Tuesday, 30 October 2012


I felt a little tickle and realised that Muse was teasing me.  The first stanza formed immediately and the second followed today.

Tease  -  29 Oct 12

Her head lowered
Eyes lifted
Looked at me
Shyly ~ slyly
Her mouth shaped a question

I felt her touch
Unleashing shivers
But still all she did
Was look
And smile

Once again, I thank Muse for her inspiration.

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Sunday, 28 October 2012


This poem grew yesterday as I looked out of my window and watched how the day was changing, rather unexpectedly.

Wind  -  27 Oct 12

In a wind
Carrying darkness
From the north

Ice shards
Slice the day

Shred the clouds
Twilight peers through
Muddy sky

Taste of snow
In the air
Wind messengers

Watching for the first
Ice dancers
On the cold winds

Interesting how my Muse inspires me sometimes.
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Thursday, 18 October 2012

Her Touch

Another poem grew in the very early hours of the day, this one is part of the sensuous Love songs series and I present it for your reading pleasure.

Her Touch  -  18 Oct 12

Her lips carried kisses
Which lingered on my skin
The fragrance of her hair
As it danced on my face
Demanding my senses obey
Tasting her

Her hands carried hints
Of pleasures to come
The warmth of her breath
Gently blows ~ gently blown
Ripples across me
Like a warm sea
Testing me

Her eyes showed me Love
Unexpected ~ hoped for
Her words invited me
To share in a mystery
We wove one together
Built it carefully
Teasing we

Muse seems to offer most of my fun and interesting [to me at least] poems during the night,
I rather enjoy them.

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Thursday, 11 October 2012

She Touched Me

As I lay awake between periods of deep sleep, listening through my open window to the rain singing on the porch roof, words started to form in my mind.  Half this poem grew at that time and the rest came as I read what had already been formed, this afternoon.  This is the first acrostic poem to emerge for quite a long time.

She Touched Me  -  11 Oct 12

Songs she sang
Have stayed with me forever

Time carried my thoughts
Over space through worlds and
Underworlds where galaxies shone
Creating diamond vistas
Holding an
Eternal promise in our

Messages passed from Heart to Heart

Once again Muse asked me to make a note of my words before they are forgotten, she was right and reading them today allowed completion.

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Monday, 1 October 2012

Dreams of Eden

The title line "Dreams of Eden" had been wandering through my mind for the whole of the day yesterday, suddenly it all seemed to come together with a series of songs that are often in my mind.  All but the last stanza was completed before I went to bed and part of the final stanza appeared when I was in bed, Muse reminded me to make a note of what came at that time.

When you finish reading the poem I would suggest following the links to YouTube to listen to my references.

Dreams of Eden  -  01 Oct 12

Remembered hours
The dreams of Eden
Still echo through my mind
And slumber with the thoughts
I still harbour
Of our times together

In restless dreams
I walked
Through places that others
Never knew
But only in my Eden
I have seen

Splinters of evening
I feel you ~ I touch you ~ you touch me
Our Souls still wander
Through the gardens
And taste the flowers
Of Eden

Everything changes
Worlds dance on their way
Round the suns like
Glittering dust
But always we have
Our Eden

The links to the references made in each stanza...

Remembered hours – Lady of the Dancing Water
King Crimson

In restless dreams – For Emily Wherever I May Find Her
Simon and Garfunkel

Splinters of evening – Midsummer Night’s Dream
Hunter Muskett

Everything Changes – Everything Changes
Lesley Duncan

I hope you enjoy the music and my poem.

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