Friday, 31 January 2014

Forgotten Trilogy

The title came first and sat in my mind for many hours before the poem actually grew.  This has just a little more than the usual "limite surrĂ©aliste" elements to it.

Forgotten Trilogy  -  31 Jan 14

Unusual words
Charged with meanings
Beyond the expected

Have you heard the songs
That tell the tales
Of ancient mysteries

Sing with the Moon
And chase
A feather on the wind

This poem feels just a little strange to me.

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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Love Light

Birthed, as usual, during the night and I felt the images call me.

Love Light  -  30 Jan 14

In the morning
Night fragments
Before the sun
Dreams live on
Wrapped in us
We keep them growing
Your eyes
Meet mine
In the sunlight
Love continues to grow
In the fullness
Of our light

Maybe they will call to you too.

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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moon Love

This poem ~ another Love song ~ asked to be written during the day and was only finished slightly after midnight.

Moon Love  -  28 Jan 14

Tastes the Love
Adds her own
Walking in her light
Each other close
In the moonlight

There is a second poem embedded within the whole of this poem.  If you read just the single word lines in order and mentally add one punctuation character ~ a comma ~ in the right place the second Love song appears.

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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Perfume Of The Rose

A Love song about what could be the beginning of a relationship.

Perfume Of The Rose  -  28 Jan 14

Touching the rose
Opening petals
To reveal the Love within
Glistening with the thoughts
Of please be mine
And I will be yours
Perfume of the rose
Calling us together

It could be just a recollection of how the song began.

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Monday, 27 January 2014

Winter Warmed

Hearing the hail beating against my window, my thoughts wandered into wanting to be warm and so this poem was birthed.

Winter Warmed  -  27 Jan 14

Window opened
To the summer
Once upon a time

Now the fairytale
Has turned and 
Winter closes the window

Within the walls
Warm fire burns
Your arms hold me close

Within we now
Love’s fire keeps us warm
Thoughts of winter gone

Hoping the power of sympathetic magic will warm things a bit.

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Sunday, 26 January 2014


This was not the poem I started to write, somehow it changed and the end result is now completely different.

Message  -  26 Jan 14

Watching for a message
From you
I still remember
How our words
Floated with each other
Through our skies
Through our minds
I am here
You said and
Touched me
Touched my Heart

I think it works but in a totally different way.

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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Kisses In The Night

It was a dark night and interesting and intriguing thoughts wandered through my mind.

Kisses In The Night  -  25 Jan 14

Dark night
Stars sing in chorus
Light from a solo
Candle calms the shadows

Love takes me
Holds me close
Kisses shape themselves
Form a signature

Across my back
I feel her smile
She claims me
For herself

One day I may start to show some of the other levels of my poetry.

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Friday, 24 January 2014

Some Moments

This poem came to me and came to be because of some happy thoughts which I shall cherish.

Some Moments  -  24 Jan 14

Some moments
Were always meant to be
Some moments
Turn into hours and days
Some moments
Are a lifetime and become
When fed with Love
Cherished moments

I hope you have moments like these.

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Thursday, 23 January 2014


Interesting how an "almost memory" can trigger the formation of a poem.  Thinking back into the set of "might have been" happenings can bring out something that may happen.

Knowing  -  23 Jan 14

Warm summer sun
Kisses your body
Gentle breeze
Barely stirs your hair
Tender caress
You look into my eyes
And we know
No words need be said

Or perhaps has happened somewhen else.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Living The Dream

Nothing I can say about this apart from ~ it feels right ...

Living The Dream  -  22 Jan 14

Living in a dream
Holding you
In a warm Loving embrace
Your touch
Has raised me
To new heights
Shivers of pleasure
Chase each other
Around and along
My spine

Suddenly I wake
To know
The dream is now
I share your kiss
We have made our dream

... and it feels good too.

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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Secrets On The Wind

A little poem inspired, in part, by a continuing weather theme.

