Wednesday, 30 December 2009


This poem started to grow when I was collecting our drinking water from the shute above the stream near our house and the images started to fill my senses.

Today - 30 Dec 09

Above me
Fragmented shards
Of fractured blue
Show between the clouds

Beside me
The stream tries
To carry the shards,
The splinters,
Of the blue
Glittering dust

Ahead of me
Water cascades
To quench my thirst

Behind me
The path leads

I use the word 'shute' in the opening lines instead of the more widely used 'chute' because Cornish dialect often pronounces the word as 'shout' and the spelling beginning with the letter 's' allows this as a possibility.

Incidentally, it is really lovely water.

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Monday, 28 December 2009

Soul Music

It was only after I wrote the title that I realised that I had created a 'play on words' - entirely unintended but I feel that it is a good one.

Soul Music - 28 Dec 09

In our yesterdays
We learned the moves
And learned the steps
To take us further along
Our path
We listened to
The music playing
In our Souls

We play in the garden
Where thought takes us
To places we
May have known
And we dance
To the music playing
In our Souls

Our tomorrows
Are yet to be
Though we are permitted
To glimpse
What may be
To seed our dreams
And allow the myths
To take root
And we shall sing
Our words
To the music playing
In our Souls

This was another poem which grew from the single starting line which had been drifting through my mind for a couple of hours.

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Monday, 21 December 2009

Caressing Me

The first few words floated around in my mind for a few hours before birth was complete.

Caressing Me - 21 Dec 09

She invited,
I laid my head down
On her lap
She placed
Her cool hands
Gently on my brow

She spoke
Sweet words
Which lapped like
Soft waves on my shore

Subtle perfume
Washed through all
My senses
Awaking memories
Stilling thoughts of all...
But her

She sang
Her song for me
She whispered
Words of love
Like sweet wine
Exquisitely intoxicating

Drunk with her
I looked up
Into her eyes
And was forever
Drowned in
Her infinity

Someone knows...

Sunday, 20 December 2009


This poem has been wandering through my mind for a few hours last night and today waiting to be given full it seems to be ready.

Caring - 19 Dec 09

With each stroke
She calms the fears
With each gentle
She wipes away the tears

Cradling in her arms
Singing softly
Soothing the mind
Comes quietly

Gently laid to sleep;
Standing over
She is the guardian,
The mother, the keeper of dreams
The guide into
The new day

A slightly different feel to this poem from my usual content but...

Monday, 14 December 2009

Flight Through Infinity

This poem was inspired - in part - by my friend June, she has taken to writing duets through her comments here and, because of this, I felt it good - as the poem was being birthed - that June should get a mention here.

I present...

Flight Through Infinity - 13 Dec 09

In the flow
We swim together
Dance together
Sing our duet to charm
The watchers
Angel and Dolphin
Creating the dream

In the wind
Between the stars
We fly together
Our dance together
Illumined by starlight
Angel and Dolphin
Dreaming the dance

In the void
Where stars are born
We pause
Our dance creates the worlds
From which all things begin
And infinity
Shall be our playground
Angel and Dolphin
Dancing the dream

In the infinite
Where thought is born
We need not move
Breathing the dream
Into existence and letting it
Flow, around, between,
Angel and Dolphin
Dreaming the dream

I feel this poem marks a new point in my writing - not certain where it is going to lead me but I am open to developments.

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Thursday, 10 December 2009

Somebody Has...

This came through as I was reviewing thoughts and memories about some people I know or knew and I realised that we all have these feelings, though for most of us, these feelings are way below the surface and will never be seen by others.

You may notice that it is in the form of an acrostic...

Somebody Has... - 10 Dec 09

Bringing her strange thoughts
Into my line of sight
Provoking a response
Out of nothing I thought I had
Laughing, she probes
And requests attention again
Reaching out to torment and
Drag me into strange places
In which she hopes to lose me
Slipping the knot round and
Over and against my neck
Restraining and releasing and then she
Denies it all and at the
End of the day she says it
Really doesn't matter

There are no names here for the simple reason that the 'she' in the poem is a construct and should not be taken to represent any one particular person.

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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Watching You

This poem took shape during the afternoon and was complete in about an hour.

Watching You - 09 Dec 09

Watching you
My eyes follow your form
Settle on your closed eyes
And the warmth of your smile
Are you dreaming of me?
I wish...I wish...
I wish I could join you
In your dreamscape
To play
Among the roses
Along the glittering shore
In the shifting waves
In our Dolphin selves

I know why you are smiling
Let me sleep too

A smile comes to my lips too

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Sunday, 6 December 2009


A moments inattention and things can change when you least expect it...

Alone - 06 Dec 09

Sitting alone again
Wondering what went wrong
Where the change happened
Chill winter wind
Claws its way into my room
And wraps itself around my heart
Making my thoughts
Even colder

What changed?
Where did I make the mistake
That drove you away
From me?

You left
So I have to let you go
Tears, frozen by the night
Trapped on my cheek
Along with the dead dreams
Of yesterday

I was feeling quite low when this came through, I felt a lot better in the morning.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Soon, a Kiss

Just another little love song...

Soon, a Kiss - 03 Dec 09

Rose petals
Like velvet
Stroke my skin
Please my senses
Beautiful memories

She is still
With me and
Ever will be
She is always
In my thoughts
And dreams

Her gentle footfalls
Like soft slow heartbeats
Tell me that she is here
And soon her lips
Will caress mine

This came through when I wasn't actually expecting have to be ready for anything in this business.

