Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Playing With the Moon

I looked out of my window as I was setting the futon and...

Playing With the Moon - 30 Sep 09

Through cracks in the clouds
The moon smiles down
And invites me to play
"Grandmother's footsteps"

Nothing more to say really - I'm off to play.

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


One of my poems that portrays a potential lover as a dangerous being. It happens occasionally but not that often, happily.

Snare - 06 Sep 02

She said
We were meant for each other

But I felt
My own truth
Lay somewhere else
Along a different path

She tried to ensnare me
In a web
Of her lies

But I knew
That my life
Was opening in a different way
From hers

She tried to hold me
In her claws
Bind me to her

My soul said this is not real
You can leave
So I went my own way

She said I love you
Please stay
I can give you...

But her voice
Faded away, lost on the breeze
Her talons blunted
On my midnight dreams

And then in freedom
I moved on
To drink the dew of a new dawn

A fairly old poem but it still has power.

Monday, 28 September 2009

Lost Shadows

Another little poem - at least this one is new, written today.

Lost Shadows - 28 Sep 09

Grey upon grey,
Sunlight filtered
Through heavy cloud
Lost shadows,
Hunting for someone
To cast them,
Wander across the land

Inspired by the scene outside my window and it is getting darker too...

Sunday, 27 September 2009

Opposites Attract

Going back in time again, now to 1997 for another of my love songs.

Opposites Attract - 08 Nov 97

I am
The song
Singing softly
Touching the stars

You are
My shadow side
We play together
In our private darkness

I am
The writer
Of the words
The charmer of the soul

You are
The one who would dance
With the spirit
In the great uncertainty

I am
The singer in the night
The dancer in the rain
Happy being outside the pain

You are
The one who listens
To the words, and cries
In the sadness

We are
The ones who love together
Dance together, move together,
Love together, are together

A love poem with a slightly dark side, how often in life does this happen too?

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Saturday, 26 September 2009


A change in the mood again, delving into the fairly recent past for this offering.

Rain - 11 Nov 00

Once upon a midnight strange
I listened to the rain.
I listened to the rain
Cascading down my window
Talking to the trees
Singing in the stream
Duets in the watery symphony
On the rocky way to the sea.

In the unexpected darkness
After the fullness of the moon
I contemplate the changes
And listen to the rain

Change to the mood? I will probably get back to the hopeless romantic state before too long, I rather miss it.

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Friday, 25 September 2009


Another short poem while I think...

Moonset - 01 Feb 04

There in the west
A waxing moon
In full sail
Across an ocean of cloud

I can feel a new poem growing and I hope that it emerges soon.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


A new poem, born yesterday, but it has it's roots somewhen in the past - I cannot reveal exactly when without revealing some of my life, I am not prepared to do that...yet.

Waking - 23 Sep 09

You have woken in me
Something that has slumbered
For too long
And I had almost forgotten
The name

The memory, still fragrant
Had been hiding
Frightened, in case of
Or rejection
Remained hidden
Even for me

Now your light
Shone into the dark recesses
Of memory and time
Have shown there is no need
For fear

It wakes, I wake
And we come out to see you

I wasn't certain about posting this poem but I feel that it works...what do you think?

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Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Another little offering today...a senryƫ from 1992

Starlings - 08 Nov 92

Wind blown leaves descend
From leafless trees to feed on
Cast-out bread. Starlings.

European Starling, Sturnus vulgarisImage via Wikipedia

Just a little autumn image...poem and picture [shame the photo isn't mine, though I am working on that too]

Monday, 21 September 2009

I Will Fly

Now just posting one of a series of little poems each day.

I Will Fly - 03 Nov 97

I will fly
On wings of wind
With the autumn leaves
Across the moon

Little poems - just because I am feeling lazy and I have a few other things to think about.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Evening Visions

Just a tiny poem for today.

Evening Visions - 25 Jun 09

Fractured cloud
Letting random streams
Of sunlight
Onto the world

Small but quite effective, I think.

Saturday, 19 September 2009


A poem from 1999 with a different feel, not the love-songs I have been posting but...see for yourself.

Melancholia - 19 Dec 99

And in the sorrow
Of my night retreat
Gentle tears

Lifting veils
Then letting them fall
Bitter dreams, clouded thoughts
No morning's mourning tear.

Darkness rests reclining dampness
Stretched across my waking dreams
Torn from night moves
Scattered across the raging dawn
Burned, firelight thoughts
Smoking smouldering
Crumbling to ash

In the sorrow and sadness
In the darkness drawn
A curtain riven
No dreams to explain
The touch of darkness
From which the tears
And thoughts of long dark days
And nights

And nights
Damp pillow
Cascading tears

A totally different theme here - tell me what you think [if you want].

Till next time then...
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Friday, 18 September 2009


Too many things have been going on for any new poems to be written, though I hope that this will change soon. Meanwhile I offer this from 2002...

Smile - 21 May 02

With your smile
You break through the darkness
Blow away the clouds
That are covering the sun

With your smile
You open up the doors
And push aside the shutters
That are covering the sun

In the light
Of day
You are there
Beside me
You are my light
In the darkness
You guide me

And on

Another little love song, I have only just realised how many of these I have written over the years - I hope you don't mind. [Said he trying to hide the smiles - and failing]

Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Someone searched my blog recently, for "Dolphin, acrostic poem" and this inspired me to actually add one to these offerings.

Dolphin - 14 Sep 09

Dancing with my Muse to unlock and
Open the gates of dreams and throw them wide
Leave the constraining land behind and
Pass into the world where imagination
Has the guiding hand, now swim with me
In a wonderful, beautiful place and you need
Never leave my side again

I hope this pleases the one who searched my Muse and any one else who reads it.