Whispers On The Wind  -  21 Jan 14

Our secrets
Told to the wind
Blustery day
Words scattered
Taken and mixed
Yet they
Fully understood
By you
By me
Our secrets
Come ~ let us whisper them

Another Love song too ...

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Monday, 20 January 2014

Joyful Wind

Happy events conspired and this poem was birthed.

Joyful Wind  -  20 Jan 14

In the moment when
We recognised who we are
We saw how
We fitted together and
Our Love sparked
Lit our Hearts

We let the painless fire
Burn our fears
To dull ash
Blown away
By the wind
Of our Joy

I really Love the way things work.

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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Heart Touch

Another little special Love song.

Heart Touch  -  19 Jan 14

You touched my Heart
Opened my eyes
To see you
Showed me the wonders
Of how Love can be

You showed me your Heart
Welcomed my hands
When I reached to touch
Held me close
Accepted what I had to offer

Hearts in contact
Always sharing thoughts
Through wordless times
In the silence
Sharing Love

Wordless moments when more can be said than through any words.

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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Secret Thoughts

Back to the Love songs again ~ feels like coming home.

Secret Thoughts  -  18 Jan 14

Secret thoughts
In my mind I have held you
Softly kissed you
Shared me
Shared our time together

Secret thoughts
Held in the space between
You and me
We and the world
World and Infinity

Secret thoughts
Of sensual dreams
Held in the special place
Where only we can go
Together … together

Love song with a touch of sensuality.

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Friday, 17 January 2014


Just after breakfast my mind sent the pun into my system, this was reinforced by hearing hail hitting the roof of the conservatory.  It was not too long before the poem was birthed.

Winternet  -  16 Jan 14

Ice falls
Dancing on the roof
Skittering across the road
Playing the song
Of January

Winter’s arms
Casting the net
Spread wide
Calling to Spring
To fade the winternet

Despite the pun, I feel the poem works rather well.

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Thursday, 16 January 2014

Evening Fire

I am getting a rather strong feeling that I have written something a bit like this before but an equally strong feeling says that it is different enough to let it stand.

Evening Fire  -  16 Jan 14

Long slow evening
Warm fire dances
Around the grate
We sit and dream

Sit and remember
How we were
Weave new memories
Of how we will be

In the now
Wrapped in each other
We savour the moment
Let the dreams flow

Sometimes the memories tell their own tales.

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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fingertips Watching

A sensual and mildly surreal poem for the offering today.

Fingertips Watching  -  15 Jan 14

Eyes of the body
Fingertips see
As they wander
Lightly dance
Barely breathing
Whisper on the in-breath
Sweet sigh on the out
Fingertips watching

Bit of a change but ~ change is good.

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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Unexpected Moon

As I was getting into bed I happened to see the Moon in the far western sky.  At that moment I was aware of the title line and, once in bed, was prompted to write the first stanza on my phone.  The second stanza arrived in the afternoon.

Unexpected Moon  -  13 Jan 14

An unexpected Moon
Watches us as we
Whisper our goodnights
Reflected in your eyes
Her cool light
Becomes warm

Moon watches
As we drift into sleep
Then draws
Her blanket of rain
About her shoulders
And in the darkness ~ sleeps

Fascinating how a random sighting can trigger a poem.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Five Thousand Miles

A straightforward Love song ~ illustrating "together" while "apart".

Five Thousand Miles  -  13 Jan 14

Listening to the rain
Beating against my window
I feel cold
I shiver
Then I feel you holding me
Even though …

My memory and thoughts
Fill the distance
Between us
And I know …

We are together
Within us

I like the effect.

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Sunday, 12 January 2014


While looking for something on the Web, several hours ago, my mind suddenly dragged the one word out of its inner recesses.  That word became the starting point for this poem which is a "limite surrĂ©aliste" Love song.  An interesting combination but I feel it works.

