Friday, 27 August 2010

Reality Changing

Muse tapped and hinted on the course of a new poem.

Reality Changing - 27 Aug 10

In a moment
When the dreaming mind
Is unaware
Of what surrounds
And cocoons
Thoughts come sliding in
To paint images
On the mind

Drifting into a different
In which
Things, which never were
Come into being
And inspire
That reality is changed
To permit
The never were
To become
The now they are

The space from which this poem was birthed is shifting, relatively quickly and I am now entering into a 'now they are' phase - looking forward to exploring this reality.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Haikū - 20

More Haikū from March of this year.

Dream Dancing

Looking for the dream
knowing it is all around
dancing with my Soul


Thinking has ended
hours of contemplation, done.
It is now raining


No mass-produced dreams
or grown in a factory
mine are organic


Window open, rain
thrown in my face, passing gust
nature stalking me


Not too many words
with three 'g's grouped within them
'Luggage' takes a prize


Unexpected change
life can present a detour
to show mysteries


Carried on music
memories of ancient times
ride back into view

That is another seven - more somewhen soon.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Haikū - 19

Even more Haikū from March this year...


Not expecting much
I say hello to my friends
Love showered on me


From a pale grey sky
sunshine fragments reflect off
water in bucket


Looked into my heart
saw you looking out at me
I'm never alone


Very gentle touch
from a dear friend will allow
the heart to open

Allow - 2

Allow smiles to fly
they infect everybody
if you let them go


Afternoon flowing
daylight gradually fades
into evening


Building a fire
letting thoughts of you wander
through my mind again

More to come somewhen soon...

Friday, 20 August 2010


Muse nudged me gently and offered suggestions for the next poem, I feel that this works rather well.

Afternoons - 20 Aug 10

I touched your smile
Caressed your face
Kissed your lips
Loved you

In the afternoons
Of our life
When we wanted
To share love
We spent time together
In love

The moments
Of passion
Burning in our lives
Taking us beyond
This existence
The other worlds
Into us
Taking us beyond
Into a new space
Where our love can grow

We took a chance
Looking for love
We found it
Shared it
Lived it
Became it
And took our love
And dared to say
I love you

I love you

Another return to the love poems, which seem to be growing again...with help from Muse.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Haikū - 18

More Haikū from March of this year.

Heart and Soul

You have seen my Heart
touched my Soul, given me Love
taken me to fly


Orion, Hunter
watches my every movement
guarding in my sky


No longer fettered
I roam the infinite space
I'm looking for you

Taken Back

Taken back, my youth
surrounds me, singing the songs
I knew oh so well


Tiny candle flame
permitting the world to see
the display of Love


Sunset stains the sky
orange magenta salmon
Joyfully coloured


Little messages
scattered on the wind, delight
when they're found again

More to come somewhen soon...

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Silence Is Loud

This is the second of the poems that were birthed two nights ago.

The Silence Is Loud - 15 Aug 10

Silence will remain
Shouting across the sand
Trying to take us back
Into the place
Where we were
And still are...
In my mind

Forgotten times
Where our toys
Lie abandoned
Playroom ignored
The places in our minds
Allowed to remain
Gathering dust
Tired memories
Wishing they could return
To live again

Take my hand
We can try to bring them back
All we have to do
Is want
They wait...
For our touch

This poem would have appeared yesterday if I hadn't been interrupted by a lovely walk to the sea.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Memories Will Return

Last night Muse tapped me again to put down [on paper at first] this poem. Once again this has a slightly different feel to those that have been appearing - what do you think?

Memories Will Return - 15 Aug 10

Sunrise in a forgotten land
Gather in the glow
Fleeting like the clouds
Flying from the dawn

On the shore
My thoughts exist
By the thoughts
Of you

I can see the sands
Where we played
And watched the sea
Touched the sea
Became the sea

Touch me
And you will feel the dawn
Taste the air
Touch the sand
With your toes
And remember

In many ways this harks back to the love poems I wrote about the sand and sea and...

