Monday, 27 December 2010

Siren Song

Something I listened to just before turning off my computer triggered this poem and I sat on the edge of my bed and wrote the first two stanzas, the third came through as I was writing them up before posting the poem to Muse.

Siren Song - 27 Dec 10

The siren's
Wordless song
Enflames the passion
Within my Soul
Draws me on
Into her world
Takes me
On a journey
Far beyond
My imaginings

She stands before me
Reaching out
Taking me
Into her secret night
To dream
So deep

Waking into a day
Without her presence
To brighten my life
I walk through
The world
I crave the night

I craft the words when Muse says "Write..." and sometimes unexpected things appear...

Friday, 24 December 2010


Drifting between the words of someone's thoughts another world held me and asked me to show it to this world.

Captive - 24 Dec 10

She watched me
A little smile played
Across her lips
Sparkled in her eyes
Touched my Soul

Curled on the sofa
She reached out her hand
Tilted her head
With an unspoken

I heard her...
"Hold me..."

My thoughts
Drifted with hers
As I took her in my arms
Held her

And in that moment
When all other thoughts
Had faded
Into nothing
I was lost

Sometimes I do wonder where these poems come from - I'm not complaining...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Soul Flight

This poem took a little longer to emerge - it feels more like free-association but seems to flow more easily.

Soul Flight - 21 Dec 10

You whispered
Into my Soul
Touched deep within
Held my Heart close
Burned my desires
On the Altar
Birthed my Phœnix
Let it fly

On wings of fire
We flew
From the dawn
Into the light of
A new day
Fingers coax desire
Dew from a rose
Crimson velvet
Scattered on the ground

We drank the last
Of the midnight wine
Sipped from the cup
Shared between us
Before we turned again
To kiss
And kiss again
Our Soul

Muse smiled as this poem grew - I think she knows more than she lets on.

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Moon

Suddenly flowing through my mind, the words came and forced me to write...

The Moon - 20 Dec 10

The Moon holds
The secrets of our lives
In whispers
Taken from our sleep
And when we are not
Aware that we spill
The shadows from
Our history
Onto the world

The Moon watches
Our playful dances
As we touch the dreams
And sing the starlight
From worlds never imagined
With our words
In an endless gavotte

The Moon sings
In wordless voice
The songs that are taken
Straight from our Hearts
Sung directly into our
To share
And whisper in our dreams
To a special Love

The Moon smiles
She knows where we come from
And where we are going
Her words
Lead into the special places
Where Love can be found
And shared

It happened before, it happened this time, I am sure that it will happen again - I asked Muse for another suggestion and she provided me with this song.
Thank you.
I hope you like what we offer.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Haikū - 30

Another selection of Haikū from my hand-written archives.

Lying Together

Lying together
drifting through the afterglow
your hand holds my Heart


Passionate kissing
leaves a brand upon my Heart
marked "Yours...Forever"


Quarter-Moon flying
between the darkness
calling to the sun


Little, important,
Words...phrases in a motto
to impart focus

Frozen Moment

A frozen moment
glistening in the sunlight
water in motion

One Moment

For just one moment
allow throughts to roam freely...
where will they take you?


Do you suppose, that
our love will be eternal?
I have no problem...

By posting this selection of Haikū, I am requesting Muse to suggest a few new ideas - it has worked before...smiling in anticipation.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Whisper Goodnight

This poem was inspired by something I wrote in an e-mail - just a few lines but I was certain that those lines were a part of something bigger. I took it away and let it grow till it was ready.

Whisper Goodnight - 12 Dec 10

Through our afternoons
Watching the sun
Reflect in the stream
Beside the branches
From the trees
Feeling a gentle breeze
Shake the leaves

Ripple the water
Drift the clouds
Shake the webs in the grass
Move our dreams

Sunset into the ocean
Waves brushed gold
Into a symphony of light
And shade
Mottled thoughts echoed
As night draws on

Moon glows
Silver shadows
Hang from the trees
Ghosts of the day

And now...

I whisper a fond goodnight
Into your late evening
And leave a little kiss
To follow you into your dreams
Let the veil of stars
Hold you as you sleep
And bring you
To your new dawn
Where I will be waiting
For you
My love

I'm rather pleased with this - hope you like it too.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whispering Through My Dreams

Sitting and looking at something on my computer I heard the words in my head and Muse invited me to write them down, I offer...

Whispering Through My Dreams - 12 Dec 10

In the dark
Of early morning
Your words
Float through my world
Cascading through
Through the midnight
Of a moon-washed sky

I dreamed I heard you
The words I always
Wanted to hear
In the sleepy
Room of my slumber
And you were there

Time holds my memories
Trapped in amber
Shining diamonds
Your words
Around me fall
Written in murmered

You hold me
As you always
As you always
And your whispers...
As I listen

Love poems flow easily from me, especially in the night.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Forever in a Kiss

I woke this morning and before I could move to get up, Muse said I did.

Forever in a Kiss - 10 Dec 10

In a dream
Between thoughts
Feeling your movement
Under my hand

Letting the visions

Your words
Meld with mine
As we play
Our games together

Your thoughts
Meld with mine
As we sit in silence
At the end
Of the day
Watching the sun
Slide into the sea

Your body
Melds with mine
As we flow
Forever in a kiss

What a nice poem and thought into which to wake.

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Monday, 6 December 2010


This is another poem which grew out of hearing just a couple of words from a song, taken out of context they brought this poem into existence.

Tears - 06 Dec 10

I reached out
For you
You touched a nerve
In me
Brought tears
Welling up in my eyes

I could not know
Never could have known
How you would
Affect me...
In unexpected ways
As well as every
Way I hoped

Now I look
Through the glass
Of an unopened window
Vision blurred
The tears
Of an unfulfilled dream

My world is somehow
Smaller now
Without you
Next to me...
I will recover
But will always
Have a tear
For you

It grew in the early hours and writing it brought tears...

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Muse Songs...Poet Sings

This poem grew without any inspiration from external sources initially - it just seemed to flow.

Muse Songs...Poet Sings - 04 Dec 10


Take my words
Feel them
Let them grow within you
Let your love
And warmth
Feed them...
For me


In your hands
My love
You shape my thoughts
Weave the words
Tease me
With ideas
Show me places
From which


Let me hold you
Mould you
Please your senses
Take you
From here
To the land
Where you will birth
The words for me

Poet and Muse:

Within us
Whispers of the Heart
Shout loud
Echo through
And ignite our love...
The song grows

When I say "initially", I mean that I was just about to write the final stanza when I received a tweet from a friend incorporating the line "Whispers of the Heart" and it called me to insert it into the poem. So I would like to thank Pat Hammett [@Wild_Petals] now, for her unintentional piece of inspiration - thank you.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Poet's Spell

This is another example of just hearing a couple of words somewhere and a whole poem growing from there. This one is a departure from my usual themes but I felt that a change would be good.

Poet's Spell - 01 Dec 10

The piper plays
A merry tune
But within it lies
A hidden melody
Carrying a secret
From ancient days

The choir sings
Tells of days
From whence the mystery
And grows
Within the sacred grove

The piper and the minstrel
Offer the words
To charm the trees
And wrest the
Ancient stones to dance

Mortal ears can hear
If they choose
But so often
Will ignore
The song before them
And the choir falls silent

Who will join the poet now
To weave the words
To bind the song
And allow the melody
To grow again
And charm the world

I wonder if this fits into any other sequence of poems I have written - I suspect that the answer is yes and it may be a way of rekindling the energies in them.

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