Intermezzo  -  11 Jan 14

In the space between moments…

First Movement

I hear your smile
Locked inside the rose
Of your Love
Crystals glisten
Tremble in the Joy
Of your laugh

Second Movement

Kisses wrapped in mirth
Friendly smile carries
An open Heart full if Love
We share the time
And tell the tales
We grew

…A gem shines
Another moment opens

My mind does have some deep inner recesses ~ in which can be found ... but that is something for other poems.

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Saturday, 11 January 2014

Together At Sunset

A blend of old memories and new wishes brings a new Love song into the sunset moment.

Together At Sunset  -  11 Jan 14

In the window seat
Watching the sun set
Into the ocean
On a long
Warm afternoon
Bringing thoughts of you
To sit with me
Listen to the gulls
As they wheel
And cry
Over the waves
Our Eternity

I can clearly see both parts of the story.

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Friday, 10 January 2014

Whispered Conversation

Because I saw the word "whispered" in the Twitter stream I was inspired to write this little Love song.

Whispered Conversation  -  11 Jan 14

Talking to myself again
I know that you are listening
I can hear your smile
As you hear my words
Especially when you hear me say
I Love you
You whisper in return
And I hear you
I Love you

I said there would be more Love songs.

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Thursday, 9 January 2014


A little poem which grew after I saw the word "unique" and it just seemed to flow.

Unique  -  09 Jan 14

The image that is you
Still with me
Over all the years
Part of me now
Always with me
Unique you

I Love the way these things happen.

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Rose Fire

I offer you this token of a Love which grew in the night.

Rose Fire  -  08 Jan 14

Velvet petals
Crimson shades of night
To you I give
This token
My passionate Love


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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Waking Passion

Back to the Love songs again but this time with a hint of something more.

Waking Passion  -  06 Jan 14

Music in my head
You danced for me
Barely moving

I could feel your thoughts
Hinted contact
Fingers wandering

Diamond ring of stars
Watched the dance
Seeing more

We moved together
Welcoming the touch
In our eyes

Not too much more is it?

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Monday, 6 January 2014

Purple Night

Moving away from Love songs for a little while ...

Purple Night  -  05 Jan 14

Purple night
Random images drift
Across my mind’s eye
Sketched against
The sky
Trying to hide
In the field of stars
Still they watch me
Still I see them

And in my mind
They dance

The Love songs will be back soon.

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Sunday, 5 January 2014


Continuing the theme of Love songs, this one with a slightly different feel to it.

Unexpected  -  04 Jan 14

An unexpected touch
Electrifying my senses
Opening a portal
Into another world
Of new and wonderful
Places to explore

You knew how
To release my thoughts
Open me into wonders
I never imagined
You waited for me
In the new world

I arrived
You held me close
Then with a gentle kiss
We turned
Walked together
To explore

I rather like the way these poems are developing.

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Saturday, 4 January 2014

Love Songs

Talked about them for long enough, thought the time was right to actually write one with the title too.

Love Songs  -  03 Jan 14

Take my Love
I offer it to you
Without reservation

In my mind
I have sung Love songs
To you

I give myself to you
Sharing me with you

Hope you like it.

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Friday, 3 January 2014


This poem grew just under an hour after I built the last post.  It has a different feel but is still a Love song and I am rather pleased with it.

Lifetimes  -  92 Jan 14

We have been together
Dreaming together
Dancing in our days together
Moments of sunset and dawn
Holding it all together

Love songs seem to be a rather strong part of my life and writings at this time.

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Thursday, 2 January 2014

Butterfly Of Love

Another poem inspired by a small assortment of random word sightings.

Butterfly Of Love  -  02 Jan 14

Winter Love
Cold wind
Dispelled by you
As you watch me

The chrysalis that holds
My Heart
Is waiting for your sun
To warm it into life
I am your butterfly

Also another Love song.

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014


I was watching a movie on television but Muse kept interrupting and requesting that I made notes for this poem.

Starlight  -  01 Jan 14

The key to open doors
That no one else knew

You showed me your door
An invitation
I sprinkled starlight
It opened

You sprinkled starlight
On the path to my door
Illuminating your way
To me

As I have said before ~ I know better than to argue with Muse.

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