch
of your fingertips
love and desire
flowing back
between us
our hearts merge
love shines out
of sparkling
the song
of our souls
as we journey
through life

Ainsley Allmark
Look Deep
Response piece
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.
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Monday, 13 August 2012


While writing the outro for "Competition" I said "Getting the feeling that this is the first poem of a pair."  Within a few moments of posting it here on Muse, the first words of the second poem started to form, so here is the second poem...constructed as a "count up" form.

Harmony  -  12 Aug 12

Angel voice

Giving my Soul
New words to sing

Relief from the competition
Old contestants
Scurry for the shade

Harmony ~ songs of Love
Now fill my thoughts
She touches me
With warmth

For inspiration
A flame is lit
Gives me a smile and a song

I think it works rather well.  Maybe more poems like this will appear soon.  Thank you Muse.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012


A new poem wandered into my mind, with gentle encouragement from Muse, it grew fairly quickly and I present it here.  The structure of a "count down" wasn't actually intended originally but I felt that it was good and I continued till it was complete.

Competition  -  12 Aug 12

Emptiness tried to claim me
Loneliness was already here
Between them
The melancholy choir
Was complete

Cobwebs on unused dreams
Did nothing but collect dust
And hide the light
From my eyes

Felt that all I saw
All I felt
Was all

Began to hear
New music

And then an Angel sang

Getting a feeling that this is the first poem of a pair ~ it this is the case, then part two will appear before too long, I hope.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

moon dance + the magic of a day + Thoughts [Spark 14]

Another collaboration by dani harris and myself that was originally published in Spark 14
[ ]
The response photograph ~ an Haiga, at the end of this post, is now the correct image for Spark 14.  The image originally posted on that site was posted in error and has now been amended for me, by Amy ~ the creator of the Spark concept ~ and I thank her here. 
Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
moon dance
by dani harris
if not for the Moon
would there be no tides?
no gentle surf to wade in
or raging seas to fear?
if not for the Moon
dancing with the Sea
would She retreat
or unleash Her greatest fury?
the Moon will always be
companion to the Sea
pulling Her closer to Him
if ever She tries to break free
the magic of a day
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
the sun came up
shining her love upon the world
warming hearts and souls
clouds passed by for a very short while
shedding tears of joy upon the green earth
a rainbow smiled
spreading her beauty
far and wide from hill to hill
the morning wind danced
with the trees in the forest
to sweet melodies sung by the birds
bees snuck kisses from flowers
while butterflies tickled their leaves
and fat furry catapillars giggled in delight
the sea waved hello to the rivers
as they rushed to greet her
happy to be coming home
the fish did as fish do
and swam in circles
playing tag or hide-and-seek
after a long day
the sun warmed the oceans with her parting rays
as she settled down to rest
the evening breeze hummed a faint tune
while the night was busy
wrapping the world in his safe embrace
the moon just smiled
when the stars peeked out
and began to twinkle one-by-one
then it all started over again…
the sun came up
shining her love upon the world
the entire time
i thought about you
Ainsley Allmark
Response piece
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Passionflower + moonlight sonata [Spark 13]

This is a collaborative work by dani harris and myself.  It was originally posted to Spark 13
[ ]
My inspiration piece ~ the passionflower photograph ~ was replied to by dani and her inspiration piece ~ moonlight sonata ~ was replied to by me and this is the compiled result.
Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration Piece

dani harris
two tiny sparks
made of  stardust
and comets’ tails
drifted aimlessly
…each alone and lonely…

time did not exist
…existed endlessly…
until the moment
when they chanced
upon one another

took shape…
life began…
time moved forward…
and they were lonely no more

for aeons
they joyfully danced
and sang and played
across the cosmos
always together

their friendship grew
into a deep and special love
until at last
the two sparks
became one soul

the gods had watched
fascinated yet skeptical
a decision was made
the one soul was split in half
and put into two humans on Earth

two gifts were also given ~
the souls were allowed
to be reborn over and over
and they would always
recognize one another

lifetime after lifetime passed
…each and every time
the two souls found one another
and their love became deeper
and their connection grew stronger

the gods understood
…even split into two…
neither soul was complete
without the other

in celebration
the gods created the passionflower
as a symbol to all
of  what is possible
when love is true
moonlight sonata
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
she gives off no light of her own
merely reflecting that of another
yet her warm glow
brings comfort to many
as she floats above
solitary in her journey
across the velvet skies
she listens to the songs of love
and prayers of the lost and lonely
sent to her from below
ever-changing in her constancy
shy in her newness
just a sliver in the sky
gorgeous in her fullness
pregnant with promise
she moves the tides
and hearts of men
waxing and waning
to a sonata
only she can hear
wrapping lovers
in moonbeams
and dreamers
in moondust
she watches over us
ultimate symbol of magic
and love
weaving her spell
deep within our souls
of every accolade
upon her glory
since man first looked up
Ainsley Allmark - Hiding
response piece


There will be more of these pieces appearing before too long, in order to bring the Spark offerings up-to-date.
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.

