Thursday, 26 April 2012


This poem took a surprisingly long time to emerge fully, almost as though I had to live through the cold winds.  Whatever the reason for this slow growth, I now present it here.

Return  -  21, 22 & 26 Apr 12

Too long
Have I stayed away
The stars
Have moved on in their courses
New pictures
Across the sky

New legends
In the imagination
Of the watchers

But now
The winds are changing
The old ways
Are gone
The weather says storms ahead
The winds of change
Blow cold

I have been called back
To take my place
To stand at the head
Of the watchers

Was it worth the wait?  You tell me...
I thank Muse [as usual] for the various prompts and thanks also go to a lovely fellow Blogger who accidentally presented a seed thought.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Night in the Garden

My suspicions were correct ~ this is a new segment of the Garden of Infinity sequence.  I cannot be certain if there are more parts to come, I shall just have to wait and see.

Night in the Garden  -  14 Apr 12

Mist shrouded Moon
Pale glow
Hanging on the Eastern skyline

She lit a candle
Put it in the window
To guide her Lover

He saw the flame
Heard his Lover whisper…
Her voice loud ~ in his Soul

Reaching for each other
Hands touch ~ lips touch
Bodies flow together

Night completes…
Garden mysteries
Eternal stories

It is never a good idea for me to attempt to pre-guess what Muse has in store for me.

Monday, 9 April 2012

A Moment in the Garden

This is part three of the Garden sequence, I had no idea that there was more and originally felt that there was only one poem.  This part first started to emerge very late last night and grew to completion this afternoon.

A Moment in the Garden  -  08 & 09 Apr 12

Arms around each other
They barely moved
The moment
Of completion

Sun touched treetops
Above them
Filtered light
Bathed them

Her face ~ her body
Permanently etched
On his Heart
His Love

His face ~ his body
Held forever
On her Heart

The moment of forever
Flames brightly burn
The moments
In the Garden of Eternity

Now that this part has grown, I cannot help but wonder if there is more to this story to come.

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Saturday, 7 April 2012

At the Water's Edge

This poem was first birthed a couple of days ago but only the first line survived and the rest grew quite quickly today.
In the Garden of Infinity [see the last poem] flows a stream...

At the Water's Edge  -  02 & 07 Apr 12

He waited
With a feeling that he
Was being watched

He crouched
Drank cool stream water
From cupped hands

Remembered kisses
Shared in the night
Love wrapped a blanket
Beneath a frosted Moon

Sweet voice
Gentle hand
Placed on his neck

He looked into her eyes
Rekindled the kisses
Breathed her in

Pressed together
They became one
In the moment
In the Garden of Eternity

Muse works in mysterious ways but I am grateful.

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