Sunday, 30 December 2012

And In My Dreams

Sitting in the dark of early morning and listening to rain and hail beating against my window, Muse started to suggest a few words to start me off on a new journey.  The few words offered were the title phrase.

And In My Dreams  -  30 Dec 12


A tender voice
Told me of her Love
For me
Eternity together


Waves sang a soft song
Telling tales
Of days gone by and
Days to come


Rose held in both our hands
Whisper soft
Red petals hold our desires
Carry our thoughts
Eternity in a moment
We share


Once again I thank my Muse for assisting me.

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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Haikū 44

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.  All of these Haikū originate from 19 May 10 except for the last one which comes from 20 May 10.


Your intense beauty
Flowing from your Soul ... cannot
Help myself ... I stare


While thinking of you
I remember what we did
and my Heart beats fast


Changed his position
To appear more attractive
Ecch - what a poser


Wandering around
Feeling lost, very alone
You are not with me


In darkness I sit
Low cloud releases the rain
Day faded to black

More to come...

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Sunday, 23 December 2012

Haikū 43

Another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Cramped  -  17 May 10

Need a bigger Heart
Not enough space in here now
Love is feeling cramped

Careful  -  18 May 10

Am always careful
In matters of Love and Heart
These must be cherished

Conduct  -  18 May 10

Polite in manner
Careful in conduct always
My gentle nature

Twister  -  18 May 10

Danger threatened me
Held safe in your Heart ~ guarding
The twister passed by

Random  -  19 May 10

Random messages
Are pushed out into the world
Just done sneakily

More from May 2010 to come.

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Friday, 21 December 2012

Haikū 42

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Anti-...  -  16 May 10

Wonder if I dare ...

[I dared]

Sex  -  16 May 10

But when I was asked
What sex I was ~ had to say
Don't know ~ never looked

Loose  -  16 May 10

Sex-crazed wombat loose
Marsupial with urges
Of the carnal kind

Open  -  17 May 10

My mind and body
Open always to yours now
I give you my Love

Vacation  -  17 May 10

You are changing me
I would like a vacation
Not from but TO you

Even more to come...

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Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Haikū 41

A few more offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Rogue  -  14 May 10

Accused of being
A rogue ... all because I said
I think I Love you

Sever  -  15 May 10

Many times ... been told
To sever my ties with you
Can't ... Love you too much

Thrill  -  15 May 10

Tasting her presence
Gives me a thrill every time
I know she is near

Spoiled  -  15 May 10

The fruit, once tasted,
Has spoiled my palate ... there is
No comparison

Smile  -  15 May 10

You gave me your smile
I cherished it, nurtured it
and now it has grown

Another batch of Haikū will appear soon.

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Monday, 17 December 2012

Haikū 40

More offerings from the hand-written Haikū archive collection.

Deviance  -  12 May 10

Because you enjoy
Things slightly unusual
Is this deviance?

Working Girl  -  12 May 10

No ... can you not see
That it is not working, girl
It can never be ...

Intrude  -  13 May 10

Thoughts of you intrude
Upon my dreams but they are
So very welcome

Ocean  -  13 May 10

Let me lay in the
Ocean of the Moon ... her light
Can wash me away

Dreaming  -  14 May 10

Dreaming ... holding thoughts
Of you in the nights we shared
I keep coming back

Figure  -  14 May 10

My lover's figure
Held me transfixed ... her beauty
Captivating me

More Haikū and new works coming soon.

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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Six Senses

A poem which grew suddenly and rapidly in my mind, it insisted that I write it out immediately and publish it.

Six Senses  -  16 Dec 12

Tasting your kiss
Drawing us close
To experience

Your warm perfume
Exciting ~ wanting to please

I reach out
Touch silken skin
Soft smooth inviting

Hearing your heartbeat
As I rest my head
Against your breast

Seeing the Love
Shine in your eyes
I am lost within

Souls moved us close
So we can be
Together ~ forever

I thank Muse for inspiring me and I thank a different Muse too.

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Friday, 14 December 2012

Haikū 39

A few more offerings from my hand-written Haikū archives.