Friday, 27 July 2012

The Lady

This poem grew from a prompt in Poetry Jam ~ I shall not say anything further about the poem but feel that it works rather well.

The Lady  -  27 Jul 12

The lady came
Lay down your words
Said she
Craft a special spell
For me

She told me
What she wanted
Her needs and desires
She bid me build
Then with a smile ~ departed

I laboured long
The fragments grew
Into a complex web
Words chased around
And came together

I called ~ requested
The lady's presence
She smiled
Took the proffered scroll
And read

In silence
With a growing smile
Perfect said she
Laid a kiss on the edge

Looked deep into my eyes
The smile in hers growing
I felt my Heart enflamed
You are mine
Enchanter ~ Enchanted

This is my entry for Poetry Jam ~ Do You Believe In Magic

Monday, 23 July 2012

In An Afternoon Dream

In a sleepy afternoon, gentle sounds drifted through the warmth of the day and this poem was birthed and grew quite quickly.  I felt that posting it here in Muse now would be a good idea.

In An Afternoon Dream  -  23 Jul 12


A secret smile
Shown only to me
Warmth from her Heart


In ways that can never
Be explained
Brought Love


Accepted Love from me
In ways she alone knew
How to take


Showed me that I
Could become
We ~ and grow


In the Infinities of possibilities
Our Eternities
Shine brightly


I thank Muse for the inspiration and gentle nudges.
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Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Sounds of Time

The first few lines of this poem were born a few days ago followed by a kind of silence.  Maybe it was a little joke by Muse, given the title of the poem.  I'm really not certain what was happening but today the rest of the poem was suddenly birthed.

The Sounds of Time  -  08 & 15 Jul 12

Sand between fingers

Slipping under feet
Sea kisses our toes
Sowing new memories
Seeding dreams

Stretch into hours
Stretch into days

Sounds of time
Secret songs
Sung out loud
Souls in harmony


I'm puzzled by the alliteration and not certain how it was formed but I do like the effect.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Reality Seven ~ Reality

Yesterday another poem in the Reality series started to grow ~ from the final stanza forward.  Quite unusual for the last lines to come formed before anything else.  It was completed this afternoon and I now present it here.

Reality Seven ~ Reality  -  07 & 08 Jul 12

In our play
She led us deep…
Deep within the forest
Into the Halls
Of Poseidon

Amethysts shone
Diamonds lit the way
Our eyes reflected
The beauty
Skin glowed

We swam again
In Ocean’s warmth
Our thoughts entwined
Dreams blended
Our tails
Moved in synchrony

Contagious smile
Caressed me
Welcome home

It may be that this is the final poem in the Reality series - I feel that completion has been achieved but who knows what Muse knows.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Waiting for Me

I was supposed to be watching a DVD but Muse had other ideas and she started to steer me along a rather interesting path.  I am often puzzled by what takes me into these places but am always well rewarded by the experience.

Waiting for Me  -  06 Jul 12

Her breathing
Her smile
Warmer than fire

Walking through
The chambers of my mind
The hidden secret places
That only dream

She knew
How to look past
The images
The ancient myths
I inhabited

Saw me
At the dreams
Knew me
Looked at my dreams
Entered them

Entered me
Looked in all the places
That I knew
Have been
Want to go
Will touch

In slow gentle breath
Let us go there
See what we can find
In our new worlds

Thank you Muse for another interesting journey.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Aqua [Reality Six]

A new poem born from a call out of Muse and a realisation that I hadn't touched on this aspect of Reality before in any of my poems.

Aqua  -  04 Jul 12

Flicked water at me

Into the water again

Chase ~ dive with her

Not as efficient as

Circled back to collect

Another thing that inspired and triggered this was a recent statement from the American government denying the possibility of Mermaids ~ like the denial of UFOs.
Smiling broadly...

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Sunday, 1 July 2012

Panther in the Night

This poem grew suddenly in the very early hours, the day was but a few hours old, Muse wouldn't allow me to relax but insisted that it was placed in a document and transferred to this blog immediately.  I know better than to argue with Muse and her recommendations.

Panther in the Night  -  01 Jul 12

Eyes ~ black
Like polished coal
Cut through me
Touched me deep within
Framed in green

Watched me
In the night
Light rain ~ misted dark
Jewelled fur

She lay beside me
Took my hand ~ smiled
Held me close
I felt her warm breath
On my neck

She writhed against me
Whispered ~ " my Love"
In the darkness

I feel that this is one of the better flow poems and hope you do too.

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sun's Shadow Side [Reality Five]

Another of the Reality series, this one took two days to reach maturity, but is now ready to be placed here in Muse for your consideration.

