Sunday, 30 May 2010

I Am...

Another example of Muse pointing out a few lines of text and suggesting that I work a poem out of them. This poem was birthed a very short time after the offering I posted yesterday...

I Am... - 29 May 10

I am the wind
I spin you around
Lift you into the trees
To dance with the willow
In the soft green dream

I am the song
Lifted by
The melodies
Sung for countless years
By a myriad voices

I am the words
In the night
Lovers together
Sharing the pillow
And the dream

I am the thoughts
Taken from the day
Woven in the night
Shared while
Holding the dream
As it forms

I am the laughter
We share while we play
The lovely little games
That only we can see
And play

I am the dream
Enter me...

Words wind themselves around me and dance with my thoughts.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010


In the very early hours of the day I kept hearing the word rainbows in various places, internal and external...and it was only when I really started to think about what I was hearing that this poem, or rather, series of poems were birthed. Before going to bed I realised that this was going to be a set of acrostic images and just after I woke I constructed the framework on which the poems were built.

Rainbows - 29 May 10

Reeds against the sky
Etched silhouettes against blue
Day just beginning

Overhead the sky is clear
Rain has washed it clean
Amber sunlight
Now begins to paint the dawn
Glowing with the
Energy of a new day

You brought me through with words
Eloquent, written on my heart
Love poems filled with
Little words...filled with you
Overflowing with the love
Written from your heart

Gathering thoughts
Reflecting old memories
Etched in the
Energy of what is...
Never ending


Incense weaving through the
Night air carrying the magic
Dancing through the senses
In mystical songs
Giving wings to the thoughts
Of other worlds

Velvet dreams
Opening to

A series of acrostic poems linked only by the theme of "Rainbows", two of these have just been posted elsewhere; "Red" is an Haiku and has been given a hashtag and is on the Twitter stream, "Green" is a Gogyohka and appears with the appropriate hashtag on the Gogyohka Junction page.

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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


This poem grew in the very early hours of this morning, around the midnight hour seems to be a favourite time for Muse to tap me on my shoulder and request that I start to write. Just as well I am normally awake then...

Playground - 26 May 10

She paused
Watching me
A subtle smile
Played across her lips
Hinted at a kiss

With my mind
Only a little game
Her eyes told me
But she liked

She wanted me
To join the game
Emperor to her
Lovers in our World
The Universe
Our playground

She offered her hand
Warm and inviting
Said...come with me
I reached out
Took her hand
Looked deep
Into her eyes
And saw
The playground awaited

The playground is open to all...

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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gentle Hand

Another of the poems which started unexpectedly but required a little coaxing to bring it to some kind of completion. It is a little more 'free-form' than most of the poems here but...well, see what you think.

Gentle Hand - 22 May 10

And time rolled by
Waves across the sand
Stirring my imagination
With a gentle hand

Caressing me
Holding my thoughts
Wrapped in velvet
Cradled in silk
With your special scent
Your essence

Music playing in my mind
Draws an ancient memory
From a resting place
Into the light
Where an examination
Will show
The scars and smiles
In equal measure

You reach out and take it
Into your hand
Smile into it...breathe into it
Give a little kiss
Make it so the pain can fade
Shine the smiles
Then put it back with
Another kiss
To keep it company

Along the strandline
Two pairs of feet
Mark the tide
And trace
The memories
Where imagination has laid
A gentle hand

I sometimes wonder where Muse finds these ideas to feed to me - other times I realise that they are hiding just beneath the surface of my mind.

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Thursday, 20 May 2010


Another poem that grew unexpectedly while listening to a song and a couple of words caught my attention particularly strongly, Muse insisted that it was written straight away and I now present it here.

Waited - 20 May 10

I have waited
For longer
Than you know
For longer
Than I care to rememeber
For you
To be beside me

To walk together
Hand in hand
In the way my dreams
Have shown me
To look upon
The mysteries of dawn
Of sunset
And in the candlelight glow
To look upon our mysteries

The mysteries of Muse - also something special for me.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Arachne's Thread

Sometimes just reading something will trigger a response in me and a few words can also trigger a new poem to form in my mind, such was the case today when the few words brought this out.

