Sunday, 30 June 2013


Another little Love-song/poem which grew out of the first two lines and formed over the space of the afternoon and evening.

Image[ination]  -  29 Jun 13

Close your eyes
See me

Look into your imagination
See me looking back at you
In all your glory

Look into my mind
See you

Love holds us both
Entwined ~ intertwined
Sharing the same space

Open your eyes
See us

No dream or imagination
Shows us as we really are
Connected together

See We

The structure is not something I originally intended but I feel it works.

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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Game Of Whispers

This is another of my "limite surréaliste" poems ~ see what you think and feel.

Game Of Whispers  -  28 Jun 13

In another world
Under a different sun
We played a game
Of whispers
Can you see
The pilgrim stars
On their journey home
Have you heard
The trees encouraging
Flowers to become taller
Our whispers cuddle
On a bed of petals
Flower rain
Paint my dreams
With yours

Wondering where these "Games" are leading and where they will be played out

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Thank You

Just ~ Thank You.

Thank You  -  27 Jun 13

Thank you for being you
For being in my life
And for bringing me Joy

Showering me with your Love
Leaving little touches of you
Wherever I look

Thank you for being
The special person
You are

Needs no explanation I think.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dream Wings

I was lying in bed beginning to drift into sleep when I felt a soft touch on my face and Muse whispered "write it..."

Dream Wings  -  26 Jun 13

Touched me
In the night
Kept a dream awake
You reached for me again
Kissed my sleeping lips
Caressed my dream
Held me

I was fascinated by the construction ~ one word, then two, up to five then back down to one again.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Another offering triggered by seeing a single word in a website.

Tempora  -  25 Jun 13

Watching you watching me
The light of Love
Shines from your eyes
I watch the smile
Grow on your lips

Watching me watching you
A hint of shyness
Flickers across your face
Coy glance
Draws me in to you

Not that this has any real relevance to the poem other than the fact that the word triggered something in my mind.

The name Tempora comes from a “security” operation run by GCHQ to tap into and save Internet messages for 30 days to enable analysis and surveillance of individuals and organisations.

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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dances While Sleeping

I contemplated extending this into something longer or larger but every time I looked at it I got the message to leave it alone.  I wasn't about to argue with Muse.

Dances While Sleeping  -  24 Jun 13

We danced in our dream
Swaying gently
To an unwritten Lovesong
Playing in our Hearts

I do think that Muse is correct.

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Monday, 24 June 2013


This poem grew because I woke feeling dizzy and the feeling stayed with me, Muse encouraged me to make a response to it ~ this is the result.

Dizzy  -  23 Jun 13

Thinking of you
My mind and body
Taken on an unexpected
Journey through
Space and time
To see you

You swept me up
Spun me around
Showed me wonders
Enthralled me
Took me through
The open door
To enter you

You set me down
But I was still spinning
Or was it the world
Do not know or care
You have given me

Thank you Muse, for the suggestion.

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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Watching the rain, I remembered the smell of dry ground becoming wet ~ so wonderfully evocative.

Petrichor  -  22 Jun 13

Midsummer rain
Pale cloud
Hides the blue
Earth starts to darken

Super Moon
Made to hide
Behind cloud
She can still be felt

Soft rain
Evokes memories
Of a dry afternoon
Warm sunshine

Welcome scent
Drawing me back
Taking me forward
Future memories

Just for clarification ... 
Petrichor ~ she scent of rain on dry earth
Constructed from the Greek words, petra meaning stone and ichor, the fluid that flows in the veins of the gods.
Thanks for the hint Muse.

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

You Cast Your Spell

The structure of this poem grew in a strange way, I had written the first stanza and was wondering how it would progress when suddenly it came to me.  The closing stanzas were written next and then the second and third ~ I feel that it works.

You Cast Your Spell  -  22 Jun 13

Unexpected enchantment
Your smile caught me
And I drowned
In your eyes

You breathed life
Into me
Showed me your world
Showed me you

You called me with
Your whole body



Muse has a rather pleasant habit of dropping hints at odd moments.