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Monday, 30 November 2009

Spinning Around

After days of rain, a welcome sight was seen this evening.

Spinning Around - 30 Nov 09

Spinning around in the day
Trying to touch everything...I'm
Blown by the wind
Sprayed by the rain
Having too much fun to

In the darkness
The cloud breaks and
A nearly full moon looks down
And smiles

The moon has been missed here - I hope she hangs around for a bit.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Winters Night

Sitting and relaxing with the cat when this poem came through, triggered by hearing things [see the poem for details] and remembering...

Winters Night - 28 Nov 09

In darkness
Rain lashes against
The window
Wind thundering down
The chimney

Within the room
Warm firelight flickers
And makes the corners
Gentle music
Massages my ears
And my mind

My arms around you
We sit
And we watch
The firemares
Chase around the logs
Dancing in time
With the music

And we both
Are lost in the timeless
Drifts of our memories
Like the smoke
From leaves
In autumn bonfires

Gentle thoughts for a stormy night.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Your Smile

This was a difficult cat was on my lap and he didn't want me to do anything other than cuddle him, eventually the poem was born and I present...

Your Smile - 25 Nov 09

In my dreams
You come to me
And you smile
And you melt my heart...

Wakes me
And I smile,
Reaching back
Into my dream
To take your hand

The thoughts,
Dream or awake,
Between our hands
Giving them life
By our love

A dream love-song perhaps...

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Dream Flight

This poem was inspired by a night blessing from my friend June who said, "the new moon shines not to earth but to space...taking our dreams way out there..." It didn't take long for this little poem to be born.

Dream Flight - 21 Nov 09

She whispered an incantation
Gently, quietly, in my ear
She rested her hand on my heart
And we took flight
Our dance took us
Between the stars
To follow our dreams
In their flight

Thank you June for your inspiration.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009


A new poem just arrived here, say hello...

Remembering - 19 Nov 09

The firelight glow
On a cold winter evening
As we sat and dreamed

What we did do
What we will do
No difference,
Time plays a game

Wine as dark as night
Gently prod the fire
Into full life and feel the warmth
Feed the body, feed the soul

How we were, who we were
Who we are
Letting the warmth of the memory
Add to the fire's heat

Our dreams yet to come
When we walk along
The shores of summer
Hand in hand

Another dream...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Holding Me

In a change of mood today, I present a love song - it sneaked up on me while I was actually doing something else and I took pleasure in setting it down here.

Holding Me - 16 Nov 09

Moment by moment,
You hold me in your hands
Caressing, loving
Soothing my aches
Easing my fears

In all the moments,
I have felt your energy
Surrounding me
Touching me
Holding my soul
To yours

Our moments fill eternity,
And eternity is in all our moments

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing...

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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Silvered Tongue

Another poem which grew suddenly after I 'heard' the whispering...

Silvered Tongue - 15 Nov 09

Caressing my ear
With her voice,
Playing with memories
That should be left alone


A long forgotten door
Creaks open
And her light shines in,
I had forgotten the way
She could manipulate me


The dreams she created
For me...and her...
Were only that,
No real substance
I didn't care


She knew the power
Of her words upon me
But still she spoke and whispered,
Little words controlling me
But I am immune now


Like a puppet
I dance to her command
Smooth words uttered carelessly,
Pulling my strings
To make me move


I swear that some of my poems come from other lives - I have known several people who fit this poem in parts but none of them are in my current life

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter Longing

Another new poem which grew almost fully-formed to rest here.

Winter Longing - 12 Nov 09

Drifting through the afternoon
Wondering where the day went
Wondering where you went
When you left me

Watching the last leaves
Drift from the branches
Into the grey of the day
Landing in puddles fed by the rain

Feeling the sadness of the closing year
Feeling the potential of the coming year
Hoping that you will be with me
To share the love and joy

Inspired entirely by the dark afternoon...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dolphin Love

This poem was born in the late hours of yesterday.

Dolphin Love - 09 Nov 09

Around me
Above and below
And within
As I move
Beneath the surface
Of my dreams

She came to me
Circling and calling me
Inviting me to dance
Pressing against me
Holding me tightly
In her thoughts

I reached out
And our souls touched
And kissed
Mingled, wrapped
In each other's
Warm embrace

A warm "Thank you" goes to Laura who sent me a Twitter message incorporating the phrase 'Dolphin love' - when I read that, the poem just grew.

I had been waiting for a poem which would include my pod-mate and now...

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Watching, Waiting

After a break, partially enforced and partially chosen, I return with a new poem - born this day...

Watching, Waiting - 08 Nov 09

Watching, waiting,
Wondering when you will return
To me
You have been away
For too long and I miss you
And your touch

My lonely days
My lonely nights
Too long have I felt this way
Wondering if the new day
Will bring you back
To my arms

My vision is blurred
By a tear

I think that this poem is another of my ancient memories, not of this life but some other; I seem to be carrying a lot of sadness from those periods in my many lives.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

November Storms

Last night's weather was rather wild...

November Storms - 04 Nov 09

Moon and cloud
In equal measures
Paint the sky and ground
With rain and silver.
Wind hurls drops,
Mingled with ice,
At my window

So glad I'm inside
The wind is jealous
Trying to join me

I felt it was necessary to mention the sounds which kept me alert in my office before I actually went to bed, rather fun listening to the noises at the window behind me.

