Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Rain Flows

I had just finished writing a review of a draft poem a lovely friend intended to post and included in what I had said I wrote the line "Rain flows in my mind". I realised then that I had to do something with it and gradually the remaining words flowed into my mind. After a few more prompts from Muse the poem was completed today.

Rain Flows - 24 Aug 11

Soft drumming on the roof
Trickle from an open tap
Within the cloud
Rain flows in my mind

Each drip translated
Into light
I see the colours
Of the sound

Rainbows writhe
In syncopated symphonies
Dance in light
Across the rivers
In my mind

Seeing the song
Hearing the light
Feeling the dance
Of the rivers
Rain flows in my mind

I offer this to you, make of it what you will - Muse doesn't always explain the meanings of the poems or prose that she inspires - but comments are, as usual, always welcomed.

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Friday, 5 August 2011

Ocean Song including The Message

After a rather long gap Muse again requested that I start to write again. She dropped some interesting ideas into my thoughts including one for a photographic version of "The Message", I hope to present that before too long. "The Message" is constructed as a Gogyohka - five lines - set in the middle of a group of four-line stanzas and was originally birthed as a stand-alone Gogyohka but Muse and I knew that there was more to come...

Ocean Song - 04 Aug 11
Including The Message

To the water’s edge
Down across the sand
My footsteps
Wove the rhythm

Watched the waves
Wash the stones
Weed entangled

Heard the words
Whispered by the water
From your lips

Afternoon sky
Rainbow reflected
On the shards
Of crystal

I wrote the words
Upon the sand
And waited
For the tide
To take my message to you

Ripples lick
The fragment words
Absorb them into
Her heart

I heard my words
Reflected back from her
To me…
I love you

It turned out that this was to form another part of the Ocean Love Songs series of poems, Haiga and Gogyohka that have been growing over the last few months.

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