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Friday, 21 June 2013

What Is ...

When this poem was first started the flow seemed to be one way, by the time i got about half way through it started to feel different.  I just let it go and didn't make any changes, this is the final version, untouched and untinkered and I hope it works.

What Is ...  -  20 Jun 13

Let whispers
Caress your ears
Gentle kisses
Brush your lips
Love lift the veil
From your eyes

Listen to the songs
Which charm the hours
Into days
Watch the sunsets
Close around us
And light the stars

What if … we ask
Can we really
Have it all
What is … keeps us
In its Heart and we
Have it all

Sometimes it is best to let Muse decide the way things flow and the structure of each poem.

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Thursday, 20 June 2013


In a little break from tradition, I present a "short, short story".  I hope it appeals to your senses.

Socks  -  20 Jun 13

“Oh, you’re back; I was expecting you home ages ago.”

“Sorry Cathie, got caught up in the field-testing of these new socks.”

I gave Cathie a catwalk style fashion show of the socks and she seemed to be quite impressed, especially when I turned my phone to “speak messages” mode and played back some of what the socks had been telling me.

“You are walking – your balance seems good.”
“You are running – balance is very good, heel and toe positioning fairly good.”
“You are standing still – balance is only fair, you need to adjust your posture.”

That was the latest message, I was feeling tired and just wanted to sit for a while before getting on with some other things.  I just dropped onto the sofa and lounged for a few moments.

“You are sitting badly = weight is unevenly distributed but that may be because you are tired.”

“I know I'm tired dammit.”

“You talk back to your socks?”  Cathie grinned.

I couldn’t help but grin back as I pulled the socks off and padded into the utility room and threw the socks into the washing machine with a few other things and started the cycle.

A few moments later my phone announced that another message had arrived.

“You are drowning – a paramedic has been summoned.”

This was inspired by an article from the BBC News website and I was rather tickled by the idea.

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Another Place

This poem grew through the afternoon and evening yesterday and was the result of an almost dyslexic reading of the title of a blog name.

Another Place  -  18 Jun 13

Caught in another world
Between sunrise and
The moment when the sun
Leaves the sky
To begin another journey

Share that space with me
As the stars watch
And whisper
Our names

Caught in another place
Between one word and the next
The beauty of the silence
Inviting us in
To share another journey

Take the journey with me
To explore the other worlds
And we can whisper back
To the stars

Thank you Muse for yet another interesting prompt.

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Tuesday, 18 June 2013


This is the final poem in the "Angels" series so tomorrow something new will appear here.

Destiny  -  17 Jun 13

The dreams of all
Open your mind
Let your dream

Take your place
Among the stars
Shape your own

For anyone who didn't know or guess at the link, this series of poems were named for the Angels from the Gerry Anderson TV series "Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons".  That is the only connection ~ the content of the poems is entirely my own.

Just for fun try searching on Wikipedia and YouTube for the original marionation series and the newer CG version ~ you may enjoy them.

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Monday, 17 June 2013


Nearly done, just one more poem in this set.

Symphony  -  16 Jun 13

Gathering of the elements
Energy flows
Sparkling through us

Spark of light
Fires us into life

Life grows
A symphony of light
Shining through us

Reflect the light
As you play along
The symphony flows

I have enjoyed creating this "Angels" set ~ hope you enjoyed reading it.

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Sunday, 16 June 2013


Part three of the quintilogy, hope you are enjoying it so far.

Rhapsody  -  15 Jun 13

A song
Flows through us all
Each has their
Own unique part
To sing
In the piece
One movement
Which never ends

I find it quite interesting to discover definitations for words I thought I knew the meanings and find that I only knew part.

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Saturday, 15 June 2013


This is the second of five related poems ~ I will share the inspiration for the set when it is complete but for now ...

Melody  -  14 Jun 13

The stars in their glory
Still sing the melody
That was old
When the stars were young
And worlds were just a thought
In their dreams

Now is the time
To open your minds
And open your Hearts
And sing along
You know the melody
You know the words ~ just sing

Thank you to Muse for suggesting the related series and for a few little hints along the way.