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Thursday, 29 October 2009

She Is...

This poem has just been born, it surprised me with the speed of delivery - it was even faster than usual.

She Is... - 29 Oct 09

She watched me
In my private place
When I wasn't aware
She was there

She touched me
In a way that left no fingerprints
But shared her memories
With me

She breathed me
And I felt a gentle breeze
Across my brow
And on my cheek

She kissed me
Her lips brushed mine
And I felt her love
In my heart

She loved me
The warmth of her presence
Was a fire in my body
And my soul

I feel this is one of my more powerful images, what do you think?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Talking in Your Sleep

This is another of the poems from a few years ago, I do recall the event that triggered the creation but, in the spirit of the poem, I shall not divulge this.

Talking in Your Sleep - 11 Nov 00

Inspired by the words
You spoke in your sleep
That night so many moons ago

I sit up past the midnight hour
Shaping the words that form
In my mind to lay them on the page

And in the mellow darkness
Surrounded only by the music
Coaxed from the strings of a guitar

Layer upon layer the words I place
Between the lines
Wandering across the page

Until, like some tired wanderer,
They lay down to rest
And become ensnared by my pen

Now for you to read
And ponder upon the hidden meanings
Of my random thoughts

This poem has a slightly different feel to my usual offerings, I hope you like it.

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Monday, 26 October 2009

I Will Be Waiting

Another poem from a few years ago, this is set in a place that features in a Song Cycle I wrote and the Cycle itself has been knocking at my mind again - I feel that there is more to come.

I Will Be Waiting - 01 Feb 03
A love song from the land where the Warlord walked.

When the watchnight fires
Have grown cold
I will be waiting
For you

When the wind from the sea
Washes across my face
Carrying memories
From a distant past
I will still be there
For you

In the night
Through the day
I will hold
The memories
Of our times together
I will still be there
Waiting for you
To return
To me

This poem and the background story still have the power to bring a gentle tear to me.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Secret Love

Just a little old poem to let you know that I am still here...

Secret Love - 05 Jul 03

Don't ask
I will not tell you

The times we had together
Are ours alone
And our to share
To dream about

Not for you to know
Or pry into

They were glorious times
And beautiful
And ours
When we are together
To remember

Don't ask

I post this old poem while waiting for Muse to tap me on the shoulder again with a new offering.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Knocking at the Door

This poem grew fairly quickly this afternoon and is another of the ones that have no known trigger, obviously something inside me did set something in motion but I have no idea what this was.

Knocking at the Door - 17 Oct 09

Knocking quietly
At the door of my memory
You are
Trying to bring the thoughts
Back into view

I remember playing with you
All those years ago
When we were young,
Was it so very long since
We were together?

A rose we shared
Crimson petals like velvet
Cool, yet warm in our hands
Echo of the fire in our hearts
The love still glows

A temptress in the loveliest sense
I cannot refuse your request
And I invite you in again
And offer you the cup
To share love's wine

I hope you enjoyed this offering.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Soft Rain

This poem was born in the very early hours of today, I wasn't planning to write anything but words started to play in my mind and I just had to transcribe them.

Soft Rain - 14 Oct 09

Soft rain on my face
Like a gentle touch,
A gentle caress
Memories of the days
We spent together
When we told of our love
And the feelings we shared

The rain on my lips
A sweet kiss that takes
The mind and lets it swim
Through oceans of love
Bliss eternal, playing, dreaming
Taking the game to higher planes
From which we can never return

Rain on our bodies
Enfolded in the joy
Holding, keeping, trusting,
Taking our love and cherishing
Allowing the time to share
And be
Together, forever

I enjoyed bringing this poem into being, I hope you like it.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

I Exist

Another of my poems exploring different phases of existence, places I have lived and things I have experienced.

I Exist - 18 Apr 02

I exist there
In the dawn
That place before creation
Before the song began
Before the music

I exist there
In the shapeless
Formless shadows
Of the evening
After the singer ends her song
As the music fades

I exist there
In all the places
Where you can go or have been
In the eternal day
So we can sing all our songs
And play our myriad melodies

I exist
I am
You am
We am

I don't think there is much more to say about this poem.

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Friday, 9 October 2009


Going back to 1997 for this little poem, it seems to indicate that I was going through some issues again but I cannot recall what these might have been.

Bewitched - 25 & 26 Aug 97

Here you go again
Weaving your songs
Around my soul
Playing with my soul

Here I go again
Believing your words
Accepting your myths
My heart ensnared

Why can't we
Do our own thing
Stay together, work together
Be by myself, be by ourselves.
Go my own way
Go your own way
Go our own way
Do all the things we want to do

I have to admit that there is a little inspiration from Fleetwood Mac [Go your own way] here but the majority of the poem was an internal creation.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Another of the older poems, I was reading through some with the intention of posting something and was struck by the images and memories that this poem triggered in me - I hope that the same can be said by you when you read it.

Memories - 08 May 97

I remember
Soft warm breezes
Slow sunsets
Into the sea

Memories of those
Loving days
Watching the waves
Washing silver across the sands

I remember
Special mornings
Gentle golden light
Washing through the windows

Pulling me from sleep
Taking me from my bed
Inviting me to walk
Through the gardens of a dream

I remember
Places I have never been
Imagination takes my waking mind
To other worlds, other lands

In my dreams
I have touched these places
And drunk the waters
Eaten the bread. Lived there.

