Thursday, 31 January 2013

Haikū 59

The hand-written Haikū archives have more offerings...

Road  -  14 Jun 10

I'm walking on a
lonely road ~ made bearable
while you are with me

Pet Peeve  -  14 Jun 10

I have a pet peeve
his name is Grouch and sometimes
he bites ... if not fed

Reply + Redemption + Searching  -  14 Jun 10

Searching for a sign ...
Reply to the Universe
Seeking redemption

Rate  -  14 Jun 10

The rate of descent
tempered by a parachute
gives a safe landing

Simply  -  15 Jun 10

The YOU you show me ...
The magic that is you
... Simply beautiful

The triple-prompt Haikū came from one of the many Prompt games I played on Twitter at that time.

Need I say that there is more to come?

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Haikū 58

More Haikū from my hand-written archives.

Tipsy  -  13 Jun 10

Thash all right, really
I'm fine, I'm fine, no problem
jush liddle tipsy

Odd  -  13 Jun 10

Odd socks in a drawer
No pairs ... wonder why I keep
putting more in there

Amount  -  13 Jun 10

Whatever amount
of Love you give to others
You always have more

Discipline  -  13 Jun 10

It takes discipline
not to lash out at "Fail Whale"
as it flies around

Mercury ~ Iris ~ Soothe  -  13 Jun 10

Mercury ... fleet-foot ...
Carries the Iris to you
To soothe your sad dreams

The last Haikū was the result of a triple prompt which requested that all three words were included in a single verse.  I'm pleased to say that it worked.

More archive things to come before too long.

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Sunday, 27 January 2013

Haikū 57

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Possibilities  -  11 Jun 10

In my Universe
So Lovely and Infinite

Clouds  -  11 Jun 10

Clouds are telling tales
Mare's tails flailing in the wind
Manes blown across sky

Pressure  -  12 Jun 10

The gentle pressure
of your Heart on mine ~ in mine ~
Lets me feel your Love

Purchase  -  12 Jun 10

A slippery slope
no purchase ... I slipped again
You reached out ~ helped me

Charcoal  -  13 Jun 10

Sketched in charcoal line
Our Love is illustrated
on the paper sheet

There seems to be a Love theme in this set.  More to come soon.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Dream of You

Listening to the echoes of a dream.  Hearing me call...

Dream of You  -  26 Jan 13

My dream
Is on its way
To carry you home
To me

A wish born
Of gentle chords
Sung by the wind
Written on the air

A kiss in the night
Before the Moon
Saw us
Whisper the darkness away

The cloak of winds
Wrapped us in shadow
Dream borne
Cascading myth

Ride my dream my Love
Fly through the
Formless dark
Come back to me

Again I thank Muse for her suggestions and guidance.

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Friday, 25 January 2013

Shades of Night

In these lines so many meanings lie woven, intertwined, bound in the fabric.
I read my words repeatedly and each time see something different ... what do you see?

Shades of Night  -  25 Jan 13

Opening to the dark
Mystic shades circle
In nightshade robes

Beautiful woman
Crying in her night
Room encloses her dream

Tears blur the candle
Painted stars peel from her walls
Make a doorway to somewhen

A peal of bells ring out
Cracked … discordant
Dawn breaks the night

Broken worlds lost in time
Grass conducts a symphony
Wave on wave

Ocean dark
White horses ride the waves
Canter cantata opening move

Opening to the dark
. . .

Written in the very early hours of the day, ages since sunset and more till sunrise ... Moon keeps me company as Muse whispers.

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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Haikū 56

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Vague  -  10 Jun 10

On a far hilltop
vague thoughts mingle with the mist
to fill my night thoughts

Style  -  10 Jun 10

Shining in the world,
like her style, charismatic ...
an inspiration

Kisses  -  11 Jun 10

Her eyes closed gently
Memories touched her sweet lips ...
Remembered kisses

Operator & Error  -  11 Jun 10

Seeing the error
of his ways, operator
only can say ... oops

Collapse & Fret  -  11 Jun 10

Previous attempts
collapse, fall and blow away
I try not to fret

The last two Haikū were the result of double prompts, each of which is denoted by the titles.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Haikū 55

Another selection from my hand-written Haikū archives.