Sun's Shadow Side  -  29 & 30 Jun 12

Shoals of cloud
Under the neon sun
I walk alone
Though other feet have passed
This way
Through me

Wash the Unicorn’s horn
In the woodland dell
Leaves dance

Pan’s Pipes
Weave a madrigal
About the rhythm
Of the stream
To set the Mayflies

Sometimes the poems flow and at others they move more slowly.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Realities of the Night [Fourth Reality]

Born in the very early hours of the night as I looked out of my window while preparing for bed.  It continued to grow through the day till it was mature enough to be posted to Muse.

Realities of the Night  -  26 Jun 12

Low-flying cloud
Paints the night
With shades of grey
Wraps street lamps
In filigree damp
Cloaks the trees
With diamante robes

Wolf howl
Baying to an imagined Moon
Startled Peacocks
Ruffled feathers
Shaking their secret eyes
Seeing into other worlds
Awaiting sunrise

Silence of the mists
Hides the calls
Whispered words
Muttered incantations
Midnight Amethysts to
Burn bright

I find it very interesting how a random insertion into my sight and thoughts can deliver surreal imagery to be included in a poem ~ thank you Muse.
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third Reality

The "Reality" sequence is developing and growing, I'm getting feelings that another one is in gestation and should be arriving fairly soon.  In the meantime I present the third poem.

Third Reality  -  23 Jun 12

Fierce rain
Biting through clothes
Sky bruised
Beaten with a whip of ice

A kiss from a Phœnix
Warm feathers caress
My face

Maidens dance
In formal moves
Scarves draped
From silky wrists

Sun hides his face
Watching the dance

Knows he cannot join
Simply watches
Desire grows


These poems are showing more than a hint of Surrealism and this really pleases me ~ thank you Muse.
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Diving Deeper

Another long pause and protracted birthing but, finally, a new poem sees the light of day.  I hope you feel that it was worth the wait.

Diving Deeper  -  07, 12 & 16 Jun 12

Her fingers reached
Within me

Took my senses
To higher states

Reached into me
Stroked my Soul
Held it tenderly

Gave me new meaning
To my thoughts
To my feelings…while

I would like to thank Muse for her patience...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Another Reality

This is the second of, what is turning out to be, a new series of poems.  I did wonder when "Reality" appeared and was revealed to be somewhat unusual in content.  Now it is confirmed that the Reality sequence is to continiue.

Another Reality  -  05 Jun 12

Casting shadows on the sun
A moon-dark day
Over the sea of madness
Where voices chant
A litany of wordless songs
In ancient languages

Maidens walk the leopards
Through woodland lanes
As the ivy watches
From treetops bare
And blackbirds
Sing an anthem

Thank you Muse for the inspiration for this piece ~ looking forward to the next poem.

Monday, 4 June 2012


After another long gap something has appeared, it feels to me that it is the first part of a new on-going series of fantasy poems.  I shall have to wait and see what Muse suggests to me about what might come next.

Reality  -  03 Jun 12

On the edge of reality
Where suns and moons shine
With unexpected colours
And winged horses
Fly through mountainous

There dreams take shape
Before the dance begins
Words crystallise
Into lines
For Muses to sing
Into being

Going with what Muse prompts me to see...

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Far Side

After rather a long pause, Muse offered a change in direction.  This took a little while to come to fruition and the result feels promising, what do you think?

Far Side  -  18 & 22 May 12

From the far side
Of now
We watched

Stars danced
A gavotte
For our pleasure

Flurry ~ skirts twirled
A moment
Frozen in our eyes

Fleeting movement
Bagatelle danced
Brief gentle wordless song

Whispered Love
Calling us

Feet hardly move
Joined the dance

I think that these changes hold an interest and can be explored, thank you Muse.
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Thursday, 26 April 2012


This poem took a surprisingly long time to emerge fully, almost as though I had to live through the cold winds.  Whatever the reason for this slow growth, I now present it here.

Return  -  21, 22 & 26 Apr 12

Too long
Have I stayed away
The stars
Have moved on in their courses
New pictures
Across the sky

New legends
In the imagination
Of the watchers

But now
The winds are changing
The old ways
Are gone
The weather says storms ahead
The winds of change
Blow cold

I have been called back
To take my place
To stand at the head
Of the watchers

Was it worth the wait?  You tell me...
I thank Muse [as usual] for the various prompts and thanks also go to a lovely fellow Blogger who accidentally presented a seed thought.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Night in the Garden

My suspicions were correct ~ this is a new segment of the Garden of Infinity sequence.  I cannot be certain if there are more parts to come, I shall just have to wait and see.

Night in the Garden  -  14 Apr 12

Mist shrouded Moon
Pale glow
Hanging on the Eastern skyline

She lit a candle
Put it in the window
To guide her Lover

He saw the flame
Heard his Lover whisper…
Her voice loud ~ in his Soul

Reaching for each other
Hands touch ~ lips touch
Bodies flow together

Night completes…
Garden mysteries
Eternal stories

It is never a good idea for me to attempt to pre-guess what Muse has in store for me.