I remember
Walking the wild places
Dreaming of a time

When through a window
Across the sea
I watched slow sunsets
Into the sea

I feel that this is one of my more evocative poems.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Frost in the Air

This was an experimental poem written in 1991 - I think - which uses two interwoven themes denoted by the use of normal and italic script.

Frost in the Air - Nov 91

A touch of silvered knives

Dreaming. Morning, or is it night?

Along a tree-lined path I walk

I forget sometimes

Clouded sky. Sun hidden by a veil

No matter. I am happy here

I think the concept works but I do feel that it could be longer. I am not going to fiddle with this original work but I may well try another version sometime.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

October Rain

Another of those poems that grow from something seen and heard while doing something totally unrelated.

October Rain - 03 Oct 09

Autumn, October rain
Washing the leaves
From the branches
Casting mottled shadows
From the reflection
Of the streetlamp
On the road.
In the night-dark time
A rumbling wind
Almost drowns out the patter
Of the rain on my window

The weather cannot make up it's mind what it wants to do...just after this was written the sky cleared and a [just past] full moon shone out.

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Talking To Myself

Sitting and listening to something in myself, I realised that a poem was being birthed.

Talking To Myself - 01 Oct 09

Whispers in the gloom
Of an early October afternoon
Listening to myself
Talking to myself

Wondering why I don't
Get any answers
To the simplest
I ask

Only when I realise
That I am not listening
To my questions
That I discover the answer
I'm lost

In the gloom
Of an early October afternoon
I feel my way around
And I hear the whispers
Echo back

I usually do listen to myself but this was inspired by things seen on Twitter where there seemed to be no real connection or interaction between the messages.

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Playing With the Moon

I looked out of my window as I was setting the futon and...

Playing With the Moon - 30 Sep 09

Through cracks in the clouds
The moon smiles down
And invites me to play
"Grandmother's footsteps"

Nothing more to say really - I'm off to play.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


One of my poems that portrays a potential lover as a dangerous being. It happens occasionally but not that often, happily.

Snare - 06 Sep 02

She said
We were meant for each other

But I felt
My own truth
Lay somewhere else
Along a different path

She tried to ensnare me
In a web
Of her lies

But I knew
That my life
Was opening in a different way
From hers

She tried to hold me
In her claws
Bind me to her

My soul said this is not real
You can leave
So I went my own way

She said I love you
Please stay
I can give you...

But her voice
Faded away, lost on the breeze
Her talons blunted
On my midnight dreams

And then in freedom
I moved on
To drink the dew of a new dawn

A fairly old poem but it still has power.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Lost Shadows

Another little poem - at least this one is new, written today.

Lost Shadows - 28 Sep 09

Grey upon grey,
Sunlight filtered
Through heavy cloud
Lost shadows,
Hunting for someone
To cast them,
Wander across the land

Inspired by the scene outside my window and it is getting darker too...

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Opposites Attract

Going back in time again, now to 1997 for another of my love songs.

Opposites Attract - 08 Nov 97

I am
The song
Singing softly
Touching the stars

You are
My shadow side
We play together
In our private darkness

I am
The writer
Of the words
The charmer of the soul

You are
The one who would dance
With the spirit
In the great uncertainty

I am
The singer in the night
The dancer in the rain
Happy being outside the pain

You are
The one who listens
To the words, and cries
In the sadness

We are
The ones who love together
Dance together, move together,
Love together, are together

A love poem with a slightly dark side, how often in life does this happen too?

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Saturday, 26 September 2009


A change in the mood again, delving into the fairly recent past for this offering.

Rain - 11 Nov 00

Once upon a midnight strange
I listened to the rain.
I listened to the rain
Cascading down my window
Talking to the trees
Singing in the stream
Duets in the watery symphony
On the rocky way to the sea.

In the unexpected darkness
After the fullness of the moon
I contemplate the changes
And listen to the rain

Change to the mood? I will probably get back to the hopeless romantic state before too long, I rather miss it.

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Friday, 25 September 2009


Another short poem while I think...

Moonset - 01 Feb 04

There in the west
A waxing moon
In full sail
Across an ocean of cloud

I can feel a new poem growing and I hope that it emerges soon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


A new poem, born yesterday, but it has it's roots somewhen in the past - I cannot reveal exactly when without revealing some of my life, I am not prepared to do that...yet.

Waking - 23 Sep 09

You have woken in me
Something that has slumbered
For too long
And I had almost forgotten
The name

The memory, still fragrant
Had been hiding
Frightened, in case of
Or rejection
Remained hidden
Even for me

Now your light
Shone into the dark recesses
Of memory and time
Have shown there is no need
For fear

It wakes, I wake
And we come out to see you

I wasn't certain about posting this poem but I feel that it works...what do you think?

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Another little offering today...a senryƫ from 1992

Starlings - 08 Nov 92

Wind blown leaves descend
From leafless trees to feed on
Cast-out bread. Starlings.

European Starling, Sturnus vulgarisImage via Wikipedia

Just a little autumn image...poem and picture [shame the photo isn't mine, though I am working on that too]

Monday, 21 September 2009

I Will Fly

Now just posting one of a series of little poems each day.

I Will Fly - 03 Nov 97

I will fly
On wings of wind
With the autumn leaves
Across the moon

Little poems - just because I am feeling lazy and I have a few other things to think about.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Evening Visions

Just a tiny poem for today.

