Thursday, 31 March 2011


A curious little love song that grew, as so often the case, from just a couple of words...

Unexpected - 31 Mar 11

The way she watched me
I wasn't prepared
For what I felt
The way she touched me
In ways that reached within
And woke me

I didn't realise
How deep
Till my Heart opened
And I felt her eyes
Look in
And touch my Soul
To wake me

Thank you Muse for the inspiration.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Fragments Of A Day

This poem started to grow on 21 Mar 11 and was brought to completion this afternoon 28 Mar 11 when the final lines arrived. It is unusual in the manner of its birth, each of the lines [except for the last two] appeared individually on Twitter at random times each day and was, only later, compiled into the complete form now presented here.

Fragments Of A Day - 21 Mar 11

Drifting into a dark afternoon
Wherein some shattered fragments
Of the sundered worlds
And tattered wings against the eyes of night
Held firm
As sunlight fades fast into the starlight realm

Stardrift across an endless dark
Pinprick jewels pierce the night
Shattered shards of crystal
Illumined from within
Illuminating a path
Toward a dawn

Unusual in another way too, I almost forgot what the preceeding lines were, when each new line was formed.
This is a rather different poem - comments, as usual, are welcomed.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

More Than My Friend

Another little love song that grew in the middle of the night, just as they so often do. I present it here without any explanation whatsoever.

More Than My Friend - 26 Mar 11

You became my friend
My confidant
My lover

You knew my every need
You watched me
Cared for me

Held me in ways I never knew
I needed to be held
Never did

Now my needs fulfilled
You are here
For me

I love the way these little love songs appear without warning and ask to be written out and posted without delay - thank you Muse.

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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Reaching Out

This poem grew suddenly in the very late hours of the day - getting in by a matter of minutes - as is usual Muse showed me where to go with this and it needed no additional work. I offer it here now...

Reaching Out - 23 Mar 11

Reaching out to take my hand
She gazed deep within
My eyes
My Soul
Reached places
I never knew
Were there to be touched

She opened me up
Opened me out
Laid me bare
Took me out
Dusted me off
Smiled at
What she found

She held me
Laid a gentle kiss
Upon me
Then led me onward
On to her

I always find that Muse should be honoured and allowed to lead me where words can be found for me to forge into poems - so...thank you Muse.

Saturday, 12 March 2011


This poem has been waiting to be properly formed for several days, only the first stanza had been written. This afternoon the remaining parts finally came together for me.

Between... - 12 Mar 11

Standing on the edge
Between dream
And awake
Feeling your touch
Deep within me

In the empty places
Where no one ever goes
We talk
Smile...hold hands

Along the shore
Where waves
Kiss our feet
And where we feel the Moon
Kiss our Souls

In all these places
I feel you with me
Holding me
Loving me
As I love you

Love poetry shows up at odd moments and feels really satisfying when it does.

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Saturday, 5 March 2011

Day Dance

This is another of the things which suddenly grow but for the first time it grew into an actual song to which I may attempt to add some music at some point - in the meantime I present the lyrics.

Day Dance - 05 Mar 11

We walked along the sand
Hand in hand
Footprints leaving little pools
Slowly filling with the memories
Of our passing...

You shared the dawn
With me
We took the afternoon
Into our hearts
The evening flames
In the fireplace
Warmed us
Promised us
A new day for our journey

The gentle waves of today
Sound in our thoughts
Like the songs
We sang in the dawn
Rainbow sky
Aurora shine


Watching birds
Dancing on the ocean
Dancing with our thoughts
Afternoon games
Slipping slowly into the west
Carrying our words
To illuminate the sky


And when the day closes
Eventide mysteries
Together we watch the flames
Dance around the logs
Starlit patterns
Shining bright
Dreams catch them
Burn bright to show a new path
Into a new day


This feels good to me, what do you think?

Thursday, 3 March 2011


The idea for writing a prose piece for a change came to me a couple of days ago but other things took precedence - it took another evening to complete and I offer it to you now with minimal explanation.

Infinity - 01 Mar 11

She was lying on her stomach; her chin resting on her left hand and her right was tracing an infinity sign with her fingertip - over and over, in the warm sand.

She didn't know why, didn't even know why it was important, just thought that it was necessary that the horizontal eight was drawn by her, repeatedly.

A fleeting shadow passed over her and she looked up but was instantly dazzled by the sun; quickly she looked down but the afterimages of blue streaks and spots interfered with her vision.

She crumpled the smooth patch of sand where she had been drawing, with her hand, scraping down into the cool depths and meeting moistness below.

"Damn." The word muttered under her breath echoed in her mind.

She dragged herself to her feet and looked around, a lone gull had been hovering precariously on the breeze, with a single cry it slipped sideways and was gone.

She walked down to the water's edge, stared out to sea for long moments then turned to her right and walked with her feet just avoiding the little waves.

Hours passed and, although she didn't feel tired, she sat on the sand to look at the sea again; enjoying the languid movements of the waves.

Without her noticing, her right hand started to trace the figure eight in the sand beside her again.

A grain of sand caught under her fingernail and she looked down, sighed and picked her finger clean.

She stood and looked to the right then started to walk again, her shadow beneath her feet.

The sound of the waves had an hypnotic effect as she walked, her eyes wandered out over the sea and she watched as several gulls flew just above the waves before landing in the water.

She sat to watch the gulls cleaning themselves, she wanted to get comfortable so she lay on her stomach and rested her head on her left hand; she smoothed a patch of sand with her right hand and started to draw with her fingertip.

A pattern emerged, a figure of eight lying on its side, over and over her finger moved to trace the shape in the sand.

A fleeting shadow passed over her and she looked up and was instantly dazzled by the sun...

Offered, as I said, without any real background information...comments, as always, are always welcomed.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011


This post is to mark the entry of dani harris and I to Spark 11

Ainsley Allmark


dani harris

my one true love

Inspiration Piece


she is part of me as much

as the heart which beats in my chest


she gives me life as much

as my lungs breathing in the air


she feeds my soul as much

as the sight of all of the beauty in nature


she fills me with passion as much

as the desire for a beautiful woman


i could not live without her

she nurtures me as much as a mother her babe


my one true love



Ainsley Allmark

Inspiration Piece

dani harris

another day


the sea reaches up to the sky in greeting

loudly and with abandon

happy to begin another day

wishing to share his joy with all


We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing and working with the photos.