Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Ocean Dreaming

Listening to a piece of music, I was suddenly aware that Muse was nudging me again. The words came together over a short time and I was left wondering if I could add the music here with the poem - no obvious method so I shall have to consider alternative ways - on with the poem.

Ocean Dreaming - 17 Oct 11

The embers of the fading day
Mostly ash
But glows, still
Chase around
Like earthbound
Northern Lights

You held me close
As we watched
The last glimmer of the sun
Burnish the horizon

Ocean dreaming
Captivated us
Melded with our own dreams
To feed us
Show us
New worlds

Muse offers things in, sometimes, the strangest ways.

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Sunday, 9 October 2011


Another poem, the seeds were sown just after midnight and it flowered about an hour later, the title emerged just as I was typing it up before posting it here.

Night...Filled - 09 Oct 11

Sunshine hiding all day long
Behind a veil of cloud
Darkness gathers round my house
To hold the light within

In my rooms
She waited
Singing softly
Songs of enchantment
Songs of love
Words to bind us
For Eternity

I watched the darkness
Filled with her song
Moths danced
To her words

I felt her call
Deep within me
I would not resist…
Her song
Echoed mine

I turned
Went to her

I love these Love songs that Muse inspires me to write.

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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rain : Two Views

Each part of this poem was birthed separately but in the very early hours of the morning, like fraternal twins, related but in no way identical. Each was inspired by something seen; in the first, the way that the landscape was lost in the cloud - in the second, street lamplight refracted by raindrops on my window.

Rain : Two Views - 06 Oct 11


Blurs the boundaries
Between sky and earth
Blurs the boundaries
Between mind and reality


Stars dropped by the clouds
Thrown against my window
By the wind
Random patterns
Rain constellations

Muse has a rather interesting way of showing me things, to inspire thoughts which then have to be written down - no matter the hour or place.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Night Flight

The opening line of this poem had been drifting in and out of my consciousness for the whole afternoon till, in the late evening, it emerged with more than I had expected in the way of content.

Night Flight - 03 Oct 11

On tattered wings she flew
Through night’s
Spangled dome
Toward a fleeting dawn

Her lover
In a distant land
On a distant shore
To the wind soughing
Through the grass
Rattling the stems
As the waves danced
To the rhythm of the breeze
With his mind
Come to me

Owls circled him
She is on the way
She will be here

She saw his spark
On the beach
And knew
They would be
Together forever

There are several small inspiration points in this poem all coming together in these stanzas.

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sea Of Time

Little words and phrases had been drifting through my mind for most of the afternoon so I sat and started to type and, as quite often happens, the poem grew rapidly with only a few prompts from Muse.

Sea Of Time - 02 Oct 11

Standing on the sand
On the shore
Waves of the Sea of Time
Washing around my feet

I remember you
In all our lives
We shared together
Dreaming our realities

Waiting for you now
On this last day
When we shall be together

Come to me – kiss me
Walk with me – let us fly
Shall be our new playground

I love when Muse starts prompting and then allows me to get on with it.

Saturday, 1 October 2011


This poem took rather longer to become fully formed - a matter of several hours - but I feel satisfied with the result.

Tantalus - 30 Sep 11

She stood
Vision of her beauty
Just out of reach
Taste of her nectar
Within my lips
On my tongue

Night visions she conjured
She danced with me
Around me
Within my mind
Across the dreaming
Landscape where my Soul
Stood guard
Over me

Day dreams she formed
To place in the waking me
To dance with her
Within her
Waking me to see
Her beauty

Playing with reality
She built worlds
For us to live
Where we could experience
Each other
Search for the key
To the Tantalus

I hope the key is within your grasp and that you are not being teased.

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