Arachne's Thread - 18 May 10

A single strand
Lifted from the web
Eternity woven
Leading into the
Wild land

Gave her permission
To take the thread
Guiding the way
Through the

Lighting the way
Beyond the centre
Into another world
...offers her hand


I have walked a Labyrinth...the experience is as powerful as this poem indicates - more so, perhaps.

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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Let Me...

From just a few words spoken to me, this poem simmered in my mind through the night and I woke with it nearly complete...a few moments more and a cascade of words later it was birthed.

Let Me... - 16 May 10

Let me be your sun
I will kiss your hair
Stroke your shoulders
Warm you with my love

Let me be your rain
To cool you in
The summer heat
And wash the dust
From your feet

Let me be your breeze
To caress your cheeks
Stroke your neck
Ruffle your hair
Run with you
When you play

Let me be the sand
Beneath your feet
As you walk beside the sea
And dream
Of sunsets
And other worlds

"Let me..." an offer that cannot be refused perhaps.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Haikū - 7

A further selection of my Haikū from mid-February for your delight and delectation...


In early morning
talking with a friend unheard
just words on a page


I carefully plan
each chosen word to read, not
random doggerel


Her touch, gentle smile
wakens on a dark morning
beautiful tonic


A splash of colour
among the drifting icons
a friend wanders past


Loneliness takes hold
in my mind, leaving nothing
crying in my sleep


Elsewhere and elsewhen
we played our games, here and now
we hold our love close

I had intended to post five Haikū but felt that I couldn't just leave it on a sad note with 'Loneliness' so the next in the sequence was added.

Thursday, 13 May 2010


This poem was birthed after I read the line "weave your love..." and I heard the loom start to clatter, I had to stop what I was doing and write it down before I was allowed to continue with my other stuff.

Woven - 13 May 10

Strands of silver
Combed gently
From the Moon
Strands of blue
Washed by
The sea
And woven
Into a tapestry
That shows
An inticate pattern
Of intermingled
Where one ends
And the other begins
Is never clear
Even the Dream Weaver
Cannot see
Or be certain
Of where the boundary

Come, let us see
If we can trace
The strands
To see which is yours
Which mine
Or if they are truely
And ours

Another poem born from a few words gathered almost at random - when Muse says write it is a good idea to listen...

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Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Your Hand

This was written in response to a lovely poem I read, I felt that an answer was appropriate and this poem was birthed.

Your Hand - 11 May 10

You offered your hand
To me
To guide me through
The dark places
I had to endure
You brought your light
Into my life

Now I can see
Where to place
My feet
So I can move forward
Even though
I may not know
Where I am going...
I go
In safety

I am really hoping that more poems, like this one, are birthed soon...I like where this is leading me.

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Monday, 10 May 2010

The Plain of Dreams

This poem grew suddenly from one line that caught my eye, it took about fifteen minutes to be complete and I present it here, now.

The Plain of Dreams - 10 May 10

On the Plain of Dreams
I sit, waiting for the sunrise
The images I carry
Still scattered about me
Mostly viewed
Some unwanted
But some
Still wrapped
Maintaining their mystery

Wondering now
When I will get permission
To open them
To reveal
The promises contained

I hear the whisper
...not yet...
And I begin to grow
But I will keep my
Till permission is granted

The sky is pale
The sun not far behind
And the horizon
Begins to flame

I would like to say thank you to my Muse for all assistance given - without that help, life would be so uninspiring.

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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Haikū - 6

Sixth collection of Haikū for the archives...


Finding what's real
in the things that I am told
all or none - who knows?


Waves measure on sand
eternity with each move
our time together


Whispers from the depths
carrying thoughts and feelings
expressed in Haikū


We walked in forest
leafy canopy cover
she met me halfway


Our dreams taking us
half way to eternity
...we go further now?