Bullshit  -  09 Jun 10

Road to politics
paved with bullshit ... bucketloads
Just mind where you tread

Fall  -  09 Jun 10

Moment of torment
Watching your Lover fall for
another person

Stricken  -  09 Jun 10

Cannot concentrate
I have been stricken by Love
Your touch ... all it took

Sounds  -  10 Jun 10

Entry to the town
brought joy ... the ambient sounds
drowned out the sadness

Angel  -  10 Jun 10

An Angel wrapped wings
around me, took me to ... see
the Love within you

There will be more poems of all kinds soon.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013


Sitting, wondering what to do when suddenly Muse offered a few words to trigger a cascade of words of my own.

Calling  -  20 Jan 13

Moon over ocean
Songs calling me home
Alien stars in an
Alien sky
Beautiful … but not my own

She over me
Whispers calling me to her
Gentle Love touching
Holding me tenderly

Worlds apart
Yet so close
Our worlds together
I close my eyes and
I am home … with you

Words from Muse are always interesting.

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Saturday, 19 January 2013

The Mystic's Dream

I was listening to a track by Loreena McKennitt and though I wasn't fully aware of her words, the rhythm and sound textures triggered something in my mind and Muse prompted me to write.

The Mystic's Dream  -  19 Jan 13

The dance takes
Open a window in the Soul

As the Mystic dreams
Through an image

From an open door
A possible land

Unicorn tosses his head
Wash across the shore

Water from the well
Drinking wisdom

Through the night that sings
Places in an Infinite dream

From birth to posting only took about ninety minutes ~ with some assistance from Muse.
Just discovered that the Loreena McKennitt track is called "The Mystic's Dream", I should like to apologise for unintentionally stealing that title for my use.  Though I feel that since both works are so different there is no copyright infringement.

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Friday, 18 January 2013

Haikū 54

Another little collection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Symphony  -  07 Jun 10

Symphony of Love
Stars, counterpointed by the
Moon ... in last night's dance

Mace  -  07 Jun 10

Edges of the lake
Reed-mace stands in the water
Naiad staff of rank

Dangle  -  08 Jun 10

Teasing me again
You dangle your promises
before me, like bait

Fix  -  08 Jun 19

Your Love ... no quick fix
permanent cure for heartache
Thank you my Lover

Body-parts  -  08 Jun 10

Look at my body~
parts of which ... craving your touch
... cannot help myself

More things soon...

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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Haikū 53

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Night  -  05 Jun 10

Images of night
Carrying the essence of
dreams and fantasies

Grace  -  05 Jun 10

You put temptation
in front of me, testing me
to take ... and say grace

... [ for what I am about to receive... ] 

Hand  -  06 Jun 10

On my Heart, a trace
of a kiss left by your lips
as you held my hand

Conflict  -  06 Jun 10

Sunlight streaming in
Cool breeze through open window
Hot and cold conflict

Energy  -  07 Jun 10

Feeling energy
flowing through me as you touch
You recharge my Soul

More poems to come...

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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Haikū 52

Another little selection from my hand-written Haikū archives.

Vibrant  -  03 Jun 10

I do not exist
nothing but a vibrant dream
by the Universe

Difference  -  03 Jun 10

You ... me ... Universe
All things floating in the stream
There's no difference

Smash  -  04 Jun 10

Your Love can smash the
chains of pain around my Heart
and has freed my Soul

Loyal  -  04 Jun 10

I stood before you
through every test you gave me
Loyal to my core

Shackles  -  04 Jun 10

The bonds of Love are
such sweet shackles ~ never want
to be free of them

More to come at some point.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Unexpected Touch

This was an unexpected result of posting the #mindfulwriting post on Dolphin Ainsley [a WordPress blog] today.  The original text of the post is highlighted in italic in the version here and both make, I feel, for interesting reading.
See what you think and comment if you will.

Unexpected Touch  -  13 Jan 13

An unexpected touch
In the cool of morning
When you came to me

Mental fingers
Played across my body
Taking thoughts … lifting

Stroking memories
Warming them again
Till they glowed in my mind

Reawakening our connection
Shared moments together
Moments of laughter and of Love

… Waiting to see you …
… Wanting to see you …
… Longing to see you …
… Again …

I really feel that both versions work and definitely thank Muse for her inspiration.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Haikū 51

Another set from my hand-written Haikū archives.

