Monday, 31 January 2011

Haikū - 34

A few more Haikū from my personal archives.

Haikū 34


A hint of Jasmine
beautiful floral accent
reminds me of you

Broken Promises [Dodoitsu]

In the west sunlight, tinting
clouds orange colour, promising...
now cloud falls, rain falls, all wet
Broken promises

[Note: while this is not an Haikū but a
dodoitsu in the folk form - syllabic structure 7:7:7:5,
I felt that it was interesting enough to include it here.]

Night Roams

Daytime slips into
dream, allowing night to roam
where will it find you...


The borderland where
sea, beach and sky meet and touch...
there you will find me


A chance to savour
your sweet perfume, I taste you,
kiss my dreams


A little shower
leaving diamonds sprinkled
to capture the sun


The Queen has done her
duty...born the heir and now
she calls her consort

More somewhen soon...

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Inspiration sometimes comes from really obvious places, I had intended to be out somewhere but the weather changed my mind for me - cameras and rain do not really mix.

Tap-tap-tapping - 25 Jan 11

I looked out
Watched the rain
Listened to it
On my window

I had been called
To walk
To play
Even though the sky
Was grey
But then I felt it
On my head

All the things
I had intended
For the day
A tiny sadness
Now holds me
And little tears are
On my heart

And now the sun
Has set
Behind the veil of cloud
From which the rain
Still falls
I only hear...not see
The drops
On the glass

Waiting to see
What the morrow
Will bring...

Weather has an, often profound, impact on our lives - or sometimes it just raises a little smile.

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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Wandering Kisses

A couple of words from a conversation, a night ago, formed the original inspiration for this poem and Muse gave me a little prod this evening to actually bring it out into the world.

Wandering Kisses - 23 Jan 11

Feling the wind of your
Feeling the drift of
Memories just forming
Storing for another when...
Future echoes in my mind

Remembering the hours we
Playing together in careless
Feeling your wandering kisses
Following your fingertips...
Across and around

In the silent hours after midnight
We sat together
Talked in our minds
Talked with our bodies
Silence was never so loud

Feeling our hours
Sharing our wandering kisses
Through the night
Through us always
Calling the kisses...

Another poem which grew suddenly and emerged fully-formed.

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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Dawn Watcher

I woke early and looked out of my bedroom window - what I saw inspired this poem; I had to wait for the evening before I was able to illustrate it.

Dawn Watcher - 22 Jan 11

Sky growing pale
Swirls of mist
Obscuring details
No longer pregnant
Rides low
In the western sky
Watching for the dawn

This is the first illustrated poem in Muse for a very long time - it probably won't be the last...

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Thursday, 20 January 2011


This poem came through in a way that interrupted my evening meal - it was worth it, I feel.

Revealed - 20 Jan 11

Seeing my world
Through your eyes
The secret corners
Where I thought
My thoughts
Were hidden

You saw me clearly
I couldn't hide me
From you
Even if I tried
Even if I wanted to

You looked within me
And touched
Touched the real me
You opened my doors
Allowed the sunlight in
And I saw the real me you think it was worth letting my meal grow cold to allow this poem to flow? Muse offers some really interesting things at unusual times.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Haikū - 33

Another selection from my archives...

Haikū - 33


Standing before me,
beauty, you are always my
inspiration source


Trying on trousers
my son has grown out of, but
too big for ME now

Low Cloud

Clouds flying low now
hiding sunset, tops of hills
Moon will not be seen


Night, her cloak of cloud
wrapped me in her damp embrace,
hides the Moon from me

Night Cloud

Low flying cloud, dark
street lights blurring fade the road
into the night's gloom


If you compete with
Sun for warmth, Moon for beauty
you would always win


Getting brighter now
cloud leaving the ground, no rain,
might be a good day

New poems to come...

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


This poem was birthed this afternoon after I had experienced "The Road to Otherwhere" [posted to Visions] and it was fed by the thoughts which filled my mind.

Temptress - 12 Jan 11

Velvet tongued
Laid sweet words
Upon my brow
Caressed my cheeks
Placed gentle
Across my lips
Invited me
Enticed me
Took my Soul
On a blissful journey
On waves
Of ecstasy

Took me
To her Valley Temple
Shared her Nectar
Asked me to drink
Made me drunk
With her
Passion lifted me
We took flight
Never returned

Shared Passions in the Secret Places of my life...

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Haikū - 32

A few more Haikū from my hand-written records...

Haikū - 32


Written in the sand
waiting to be blown to send
a contract with me


Wishing you were here
show me where I need to go
I think I am lost


Sun tries to contract
the clouds and show some blue sky
the clouds are winning


In an afternoon
of wandering thoughts we meet
I am lost in you


When I feel lonely
I gather my thoughts of you
then I feel better


A bottle of 'you'
savoured, consumed with pleasure
leaves no hangover

Love's Dawn

A smile brought forth now
as thoughts of love flow in me
and I watch love's dawn

Something new will be posted here soon - keep your eyes open.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Slow Waves

Inspired by a photograph I took yesterday and some memories that resurfaced while looking at the image, this poem was born...

Slow Waves - 06 Jan 11

Out on the cliffs
Watching the slow waves
Wash against my shore
In measured beat

Dreaming of other times
When you were with me
In my mind
In my world

You cannot be with me again
It was just a dream
I held
That wandered into waking hours

Pressed against the bars
Of my mind
Into empty space
Rattling the cage

So I watch the waves
And let them wash my thoughts
Toward you

Melancholy thoughts inspired by a grey sea under a grey sky...

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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The Flower of Eternity

This poem was inspired by an Haikū I wrote last April, when I read at it again I realised that there was more to say...

The Flower of Eternity - 24 Apr 10 and 04 Jan 11

The rarest blossom
A flower sweet with perfume
Grows within your Soul

I offer the occasional tear
...To water the flower
The sunshine from a gaze
...To encourage it to grow and flourish
The warmth of a smile
...To bring it into full flower
The power of passion
...To take it into Eternity

There was further inspiration from a conversation I had last night - I hope she approves...Muse does.

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Monday, 3 January 2011

Haikū - 31

Too long a gap since the last poem was posted - so I offer a few Haikū to show that I am still here...

Haikū 31


Searching between lines
questing to find the proper
response to your words


Watching, midnight hours
foxes play on darkened streets
church bells mock the night


My questing began
on the day I was reborn
the search continues


Sweet memories smile
old friends and new friends mingle
giving me new joy


The rarest blossom
a flower sweet with perfume
grows within your Soul


Ashen clouds, trying
to squeeze tears from secret eyes
no sunset tonight


Sunset veiled by cloud
light rain falls and hides the Moon
day and night merging

Hoping to post something new somewhen soon.