Evening Visions - 25 Jun 09

Fractured cloud
Letting random streams
Of sunlight
Onto the world

Small but quite effective, I think.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


A poem from 1999 with a different feel, not the love-songs I have been posting but...see for yourself.

Melancholia - 19 Dec 99

And in the sorrow
Of my night retreat
Gentle tears

Lifting veils
Then letting them fall
Bitter dreams, clouded thoughts
No morning's mourning tear.

Darkness rests reclining dampness
Stretched across my waking dreams
Torn from night moves
Scattered across the raging dawn
Burned, firelight thoughts
Smoking smouldering
Crumbling to ash

In the sorrow and sadness
In the darkness drawn
A curtain riven
No dreams to explain
The touch of darkness
From which the tears
And thoughts of long dark days
And nights

And nights
Damp pillow
Cascading tears

A totally different theme here - tell me what you think [if you want].

Till next time then...
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Friday, 18 September 2009


Too many things have been going on for any new poems to be written, though I hope that this will change soon. Meanwhile I offer this from 2002...

Smile - 21 May 02

With your smile
You break through the darkness
Blow away the clouds
That are covering the sun

With your smile
You open up the doors
And push aside the shutters
That are covering the sun

In the light
Of day
You are there
Beside me
You are my light
In the darkness
You guide me

And on

Another little love song, I have only just realised how many of these I have written over the years - I hope you don't mind. [Said he trying to hide the smiles - and failing]

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Someone searched my blog recently, for "Dolphin, acrostic poem" and this inspired me to actually add one to these offerings.

Dolphin - 14 Sep 09

Dancing with my Muse to unlock and
Open the gates of dreams and throw them wide
Leave the constraining land behind and
Pass into the world where imagination
Has the guiding hand, now swim with me
In a wonderful, beautiful place and you need
Never leave my side again

I hope this pleases the one who searched my Muse and any one else who reads it.

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Monday, 14 September 2009


I always find it interesting when Muse takes me by the hand and leads me to find paper and pen so that I can transcribe the latest poem, this is what happened last night.

Wondering... - 13 Sep 09

How many times
I never told you...
In all the time
We were together
I never said...
I should have spoken
Only those few words
That mean so much
But I never did
Though now I must
I love you

I have heard the phrase before - hopeless romantic. Once again - I make no apologies.

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Price You Pay

Nothing new at the moment, other events are getting in the way but I hope to get some new things up soon with the assistance of my lovely Muse. Just a short trip back a few years for this offering.

The Price You Pay - 02 Jun 02

Touching hearts
Touching minds
For all this contact
The price you pay
Is love

Around me
Within me
I feel your caress
And all I know
Is love

Through darkness
Through pain
You are with me
And all I feel
Is love

You have opened my life
To new horizons
And beautiful surroundings
A new vision
And all I see
Is love

I don't feel that any further explanation of this poem is necessary.

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Sea Dance

Back to the year 2000 for this offering, again touching on some of my favourite themes.

Sea Dance - 22 & 24 Apr 00

On the seashore
Gently plays,
A sighing wind
In those secret places
Where no one else
Ever seems to go.

Between the rocks
Amongst the seaweeds
A caring sea
Wave upon wave
Never tiring of her charge
Always cleansing
Always caressing.

We take our rhythm
From the waves
To mark our time
In the dance.
Our footsteps side by side
Across the sand

Our dance in this life
Together, like our song
With counterpoint and pirouette
A spiral cadence
Singing soft. Leaping high
Spirit whisper.

Voices in the thunder
Of the night
Hidden secrets
In our lives
Never spoken never shared
Always open, no one cares.

The caress of love
Eternal. Seeking smiles
And finding
More and ever more.
We pass, we part
We meet and walk together

On the seashore.

I found this poem by accident when looking for something else, it asked to be shown - I cannot resist a gentle pleasant request.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Another acrostic today, this one just grew by itself from a card picked for inspiration.

Synchronicity - 10 Sep 09

Sharing thoughts
You once believed were yours alone
Now realising that they are shared,
Communally, with your
Heart-linked friends
Realising that there is more.
Other-world links
New-found friends
In infinite worlds
Cosmic links
Touching minds and sharing
Your love

Poossibly not an accurate description of synchronicity but it felt right when writing the poem and I felt that the thought was more important than content.

If you feel differently, let me know...

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Take My Hand

Another new poem, born yesterday in the late evening. I don't feel that I can say anything further about it and what inspired it into being...

Take My Hand - 08 Sep 09

She said,
Take my hand.
She said,
We can go back.
To what we had before.

But I knew
If I turned back
We would miss

I took her hand
Feeling the call
But I chose to lead
Into a different land
Into a new

I don't really know where this came from, I just felt that Muse was talking to me and she invited me to write.

Her request...should never be ignored.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Touching My Heart

This is a new poem - it is not the one I was waiting for but 'fate' has a way of changing things when you least expect it. I am not complaining though, fate has assisted me too many times for complaints.

Touching My Heart - 06 Sep 09

Touching my heart
Playing with my dreams
Playing with the kisses
We shared

Holding my mind
Caressing the memories
Loving in the depths
Of our thoughts

Take me by the hand
Lead me back to the place
Where our love was born
And there let it grow anew

Another love song - I am getting a reputation as a of the best reputations I can have, I believe.

Till next time...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Summer Passing

Another poem from my dim and distant past; this one has a theme not quite in accordance with the time of year in which it was written.