Echo  -  02 Jun 10

In the canyons of
my mind ... I hear the echo
of your voice ... calling

Nobody  -  02 Jun 10

Taking my secrets
Sharing them with the flowers
Nobody listens

Dragonfly  -  02 Jun 10

On dragonfly's wings
The dream of Love born aloft
To find a dreamer

Sunset  -  02 Jun 10

Orange sun sliding
into a whisp of cloud ... day
drifting to a close

Kiss  -  03 Jun 10

Kiss me gently Love
Breathe your sweetness  on my lips
Lay me down with you

More poetic offerings of many different flavours to come.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Haikū 50

A few more offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Afternoon  -  31 May 10

Now the afternoon
Lets slip the tears she has held
Rain is falling now

Cover  -  31 May 10

Cover me gently
With dreams ... my sleeping body
does not want to wake

Cloak  -  01 Jun 10

Your cloak, accepted,
wraps me ~ covers me in dream
Lets me sleep in peace

Question  -  01 Jun 10

Drifting through my day
Feeling your Love around me
Of that ... no question

Words  -  02 Jun 10

Sitting in the night
Listening to all your words
bring your Love to me

There will be more soon.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Whispers Calling

In late afternoon words started to form, gently prompted by Muse.  Letting you decide how well this works.

Whispers Calling  -  08 Jan 13

Whispers from an ancient land
Æons old
An æon ago
Whispers calling
Asking to be heard

Return beloved
Come back and we
Can play again
On the shores
Along the strand

Stars pick out our dreams
Blur the edges of the day
Shine sweetly in our

The ancient land
Once again shall see us dance
Hear our laughter
As we whisper to our dreams
In the night

I thank Muse for her inspiratioin.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

Haikū 49

Another selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Alive  -  30 May 10

Never felt alive
But your touches in my mind
Showed me where to go

Spider  -  30 May 10

Tickling all the thoughts
Dancing over my feelings
Whispering spider

Delight -  30 May 10

Love the smell of rain
on dry and dusty pavements
One summer delight

Moisture  -  31 May 10

Missed chances ... Thinking ...
Where did I go wrong?  Crying ...
Moisture on my cheek

Constant  -  31 May 10

I look up and see
Love, my constant companion
Take my Heart again

Remember that I am writing in English so readers from across the Pond should mentally translate "pavements" to "side walks".
More Haikū and some other things to come soon.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Haikū 48

More Haikū from the hand-written archives of 2010.

Precarious  -  24 May 10

Mountain of your Love
I have a precarious
grasp ... but you hold me

Deshabille  -  25 May 10

Too hot and sticky
In a state of deshabille
I really don't care

Shake  -  25May 10

I should have known that
My world would shake because you
Entered it ... thank you

Unequal  -  26 May 10

I feel unequal
To the words you share with me
Thank you for giving

Blur  -  26 May 10

On the page the words
Blur and smudge, you are not here
Come back to me soon

There will be more soon...

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Friday, 4 January 2013

Haikū 47

More from the Haikū hand-written archives.

Pledge  -  23 May 10

Renewing the pledge
I made so long ago ... I
Am yours forever

Conjured  -  24 May 10

The dream you conjured
Took me to a place I knew
Would show me your Love

Contest  -  24 May 10

Venus challenged you
To a contest of beauty
She could not beat you

Rest  -  24 May 10

The rest of the world
Has been beaten ... I have won
I can claim your Heart

Batter  -  24 May 10

Storm winds batter me
Push me hither and thither
But I will survive

There will be more soon.

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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Haikū 46

More from the hand-written Haikū archives from May 2010.

Rule  -  21 May 10

Events in the past
I rule a line below them
Now I move forward

Die?  -  21 May 10

Would I die for you?
No ... then I could not Love you
and I would be lost

Life  -  21 May 10

The words life offers
Encouraging you to move
Out beyond yourself

Wrap  -  22 May 10

You are around me
Within me ... I wrap myself
In your Love embrace

Thrust  -  22 May 10

She offered her Heart
Wrapped in silk ... thrust it into
My hand ... please take me

Dark  -  23 May 10

When your day is dark
I offer the Light of Love
to show your way home

More Haikū and things will be posted here soon.

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Haikū 45

Another set of Haikū from the hand-written archives.

Shade  -  20 May 10

Sitting in the shade
Your branches swaying gently
In each passing breeze

Drag  -  20 May 10

People always said
Love is such a drag ... Pardon?
Are they ever wrong

Porcupine  -  20 May 10

Thank you dear Edie
Your porcupine, so lovely
and so cuddly too

Breeze  -  21 May 10

Felt a breeze lick me
Ruffle my hair, stroke my neck
Sensual feelings

Unwritten  -  21 May 10

In the stream tonight
Waiting for the words to form
Fill unwritten space

More various things to come.

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