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Friday, 14 June 2013


This little piece feels, to me at least, like a cross between a poem and a blessing.  Take it how you will but ~ enjoy.

Harmony  -  13 Jun 13

Touch the place within
Where no one else has been
Keep the peace of you
In sacred harmony
With all

As I was preparing this to be posted a few little ideas crept into my mind, I'll let you know how they turn out.

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Thursday, 13 June 2013

In A Dream

After having a series of strange dreams over the last few nights, my mind started to journey through previously uncharted areas.  I hope you like the view.

In A Dream  -  11 Jun 13

Dreamed about but never seen
Fragrances only smelled
In places where the mind goes
When drifting in reverie

Taking your hand
To share in the dream
Walking through the worlds
And lands of wonder

Taking my hand
To lead me through places
You wish to share
And offer me

And we dreamed our dream
Opening the gates
To our worlds of wonder

My dreams were not about this but were a launching point.

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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Only One

This poem was birthed without any apparent trigger point, title and a few words formed and the rest just flowed.

Only One  -  10 Jun 13

In the Kingdom
Of the Ice Lord
The Queen’s word
Rules and she has power
Over men

Her lover sits quiet
Calm ~ a gentle smile
Plays across his face
And Love lights his eyes

His Queen
Only obeys one thing
Her Lover keeps it safe

Together they know that
Together they must be

Only one

The Ice Lord’s realm
Must see the power

The Queen can wield
The magic of a special element
Known only to those who care

The Ice Lord’s land
Is ready to melt
Beneath the touch
Of the Queen’s hand

The Queen is taken
Into her Lover’s arms
He offers her the one thing
That can rule her ~

I Love the idea that Muse can just leave a hint for me to follow.

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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

You Know What I Mean [Acrostic]

This poem was inspired by hearing one line out of the song by Lesley Duncan entitled "Love Song" ~ that one line formed the acrostic that gave the poem life.  Though this is a rather negative Love song from me, in which the she, who is saying the lines, wishes that things could have been different.

You Know What I Mean  -  10 Jun 13

Yesterday you knew how to
Open the doors to my Heart
Universal keys in your hand

Keeping the treasure of me
Nothing could prevent me
Opening to you
Whenever you asked

What stopped you from
Having me
As you wanted ~ as I wanted you
To take me

I never knew

Maybe I couldn't
Ever be the dream that we wanted
And so we can
Never be together

In a strange way this poem rather pleases me ~ showing that I can write the sad Love songs as well as the ones filled with joy.

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Monday, 10 June 2013

Love Evermore [Acrostic]

Offering another acrostic poem for your entertainment.

Love Evermore  -  09 Jun 13

Living in a secret land
Outside the forest
Verdant walls and
Emerald skies

Enveloped in Love
Visions pour from our Hearts
Enriching the thoughts
Recalling all the secret
Memories of our Love
On all our dreams
Recaptured and replayed
Endlessly ~ with joy

I'm getting the feeling that more of the fairytale poems are due - "Emerald skies" - maybe, who knows?   Muse does, methinks.

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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Fairytales Into Morning

The title slid out my memory and asked to have some words added, so here they are.  'Tis a short little piece but I am quite pleased with it.

Fairytales Into Morning  -  08 Jun 13

Reading the words
That they are happening
All around now
Dawn is painting
The sky for us
Taking us into morning
And beyond

Fairly clearly Muse had a hand in the re-surfacing of this title.

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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Beautiful Silence

This poem grew this afternoon and evening, apparently as a follow-on from the last one even though it really isn't a sequel or part of a series.

Beautiful Silence  -  07 Jun 13

Silence … 
Words of Love
Need no sound
Just a look

Allow the silence
To surround
And bathe
And fill

Silence can be
So loud and yet
Just a touch
Says everything

Loving silence
Eye to eye
Heart to Heart
Soul to Soul

Silence is more than golden.