Broken  -  09 May 10

I broke my own Heart
I dropped it ... you picked it up
Held it close to yours

Smile  -  10 May 10

Speak your smile, even
When nobody can see you
They will catch one too

Join  -  11 May 10

I said ... join with me
Come let us explore our world
All our tomorrows

Pout  -  11 May 10

Said ~ "I'm not happy"
Gave me a pout to prove it ...
I had to kiss it

Suspense  -  12 May 10

Aching ... no answer
Suspense is messing with me
Does she think of me?

There are a lot more to come...

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Haikū 38

Another selection of Haikū from the hand-written archives.

Drifting  -  07 May 10

Drifting off in a
Hazy minded afternoon
Wake me with your smile

Night  -  08 May 10

Night enfolds me now
Wraps me in her velvet cloak
Protects me till dawn

Snob  -  08 May 10

Can't abide a snob
"Better than you" ... but their feet
Are still in the mud`

Apology  -  09 May 10

Wish I had known you
A long time ago ... please take
My apology

Love  -  09 May 10

You have touched my Heart
In a way I will never
Forget ... I love you

More soon...

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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Frosted Night [re-written]

The poem first posted here three days ago has been re-written after it was pointed out to me that it could be split into two related poems.
So now I offer the new version, presented as a Tanka and an Haikū envoi.
Hoping you like the new offering.

Frosted Night [re-written]  -  08 & 11 Dec 12

Moon ~ her beauty shines
Encrusted ~ a thousand stars
Frosted night Dragons
Sky diamonds shine brightly
Amid enchanted dreaming

Crystal shards ~ glitter
On fields of velvet darkness
Reflecting the glow

Thanks are due to dani harris for her suggestion ~ I always consider any suggestions carefully...especially if they are polite. [smiling as I type]

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Monday, 10 December 2012

Haikū 37

Another few offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Thinking  - 06 May 10

Sitting here, thinking
Music running through my mind
Listen ... can you hear?

Radiant  -  06 May 10

Who needs the sunlight?
When I have radiant you
Living in my Heart

Listening  -  06 May 10

Listening for you
Words of Love spoken to me
Only in my dreams?

Hawks  -  06 May 10

Words I have spoken
Snatched in flight taken by hawks
Transported higher

Hinky  -  07 May 10

My reasoning is
Just a little bit hinky
Right yes but ... not quite

There are more to come...

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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Frosted Night

Another of the late night or rather, early morning, creations when Muse kept insisting that I made a note of the lines that were forming in my mind.  Glad she did because I nearly forgot that I had even created the note.

Frosted Night  -  08 Dec 12

Frosted night
Sky diamonds shine
Crystal shards
On fields of darkness
Reflect the glow

Not so strange that poems should grow in darkness.

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Thursday, 6 December 2012

Haikū 36

More from the Haikū hand written archives for your delight and delectation.

Peruse  -  04 May 10

Soul reading your tale
Peruse the legend you left
For others to see

Imagination  -  04 May 10

Taking minds and thoughts...upward
Into playful heights

Dance  -  05 May 10

Dreaming of your touch
Wanting your fingertip dance
Across my body

dani wrote an Haikū and I felt inspired to add one to complete the sequence.
Hers first then mine...

and if i tell you
that i love you a million
times ... will you love me then?

I already love...
your words would be in the way
of kisses I give

Ally  -  05 May 10

Through troubled times
I will get through easily
You are my ally

So pleased to have permission to repost one of dani's Haikū here along with my response.
There will be more offerings soon and maybe a new poem too.

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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Haikū 35

After a long gap I present another selection from my hand-written archives of Haikū.
All these originate from 03 May 10


Strong wind from the sea
Carry thoughts, distant places
To blow through my mind


And in the darkness
Dreams gather in the corners
Waiting to catch you


Talking to myself
... again, only I listen
Lonely sometimes though


Dream walking, again
I am awake while asleep
Not unusual


Standing in sunshine
Feeling the warmth flow through me
Reminds me of you

There will be more soon.

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