Summer Passing - 26 Jul 76

Time pass. The summer days slip
In orchestrated simple melodies
Cascading floral emblematic themes
Symphonic echoes of a distant place.
Now southward fly the geese.
In arrow formation, melancholy cry,
Away from the louring grey, fly
Mourning has come again, enshrouding snow.

I cannot believe that I have been writing poetry for over thirty years - makes me feel really ancient.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Turning in the Night

Another short poem, posted just to prove that I'm still here - smiling as I type. I can remember this feeling strongly from two occasions, one in each direction and the music still plays in my mind.

Turning in the Night - 28 Feb 05

Turning in the night
Your eyes have watched me
Turning in the night
Your ears have listened

My song
Somewhere in your memory

The music and the memory are still strong, that strength can give them a means of return.

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Thursday, 3 September 2009


In amongst all the poems telling of the beauty and friendship of the Dawn comes this offering from the fairly early years giving a completely different image.

Entrapment - 10 Dec 85

And in the lamplights darkness
I watch
The starlight fade.
Dawn comes mocking at my door
In misty veil
Pretending she is someone else
To trap me
With her guile.
But I will not be fooled
I know her real face
The coldness and the pain
She gives
Are real

I think she has forgiven me, this was written during a rather rough period in my life when I actually dreded the new day appearing. My life is way different now and I know that the feelings I wrote about were just a reflection of what I was going through.

Dawn is, and always has been, my beautiful friend.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

In the Dawn

Another poem from my archives, posted here while waiting for a new poem to pass through gestation.

In the Dawn - 08 Sep 01

Whispering voices
In the darkness
Say your name

Chant the words
That gave you life
Gave you being

And in the grey still
Of the pre-dawn
Daylight hours

A flame, sparks
The soul of a special dream
New you

Growing, glowing
You show your light
Your life

And now
The world shall see
All that you are

And shall become

I hope you have enjoyed this offering - comments are welcomed if you want to give some.

Till next time...

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Sunday, 30 August 2009


Another poem from my archives while waiting for new poems to be born...

Remembering - 22 Jun 03

There was a time
We watched the sunset
And we dared to say
I love you

We smiled in the afternoon
As we touched
And we heldeach other's hands
We kissed

Playing in the morning light
As the sun rose
And in the rose we pledged
Our love

In the pre-dawn dark
We knew what we wanted
And gathering our strength
We came

Between the stars
We flew to meet the world
Where we would be, and
We am

Another of the backward time messages reaching from the now into that pre-time existence when all things are possible.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Love Me

A request...

Love Me - 29 Jun 03

Let me hear the words again
The ones that you said to me
In the golden days
When our time was young and new

I cannot make you love me
I can only give you my love
And hope that you will respond
In kind and kindness

Will you tell me that you love me?
Or that you would rather let me go
I don't know and I would rather not know
If the answer is what I don't want to hear

And through all this I still
Want to hear the words that you
Gave me all those years ago

It was only when going through these poems that I realised how many of them are left dangling in the way this poem is...seems to work though.

Till next time.

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Thursday, 27 August 2009


A gentle piece from 2000, I cannot say what inspired me to write it or to post it here today but in the latter case it just seemed right.

Fragments - 30 Oct & 05 Nov 00

Gentle waves
Wash the sand where we once walked
Gentle breezes
Whisper the words we once talked

Warm sunlight
Caresses the land
Our conversations
By the crystal
And refracted
Around us
And through us
To us
And beyond

Gentle waves
Bathe our tiredness away
Gentle breezes
Give us back our breath

Thinking about it, this has an almost prayer-like feel to it, probably explains the request to post.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I Should Have Said...

Delving into the past again, till more new poems start to emerge into the world.

I Should Have Said... - 12 May 05

And I never had the chance
To say to you
All the things I really wanted to say

Like, I love you

When we were together
I was filled with the thoughts
And feelings of the special time
Where we had something to share

Because of this
I never said the things
That really matter
And I feel that I have missed
The chance to let you know

I love you

Should we meet again
I wonder if I would have the courage
To admit to you
The feelings that I hold
And say that

I love you

The times we shared
The thoughts that passed
Through both of our minds
As we played and allowed the feelings
To drift gently
And playfully
As we sat and held hands together

And I still feel
That I missed the chance to say

I love you

Never miss the chance to say I love you, it isn't worth the pain if the chance is lost and certainly it isn't worth it for you or your special 'friend' whomever that might be.

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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Singing and Whispering

A little love song about a love song - this is the only way I can describe this poem.

Singing and Whispering - 25 Aug 09

You sang for me
In the space between
The rain and the moon

You whispered
Sweet words to me
As you thought I slept

I shall forever treasure
The memory of the sound
Of your voice

As you sang, as you whispered
Those words to me
"I love you"

Autobiographical? I will leave you to ponder...

Yes, I'm smiling again.

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Monday, 24 August 2009

Haunting Whispers

I had been waiting for the nudge from Muse for a little while. I was looking at a scrap of paper with a few random lines that had come to me over the last week. I suddenly realised that these were not in the right order - a few changes were made and suddenly it grew into what you see here.

Haunting Whispers - 24 Aug 09

In the pregnant, poignant times
Torn from the spaces
Between our words
My thoughts reside
Beside the unspoken questions,
Questioning what we are doing
To ourselves.