When this was complete, Muse again prompted me to write and a new poem was birthed, that one will appear here on Muse on the morrow.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Haikū - 17

Echoes of March this year - more Haikū to delight your senses...

Laughing Poets

Laughing at the day
poets play an awesome game
of 'tease the ego'


You carry sunshine
wherever you go, share with
everyone you meet


Sorrow's dynasty
family of frustration
brings tears to my eyes


Gates shut with a clang
staring through bars, wondering
will I pass through soon


Shattering mirror
fragments of day, reflecting
broken images


Disjoint sentences
orphaned words dance over page
my meaning is lost


No better way to
show the world your beauty than
just by being you

Hope you liked them.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rain and Tears

A new poem inspired, in part, by the weather recently - low-flying cloud always blurs vision.

Rain and Tears - 09 Aug 10

Tears of rain
Beating against my window
Blurring my view...
Looking out to see
If I can find you

Rain of tears
On my cheeks again
Filling my eyes
Blurring my view
I cannot see you

But in the moment
When the rains stop
I feel your touch
And realise you
Were with me all along

I turn to see you
Looking deep within me
And realise that my tears
Were only washing my eyes
So I could see you better

There are a few more things and people that inspired me and this poem though it isn't right that those should be discussed here.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Haikū - 16

Another set of Haikū from my hand-written notes, most have been published to Twitter but one has never been seen before.

Puppet [2]

Seeing life through the
eyes of a puppet, people
move much too smoothly


I'll be listening
in the space between your words
for your truth to shine


Whispering goodnight
the day has faded away
only sleep remains


Sifting through the heap
of the dregs of yesterday
diamonds are found


Lips gently touching
a kiss caresses my neck
you are with me now


The way a saint looks
always shifts me into joy
power to amaze


Meeting the one who
breaks my window frosts and ice
and starts my spring thaw

More soon but there should be some fresh poems before long as well...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dream Flowers

Muse just gave me a gentle push and what was going to be a small poem, an Haikū or a Gogoyhka suddenly grew into something much bigger.

Dream Flowers - 04 Aug 10

Flowers clutched
In her sleeping hand
Not crumpled
Held tenderly
A token of his love
Carried into her dream
To fill that world
In ways
Beyond imagining

In sleep
She still feels his touch
Gently brushing her body
Caressing her
Moving intimately
Over and within
And as she sleeps
She smiles
Reaches for him

Takes him
Pulls him closer
To kiss
Caress him in the way
He caressed her
And more

Flowers exchanged
In dream
As they were
In love
Sleep on
Into tomorrow

This poem has a distinctly different feel to my usual ones - do you like what you see?

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Haikū - 15

The fifteenth selection of Haikū from my records...

Winter Afternoon

Winter afternoon
watching stars glow into life
sun cannot fade them


Colour of the sky
reflected to me, through me
landmark of my life


Listen to the song
your Heart and Soul are singing
sing Joy to the world


On a busy day
glad to have a peg to hang
my thoughts so they rest


Patience, difficult
to practice, impossible
to teach correctly


You can touch my dreams
couldn't stop you anyway
you have my permission


I walk and I dance
you make me move how you want
a willing puppet

There are many more to come and the list is growing daily...

Monday, 2 August 2010

Sea and Moor

Muse tapped me on my shoulder yesterday and said, "Write..."

Sea and Moor - 01 Aug 10

Half way between
Sea and moor
Is where you can find me

I walk the cliffs
And gaze out
Over the ocean
Try to see my love...
Waiting for her

I walk the circle
Magical ring
Talking with the Guardian
He tells me...
She is waiting

I am at the half-way point
Talking with myself
Again...and dreaming
And asking...

Half way
Is better than
No way

First poem in quite a while and one which has a slightly unusual feel, what do you think?