More to come before too long...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Dolphin and the Moon Maiden

This poem grew out of some things I had seen, read and been prompted about. I feel that I have already posted something similar but cannot find it - not that I looked too hard for it.

The Dolphin and the Moon Maiden

Moon Maiden
Drinks from the stream
Shines herself
Onto the world

Within the stream
The Dolphin smiles
Transforms himself
And takes
The Maiden's hand
To hold it close
Gently kissing
Her fingertips

Taking the Maiden
In his arms
They fly

This is another of my recurring themes, I probably will never tire of this one.

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Friday, 7 May 2010

Haikū - 5

The next selection for the Haikū archives.


Between sea and land
a strip of wet sand waiting
to welcome my feet


Love thoughts require
holding dear ones tenderly
being in the now


Incubated by
the love we hold, together,
timeless thoughts did grow


In the dark of night
eyes watching from a moonless
sky, soon will be prey


Dragons nuzzle me
curl and cradle, protect me
enfold me in love

And finally, something which isn't strictly a Haikū but has a very similar feel...


In the little moments
piece by piece and time by time
we share a life together

There will be more before too long.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Smoke Filled Memories

This poem grew from the first two lines, it had to be put aside for various reasons but when I came back to it suddenly a new focus appeared.

Smoke Filled Memories - 06 May 10

Gentle rain
Smoke dusted sky
Bringing memories
Floating back
Reminding me of a romance
Nearly forgotten
And long since dead
And I thought...

I didn't realise that she
Could crawl back
Into my thoughts
So easily
And I am wondering
Why she
Would want to return

Hoping that the rain
Will wash the smoky
From the sky again
So I can put
The tired memories
Away where they belong

This poem is a work of fiction - though there are many who will refuse to believe me...

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Dreaming in the Afterglow

This is my first ever 'square poem' - more of an experiment but I feel that it works...if you don't think so, constructive comments and critisism are always welcomed.

Dreaming in the Afterglow - 05 May 10

Dreaming in the afterglow of our time together
In that moment when all time paused
The place in our thoughts where the
Afterglow bathed us, kept us warm;
Of places where we explored within
Our innermost secret selves...together
Time has no meaning when we are
Together in each others arms

Square poems - like acrostics but using whole words...I will probably be back with a few more before too long.

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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Haikū - 4

Another collection from early February 2010


The way you touch me
you have the knack to lift me
and set me flying


Open thoughts drifting
wandering across my mind
exploring wonders


She took me, intent
to smother me with kisses,
I accept her gift


Sun halo'ed by cloud,
rain underfoot, between them
trickster playing games


Energy flowing
from me to you - we felt it
set the day up well

Sometimes the title I have given is the key word in a haikuchallenge, in others it is just a word that I feel works well with the Haikū.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Night Watching

I was heading for bed [at 05:20] when Muse requested that I made some notes for, what would be, this poem. The notes tied together thoughts, feelings and the actual experience of dawn breaking outside my window...

Night Watching - 03 May 10

Watching the day
From both ends
Across the night

Dusty gold painted
Escort the Sun
As he slides below
The horizon

Night takes the shadows
Into herself
And wakes the stars
Decorate the sky
With ancient visions
To dance across
My thoughts
In midnight halls

Dawn brings light
Into the sky
Black changes to blue
Salmon brushed across
The early cloud

Now sleep takes me
On a different journey
While daylight
Tries and fails
To keep me awake

Real events, flavoured [just a little] with seasoning from Muse.

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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Haikū - 3

Another selection of Haikū for the archives...

Evening Sun

Evening sun hidden
rain and cloud his mask, darkness,
sky cried into night


Feeling you near me
breeze of your passing, fans me
I reach out to you


Seeing what you missed
first time it was shown to you


Afternoon, rain, sun,
which will it do? I'm confused
cloud hiding the sky


In the dark of night
I watch as my mind plays games
and sings with the owls

Five more - takes me into early February...