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Monday, 14 September 2009


I always find it interesting when Muse takes me by the hand and leads me to find paper and pen so that I can transcribe the latest poem, this is what happened last night.

Wondering... - 13 Sep 09

How many times
I never told you...
In all the time
We were together
I never said...
I should have spoken
Only those few words
That mean so much
But I never did
Though now I must
I love you

I have heard the phrase before - hopeless romantic. Once again - I make no apologies.

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

The Price You Pay

Nothing new at the moment, other events are getting in the way but I hope to get some new things up soon with the assistance of my lovely Muse. Just a short trip back a few years for this offering.

The Price You Pay - 02 Jun 02

Touching hearts
Touching minds
For all this contact
The price you pay
Is love

Around me
Within me
I feel your caress
And all I know
Is love

Through darkness
Through pain
You are with me
And all I feel
Is love

You have opened my life
To new horizons
And beautiful surroundings
A new vision
And all I see
Is love

I don't feel that any further explanation of this poem is necessary.

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Friday, 11 September 2009

Sea Dance

Back to the year 2000 for this offering, again touching on some of my favourite themes.

Sea Dance - 22 & 24 Apr 00

On the seashore
Gently plays,
A sighing wind
In those secret places
Where no one else
Ever seems to go.

Between the rocks
Amongst the seaweeds
A caring sea
Wave upon wave
Never tiring of her charge
Always cleansing
Always caressing.

We take our rhythm
From the waves
To mark our time
In the dance.
Our footsteps side by side
Across the sand

Our dance in this life
Together, like our song
With counterpoint and pirouette
A spiral cadence
Singing soft. Leaping high
Spirit whisper.

Voices in the thunder
Of the night
Hidden secrets
In our lives
Never spoken never shared
Always open, no one cares.

The caress of love
Eternal. Seeking smiles
And finding
More and ever more.
We pass, we part
We meet and walk together

On the seashore.

I found this poem by accident when looking for something else, it asked to be shown - I cannot resist a gentle pleasant request.

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Thursday, 10 September 2009


Another acrostic today, this one just grew by itself from a card picked for inspiration.

Synchronicity - 10 Sep 09

Sharing thoughts
You once believed were yours alone
Now realising that they are shared,
Communally, with your
Heart-linked friends
Realising that there is more.
Other-world links
New-found friends
In infinite worlds
Cosmic links
Touching minds and sharing
Your love

Poossibly not an accurate description of synchronicity but it felt right when writing the poem and I felt that the thought was more important than content.

If you feel differently, let me know...

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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Take My Hand

Another new poem, born yesterday in the late evening. I don't feel that I can say anything further about it and what inspired it into being...

Take My Hand - 08 Sep 09

She said,
Take my hand.
She said,
We can go back.
To what we had before.

But I knew
If I turned back
We would miss

I took her hand
Feeling the call
But I chose to lead
Into a different land
Into a new

I don't really know where this came from, I just felt that Muse was talking to me and she invited me to write.

Her request...should never be ignored.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Touching My Heart

This is a new poem - it is not the one I was waiting for but 'fate' has a way of changing things when you least expect it. I am not complaining though, fate has assisted me too many times for complaints.

Touching My Heart - 06 Sep 09

Touching my heart
Playing with my dreams
Playing with the kisses
We shared

Holding my mind
Caressing the memories
Loving in the depths
Of our thoughts

Take me by the hand
Lead me back to the place
Where our love was born
And there let it grow anew

Another love song - I am getting a reputation as a of the best reputations I can have, I believe.

Till next time...

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Summer Passing

Another poem from my dim and distant past; this one has a theme not quite in accordance with the time of year in which it was written.

Summer Passing - 26 Jul 76

Time pass. The summer days slip
In orchestrated simple melodies
Cascading floral emblematic themes
Symphonic echoes of a distant place.
Now southward fly the geese.
In arrow formation, melancholy cry,
Away from the louring grey, fly
Mourning has come again, enshrouding snow.

I cannot believe that I have been writing poetry for over thirty years - makes me feel really ancient.

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Saturday, 5 September 2009

Turning in the Night

Another short poem, posted just to prove that I'm still here - smiling as I type. I can remember this feeling strongly from two occasions, one in each direction and the music still plays in my mind.

Turning in the Night - 28 Feb 05

Turning in the night
Your eyes have watched me
Turning in the night
Your ears have listened

My song
Somewhere in your memory

The music and the memory are still strong, that strength can give them a means of return.

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Thursday, 3 September 2009


In amongst all the poems telling of the beauty and friendship of the Dawn comes this offering from the fairly early years giving a completely different image.

Entrapment - 10 Dec 85

And in the lamplights darkness
I watch
The starlight fade.
Dawn comes mocking at my door
In misty veil
Pretending she is someone else
To trap me
With her guile.
But I will not be fooled
I know her real face
The coldness and the pain
She gives
Are real

I think she has forgiven me, this was written during a rather rough period in my life when I actually dreded the new day appearing. My life is way different now and I know that the feelings I wrote about were just a reflection of what I was going through.

Dawn is, and always has been, my beautiful friend.

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

In the Dawn

Another poem from my archives, posted here while waiting for a new poem to pass through gestation.

In the Dawn - 08 Sep 01

Whispering voices
In the darkness
Say your name

Chant the words
That gave you life
Gave you being

And in the grey still
Of the pre-dawn
Daylight hours

A flame, sparks
The soul of a special dream
New you

Growing, glowing
You show your light
Your life

And now
The world shall see
All that you are

And shall become

I hope you have enjoyed this offering - comments are welcomed if you want to give some.

Till next time...

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