The pain in our eyes
Is clear to see
For those who care to look...
But, who looks?
I dare not
Even peek
Between fingers
Pressed against my eyes

I cannot hide from the whispers
The echoes of forgotten
Words and thoughts
We spoke so long ago
Can we make them fade?
Only a few small words
Can drown them out
But dare we say
"I love you"

Before anyone asks, this poem is not autobiographical - not from this life anyway. I have to admit that the emotions I felt while writing these words were rather stronger than I had anticipated and so may well be another echo from times past.

Till next time...

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Sunday, 23 August 2009


This is another of my poems which reflect a certain sense of not being in the place I am supposed to be. This is a feeling that has followed me for very many years and I probably never will totally get away from it.

I hope that writing about my feelings will assist the process of coming to terms with them.

Outside - 24 Feb 88

The grey of day
Deepens into night.
Beside me
A gentle stream
Of music,
Drum and voice
Plays sad tales
Of other years
In times gone by.

Many of my poems have a sad theme running through them, it makes them rather more poignant, I feel.

Saturday, 22 August 2009


I felt that I really wanted to post this today, there is a feeling that indications of new beginnings are about to make themselves very clear and this poem gives an indication of this feeling.

Fire - 14 Oct 00

Banished by the thoughts
Of a new-found day
A new-found fire.
Was a boundary
Which none could cross
But now
On wings of flame
We fly
In the moonkissed sky
Carrying our dreams
Into the light
Helping them to grow
To flourish, to bloom
To seed
The next generation,
To set them on their path.

I'm not going to say any more here, I will just allow this poem to stand by itself and invite comments - as usual.

Till next time...

Friday, 21 August 2009


A poem created late in the day - or it may have been very early in the day. It addresses some of the fears of any on.

Revelations - 28 Dec 83

Sitting in the darkness
Writing by the light from a streetlamp
Wondering if the scrawl
Will be legible in the cold
Light of day
Perhaps the time
Will be wasted
Perhaps it will not.
There's always the chance
That I'll be misunderstood
The timing of the revelation
Is always critical
And the fear is that
I have got it wrong.

I cannot be certain what the revelation was that triggered the poem, the memory of this is lost in the mists of time and may never be recalled but I feel the poem stands the test of time.

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Thursday, 20 August 2009

Remember Forever

Another slushy love poem - I don't care, I'm proud of what I am and what I write.

Remember Forever - 20 Jan 06

Those sweet afternoons,
We shared
The little touches
We made and felt

How we wished that they
Could go on forever

The power is within us
To make this happen
Take it on beyond
Just a wish
And into reality

What we had
Can last forever
We only have to make it so
And then
Our touches can last
As long as we want

Now we can say
I love you forever
And know that what we say
Will be
And forever

No apologies...if you don't like it just tell me. *grin*

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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Midnight Mass

I originally started to write this poem as a rather cynical response to the concept of 'organised religion' but as I wrote the words, the feel changed.

Midnight Mass - 23 Aug 01

The words of the priest
Echo down the aisle
The forgotten prayers
Of countless years
In the late night
The darkness of
The midnight mass

He called the faithful
To prayer
Of those who answered
Only the faithful
Only the fearful
Managed to say the words
And sing the hymns
And chant the responses
Of the mass

Body and Soul
In the midnight hour
When darkness touches the heart
And minds of the faithful
This is the Body
The open mouth accepts
This is the Blood
And sips, tasting the life.

In the echoes, in the aisle
Footsteps falter
The darkness gathers
And in the midnight hour
A gentle touch
A hand touches the brow
Of the priest
His face illumined
By the Light
And he knows
He is here, She is here
We is

The poems I write are my personal feelings and thoughts and are not meant as any kind of insult to any religion or individual belief pattern.

If you don't like the thoughts behind any of my works please do not hesitate to tell me, I would be interested in what you have to say. Come to that, if you do like these thoughts you can tell me that too...

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Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Wind from the Sun

I have been accused of being an Incurable Romantic, this poem may well be the final note in that symphony - no chance, there are many more to come from the inner me.

The Wind from the Sun - 06 Nov 02

Our love
Was born in flame
Bright enough
To shine through the rain
And throw
A crystal spectrum
Across our soul

We watched the sunset
On a thousand worlds
Then drank the dawn
And intoxicated
Walked hand in hand
Along the shore
Of eternity
Feel the gentle waves
Caress our feet
Sweep the sand
Ahead of us into a carpet
Of flowers

We were
Born for each other
We chose to be
And again

Our spirits intertwined
Try to escape...
We might as well
Try to outrun
The wind from the sun

Another bid for the crown of Incurable Romantic - maybe more to come fairly soon.

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Monday, 17 August 2009

Broken Promises

This little poem arrived without any real warning to me that it was on the way. The links here are to a few points in my past, without which this poem could never have been born.

Broken Promises - 16 Aug 09

Isn't it strange?
After all the talk
And the games
And the promises
We made...

I reached for you
Tried to touch you
And you weren't there
As you promised
I waited
I waited for you to arrive

You said that we
Would never part
And that our love
Was eternal
We promised
That we would stay
And you said that you
Would be there for me

I never realised
That promises
Were so fragile
And could be broken
Without a thought

But still I wait
For you

I shall wait

My poetic mind embroiders the memory of what was reality and presents it's own version, this is how and why this vision appeared. Nothing I have been through is as heavy as I can portray it as being...though it makes a good story.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Destiny's Journal

Just a short poem today and one which has a really different feel to those I have shown before.

