Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This poem started to grow when I was collecting our drinking water from the shute above the stream near our house and the images started to fill my senses.

Today - 30 Dec 09

Above me
Fragmented shards
Of fractured blue
Show between the clouds

Beside me
The stream tries
To carry the shards,
The splinters,
Of the blue
Glittering dust

Ahead of me
Water cascades
To quench my thirst

Behind me
The path leads

I use the word 'shute' in the opening lines instead of the more widely used 'chute' because Cornish dialect often pronounces the word as 'shout' and the spelling beginning with the letter 's' allows this as a possibility.

Incidentally, it is really lovely water.

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Monday, 28 December 2009

Soul Music

It was only after I wrote the title that I realised that I had created a 'play on words' - entirely unintended but I feel that it is a good one.

Soul Music - 28 Dec 09

In our yesterdays
We learned the moves
And learned the steps
To take us further along
Our path
We listened to
The music playing
In our Souls

We play in the garden
Where thought takes us
To places we
May have known
And we dance
To the music playing
In our Souls

Our tomorrows
Are yet to be
Though we are permitted
To glimpse
What may be
To seed our dreams
And allow the myths
To take root
And we shall sing
Our words
To the music playing
In our Souls

This was another poem which grew from the single starting line which had been drifting through my mind for a couple of hours.

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Caressing Me

The first few words floated around in my mind for a few hours before birth was complete.

Caressing Me - 21 Dec 09

She invited,
I laid my head down
On her lap
She placed
Her cool hands
Gently on my brow

She spoke
Sweet words
Which lapped like
Soft waves on my shore

Subtle perfume
Washed through all
My senses
Awaking memories
Stilling thoughts of all...
But her

She sang
Her song for me
She whispered
Words of love
Like sweet wine
Exquisitely intoxicating

Drunk with her
I looked up
Into her eyes
And was forever
Drowned in
Her infinity

Someone knows...

Sunday, 20 December 2009


This poem has been wandering through my mind for a few hours last night and today waiting to be given full it seems to be ready.

Caring - 19 Dec 09

With each stroke
She calms the fears
With each gentle
She wipes away the tears

Cradling in her arms
Singing softly
Soothing the mind
Comes quietly

Gently laid to sleep;
Standing over
She is the guardian,
The mother, the keeper of dreams
The guide into
The new day

A slightly different feel to this poem from my usual content but...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Flight Through Infinity

This poem was inspired - in part - by my friend June, she has taken to writing duets through her comments here and, because of this, I felt it good - as the poem was being birthed - that June should get a mention here.

I present...

Flight Through Infinity - 13 Dec 09

In the flow
We swim together
Dance together
Sing our duet to charm
The watchers
Angel and Dolphin
Creating the dream

In the wind
Between the stars
We fly together
Our dance together
Illumined by starlight
Angel and Dolphin
Dreaming the dance

In the void
Where stars are born
We pause
Our dance creates the worlds
From which all things begin
And infinity
Shall be our playground
Angel and Dolphin
Dancing the dream

In the infinite
Where thought is born
We need not move
Breathing the dream
Into existence and letting it
Flow, around, between,
Angel and Dolphin
Dreaming the dream

I feel this poem marks a new point in my writing - not certain where it is going to lead me but I am open to developments.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Somebody Has...

This came through as I was reviewing thoughts and memories about some people I know or knew and I realised that we all have these feelings, though for most of us, these feelings are way below the surface and will never be seen by others.

You may notice that it is in the form of an acrostic...

Somebody Has... - 10 Dec 09

Bringing her strange thoughts
Into my line of sight
Provoking a response
Out of nothing I thought I had
Laughing, she probes
And requests attention again
Reaching out to torment and
Drag me into strange places
In which she hopes to lose me
Slipping the knot round and
Over and against my neck
Restraining and releasing and then she
Denies it all and at the
End of the day she says it
Really doesn't matter

There are no names here for the simple reason that the 'she' in the poem is a construct and should not be taken to represent any one particular person.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Watching You

This poem took shape during the afternoon and was complete in about an hour.

Watching You - 09 Dec 09

Watching you
My eyes follow your form
Settle on your closed eyes
And the warmth of your smile
Are you dreaming of me?
I wish...I wish...
I wish I could join you
In your dreamscape
To play
Among the roses
Along the glittering shore
In the shifting waves
In our Dolphin selves

I know why you are smiling
Let me sleep too

A smile comes to my lips too

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Sunday, 6 December 2009


A moments inattention and things can change when you least expect it...

Alone - 06 Dec 09

Sitting alone again
Wondering what went wrong
Where the change happened
Chill winter wind
Claws its way into my room
And wraps itself around my heart
Making my thoughts
Even colder

What changed?
Where did I make the mistake
That drove you away
From me?

You left
So I have to let you go
Tears, frozen by the night
Trapped on my cheek
Along with the dead dreams
Of yesterday

I was feeling quite low when this came through, I felt a lot better in the morning.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Soon, a Kiss

Just another little love song...

Soon, a Kiss - 03 Dec 09

Rose petals
Like velvet
Stroke my skin
Please my senses
Beautiful memories

She is still
With me and
Ever will be
She is always
In my thoughts
And dreams

Her gentle footfalls
Like soft slow heartbeats
Tell me that she is here
And soon her lips
Will caress mine

This came through when I wasn't actually expecting have to be ready for anything in this business.

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