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Friday, 7 June 2013

Words In The Silence

In my mind's eye I saw the ripples on the water as Muse suggested it, I was happy to follow this offering with one of my own.

Words In The Silence  -  06 Jun 13

Ripple on the lake
The wind’s secret whisper
I hear it
In the moment of silence
When the leaves
Stop talking

Ripples in my mind
A myriad reflections of you
Shine through me
I see you
When my mind
Stops talking

Ripples on the world
Open the gates to let you in
Sweet smiles call to me
Lay down my thoughts
Take you in my arms and
Stop talking

I am rather pleased with the repeating theme in each stanza.

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Thursday, 6 June 2013


The realisation that all is an illusion is enough to take you somewhere else and allow reality to show itself to you.

Illusion  -  05 Jun 13

Forest clearing
Unicorn waits for the Lady
I wait to gather the crystals
Of Love
From the waters of life

Taste them
Feel the warmth
Open yourself to them
And feel how they
Can bring joy

Walking by myself
I realise that all I see … 
All I experience is illusion
And so I return to the forest
To see the Unicorn and await the Lady

I thank you for sharing in my reality.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Image Of You [Acrostic]

An acrostic, just because I wanted to do one.  Slightly different to my usual acrostic offerings in that it is constructed with only one word per line.

Image Of You  -  04 Jun 13




I think they are rather fun and sometimes quite difficult.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013


This could be described as another of my "limite surréaliste" poems ~ I leave it to you to decide.

Unknown  - 03 Jun 13

Wrapped in discomfort
Said in haste
As if they needed
To hurry

Clothed in sunset songs
The shining silence
Of a wordless hymn
Formed from a canticle
Of darkness

In the unknown darkness
Of an unlimited place
Where thoughts meld
And share a space
With words

Opening the dark
Shaving the moments
From the day
Borderline madness
From which truth is born

Muse is having fun with my mind ~ I rather like it.
For those who haven't been following ~ I am using the phrase "limite surréaliste" to indicate where my works are borderline surreal.

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Monday, 3 June 2013

Gogyohka 8

Another selection from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.

Word  -  19 Aug 10

A whispered word
coaxes memories
out of the shuttered room
into the daylight

I Wait  -  20 Aug 10

And in the early hours
I wait
with a futile sense
of longing
for your return

Seeing You  -  20 Aug 10

Seeing you
in the eye of my mind
Holding you
in the palm of my Soul
Loving you

Day's End  -  21 Aug 10

Close of day
Fingertips of sunlight
caress my face
ruffle my hair
with a gentle breeze

Raindrops  -  21 Aug 10

Standing in cloud
feet firmly on the ground
eyes lost
in the space between raindrops
and puddles

More poems of all varieties of flavours to come.

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Meaning Of Tyme

Sparked by a chance sighting of a mistyped word and Muse giggled as she suggested the way this poem should flow.

The Meaning Of Tyme  -  01 Jun 13

In a bottle
Tyme has no meaning
Drifting through the afternoon
Of an iridescent day
Painted images
Wrapped in light

Wandering digits
Caress the keys
Unlock new words
From the lexicon of thought
To build a whole new way
Of saying

Tyme seasons
Throughout the year
Flavours the months
And our thoughts
With fire and wine
To spark and sweeten

Meaning of tyme
Eternal variations
Enigma and the chorale
Sing together
The score is open

I wonder if more of these strange, almost surreal, poems will show themselves.

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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Between Words

I'm not entirely certain where the inspiration for this poem came from but it seems to work.  The final line was a very late addition, a couple of hours after the rest of the poem formed.  The structure was unintended but as it formed it felt necessary.

Between Words  -  31 May 13

In between the words
Once spoken as truth
Lie the hidden
The shapeless forms
Of the things
That always should stay

In darkness come
Grave robbers of thoughts
Seeking to steal
Corpses of ancient ideas
Cadavers of the tired dream

Moonless starless
Dark absolute
Hiding words

Hiding worlds

Somewhat darker than my offerings of late.

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