I cannot recall what, or who, actually inspired this poem into being, it was a long time ago. Whatever it was, it must have made quite an impact on me at the time, even though this inspiration has passed.

Destiny's Journal - 22 Feb 88

In the shuttered spaces
In the tombs
In the temples
Catacombs and echoing vaults
You shall find me

Feeding on the darkness
Riding on the nightmare
You come for me

I know that we shall meet
Our conflict in Destiny's Journal
Inscribed, bound and sealed
We shall meet

I often wonder how many faces Muse has - and how many are yet to be shown to me.

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Saturday, 15 August 2009


Another poem that took a long time to come into existence, it is often the case that the first part of a poem reveals itself quite easily and the remainder takes a little while longer.

We - 07 Jul, 20 Jul, 15 Sep 96


I am
The bearer
Of the dream

Rider on
The night's
Cool air

Dancer in
The day's

Keeper of


You are
The dreamer
You know my thoughts

In the night
You know
My steed

The daily music
Guides your
Every move

The mystery
Is no mystery
To you


We are
The singers
Of life's song

Walkers in
The sky and
In the clouds

The songs
Drive us on
Across the worlds

And we weave
Our own
Special mystery

I hope you like this one, it has a special memory for me - as do most of my poems.

Friday, 14 August 2009

Riding in the Dark

Back to the poems today but who knows what will come from this page in the future.

Riding in the Dark - 08 Nov 02

Break the silence
With a cry in the dark
A midnight dream
Disturbs your sleep
The mare leaps
Across your bed
And drags you screaming
Into a darkness of your own
The dread you feel
Is yours alone
To keep
If you choose

Break the tension
With a cry in your dream
Shatter the bonds
Of the midnight schemes
In your sleep, in your dreams
Tame the mare
Ride her 'cross the fields
Of the dark night
Ride her till the dawn
Comes to light the way,
Now she is yours
And the ride will be sweet

Ride on
Claim the light in the dark
The stars are yours
To claim
If you wish

Just a quick posting today because it is later than I had intended - there shall be more soon.

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Thursday, 13 August 2009


As a change from the poems I usually post here, I offer a short story. It is the first of a sequence, I probably will not post any further stories in this series, instead I wait for the whole thing to fully manifest and become a novella - or whatever.

Sya-Eeshan - Jan 84

From my vantage point high on Mount Kakarinka I looked down over the island, stretched in its serpentine way across the ocean. Twelve of the thirteen city towers were visible, fairly clearly, despite the early morning haze that shrouded the dawn over Ocean. The thirteenth, I knew, lay behind me in the west, for I had just climbed from there to take one last look before I left this world.

There was a fluttering noise behind me and a sharp down-draft shook the dew from the bracken, startling the Tent-web spiders into running for cover. I did not look round for I knew who it was. For a moment before she spoke, silence reigned broken only by the distant cries of the Yellow Gulls.

"Kefan. Must you leave?" Her voice, as always, sent goose-pimples chasing each other down my back.

"You know I must, Sya-Eeshan. I explained to you why I have to leave."

"Can you not hide? They will not miss you."

"Oh Sya-Eeshan, you know that; if I could, if there was some way, I would stay. This world means more to me now than my own. You mean more to me than any other person I have ever known...but I have warned you, have I not, that when the message comes ordering my return I must obey." I found it difficult to complete my little speech as, increasingly, I found my voice trying to break and the lump in my throat was becoming harder to swallow past.

Finally Sya-Eeshan pushed past me and stood with her back to the edge of the cliff. Staring straight into my eyes, a torrent of tears streaming unashamedly down her cheeks and dripping onto her small, beautiful breasts. Even with her face set into a rigid mask of intense sorrow she was painfully beautiful.


"Sya-Eeshan, I am sorry..."

"I will never forget you Kefan." She turned away, her toes overhung the cliff-edge. "Good-bye Kefan, try to remember me." She pushed herself forward over the edge and dropped like a stone for a hundred metres before spreading her golden wings and soaring in a long sweeping curve out of sight.

I had taken one involuntary step forward with my arms outstretched before I could control myself. My vision was heavily clouded; tears, stained blood-red by the first rays of Nyess as it pulled itself above the horizon, dripped from my open eyes.

Savagely, I wiped my face with the back of my hand and turned away from the view. Feeling more weary than I had ever felt, I started on the long walk down to the plain of Kreek-nye.

This is the first story in a sequence entitled [provisionally] the 'Farewell Fragments' - your comments are particlularly invited.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Walking Together

Today's poem is another one from my older works, it called rather loudly to be shown - I have heeded that call and so present it here for you reading pleasure...

Walking Together - 13 Jul 97

We have walked through the darkness
You and I
Our fingertips touching
Guiding, leading
Taking it in turns
To show the way
To help the faltering foot.

We have walked through the dawn
Hand in hand through
The growing light
Confidence, learning
How to take control
Striding toward the sun.

We have walked through the afternoon
You and I
In sympathy, knowing
Our deepest feelings
Taking it in turns
To touch our minds
Our inner thoughts, our lives.

We have walked in the evening
Mind in mind through
The fading light
Knowing that, whatever,
We will always be,
Have always been, together.

We will walk through the darkness
You and I
Eternally together
Our spirits are together
Having drunk from the well
We know that we shall always be

I hope you enjoyed this offering.

More soon...

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