Wednesday, 19 September 2012


This poem was written just after "Midnight" was completed and the writing of this was accompanied by listening to music.  One of the pieces was "Amoureuse" by Kiki Dee and the line "...rainfall on other planets..." spoke to me again and I was transported ~ again.

Worlds  -  18 Sep 12

Sunsets on worlds
That are reflected in the
Of our dreams
We have watched
As the fires of the days
Fade into beautiful embers
Into the dark of blissful night

Stars in constellations
Lost against the shine
Of a galaxy
That lights the night

And fires our dreams

Happy trails ~ see you out there on other worlds.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012


During most of the evening [of 17 Sep] the word "Midnight" had been wandering around in my mind but I could not find anything with which to associate it.  At about 02:00, however, this poem started to grow, almost fully formed and with a couple of really minor alterations is what you see here.

Midnight  -  18 Sep 12

A whispered prayer
Gossamer thoughts
Fragrant ideas born
Of things in shadowed memories

Shadowed memories of
Ideas held suspended
In places
Where light seldom goes

Light plays
In fevered memories
Times when old thoughts
Seldom play

Play the games
From when we were young
And dreamt that
Was somewhere we could go

Somewhere in our thoughts
A secret place
We always held hands
And held the thoughts of

I rather like the way that the word "Midnight" wanders through the poem and that the first line of each stanza contains an echo of the last line of the preceding one.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012


Muse seems to be setting a new pattern for the times I am prompted to write, just as well I do not mind.  This new poem was started at just after 05:00 and finished fairly soon after I woke later in the morning.

Words  -  16 Sep 12

Her tongue wrapped around
Her words
Warmed them
Moistened them
Let them fly

My ears gathered them
Let them flow
Listened to their song
Asked me to sing along
My Heart took some words
Shaped them
Gently took them
Wrapped them in Love
Offered them

Her lips kissed them
Held them in a way
To show those words
Were ours

"Morning" that's my story and I am sticking to it ☺

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Sweet Rain

At about 05:00 the first stanza formed completely in my mind, I noted it down and went to sleep.  Approximately twelve hours later the rest grew and I offer it to you here.

Sweet Rain  -  12 Sep 12

Sweet rain
Warm kisses fall
From my Lover’s lips
On a summer night

Veils blow gently
Lifted by soft winds
My Lover’s breath
Upon my neck

Secret stars
Shine beyond the cloud
In my Lover’s eyes
I see the sparkle

Gentle touch
Across my brow
My Lover’s hand
Caressing me again

Once again I thank Muse for insisting that I note the words somewhere in case they are forgotten.

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