Friday, 26 February 2010

Reaching Out

This poem was gestated over a couple of days but it finally emerged into the world.

Reaching Out - 26 Feb 10

I reached out
To hold her heart
Tenderly I kissed her
And her eyes looked
Deep within me
And held my Soul

Her touch
Brought memories
To my mind
Memories of things
Which haven't happened

She planted the feelings
Deep within me
Of things we have done
Will do
She knew the seeds
Would bear fruit soon
And she watered them
With her kisses

Love poems are back - I like this...

Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Muse handed me these words, they have no real connection to my life at the moment - I can only think that they come from some previous life.

Silences - 23 Feb 10

What did we have?
When all said and done

A lifetime full of
Meaningful silences
When things
That should have been said
Weren't even mentioned

A lifetime full of
Meaningless promises
Spoken when silence
Should have ruled
And in those times
No one listened
To what the other
Really wanted

Another of my sad images, I am often puzzled as to what levels I am tapping into and why this should be.

Monday, 22 February 2010


A little love poem that grew from various thoughts...

Returning - 22 Feb 10

Basking in the afterglow
Letting memories
Cascade through my mind
Like a gentle waterfall

Warm thoughts
Still fresh and playful
Surround me
Play with me
Take me again
Into the starlit field
To show me the wonders
We experienced...

Playing with thoughts and memories...again, I go there quite often.

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Thursday, 18 February 2010


Muse took this idea, hit me with it and sent me into the waves to let the words wash over me till they were done...

Heart-flame - 18 Feb 10

Fingertips touch,
In the swirling depths
We dive
Hearts touch
And in the water...

Deft movements
To arouse the Spirit
Dancing in the light
Of the heart-flame
Shining brighter than the sun
Along the shore

Hands entwined
Bodies entwined
Feeling the pull
Of the tides
Upon us,
Letting them guide
And take us to where
We need to go

...still feeling the passion.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


I was in the middle of my closing meditation, in the early hours of the morning, when my Muse invited me to start writing - I know better than to argue...

Inviting - 17 Feb 10

I close my eyes
And see the landscape
Before me

I close my ears
And hear soft music
Around me

I close my mouth
And speak the words
Of love
To you

Reaching out I feel
Your hand in mine
We love

Another change in mood, I seem to be shifting from one end of the spectrum to the other.

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Sunday, 14 February 2010


Almost a return to the 'sad' series of poems but, this one feels different to me - not quite certain what it is that changes the mood for me, what do you think?

Conversations - 14 Feb 10

Whispers in the silence
Of the night
With the people
In imagination
Across a void
In the echoes
Of my mind

Holding an imaginary
Created out of habit
From a wish
That was real
A long time ago
Your hand was almost real

My world is different now
As is my self
I know her hand is unreal
But I cannot let it go
And still she haunts
My thoughts
And dreams

I really do not know where this came from, or what it is trying to tell me - I shall have to explore...

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Friday, 12 February 2010

Winter Fires

This poem was birthed late yesterday and I present it here...

Winter Fires - 11 Feb 10

Picking through the embers
Of a winter day
Feeling the warmth
Still within
And blowing them into flame again
To kindle a new fire
From the old

We shared so much
We knew
That we couldn't leave it all behind
Or let them grow cold

Around the fire
We shall dance again
And call the Spring to join us
Wake the Spirit
Once again

Old loves - new loves - all the same - - - LOVE

Monday, 8 February 2010


Just for a change - not at the waters edge but two miles away. Look west and you can still see the sea, calling.

Vigil - 08 Feb 10

In the sacred circle
She stood
Watching the seasons spin
Blending into each other
Snow, rain, sun became a blur
And still she stood

The priests had done their work
Blessed the stones
Sealed the land
Requested the Guardian

And still she waits
Priestess holding vigil

I was in deep meditation in the circle one afternoon when I saw some things that made me think, this poem is a 'story' that grew out of what I saw that day but has only just emerged into the world.

No, I have no idea what she is waiting for at this moment - I shall have to ask her...or the Guardian.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Unimagined Dreams

Suddenly a return to 'happy' and 'love' - I don't know what triggered the change but it is a welcome one.

Unimagined Dreams - 07 Feb 10

Words, thought but not said
Whispered by another

She watched me as I slept
I pretended, so that I
Could watch her too

No longer able to pretend
My smile grew and she
Echoed it back to me
Then melded our kisses

We walked along our favourite shore
Daring the waves
To wet our feet
Giggling when they did
Then we paused
To watch the sun
Make the long slow journey
Into night

Lit a candle
To light the way back
For the sun

Then we shared the words
That were never spoken
Only whispered
In the secret places
In our minds

I am hoping that this new trend will continue for a long time.

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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Empty Spaces

Yet another exploration of 'sad' and like the previous poems is from a time well before the now; a couple are of women I have known in this life and one is from a life I used to be in and has passed completely.

Empty Spaces - 06 Feb 10

The place where you stood
Is now an empty space
In my mind
The dreams we had
Now gone to dust
And blown by the wind
Across the shores of time

Memories are all I have now
Of where we used to be
And what we used to do
Memories...and a trace of dust
On my palm
A hint of perfume
On my lips
From when we kissed
Fading now

I have wondered what it would be like to return to the remembered times but at the same time I realise that, since I have changed and the 'you' will certainly have changed as well, this is a pointless exercise - apart from the use for creating poems. Thank you Muse, for permitting a brief return to those spaces...

Friday, 5 February 2010

Her Promises

After I told someone that there wouldn't be a post here on Muse, because I was having a dry spell, Muse turns round and taps me on the shoulder and requests that I start to write. Problem was that I was doing some messy clearing up so this had to grow in my mind before I could let it out.

Her Promises - 05 Feb 10

She made promises
Promises that sparkled
In the night
That glittered like her eyes
When she smiled

Promises that filled my mind
And dreams...and fantasies
With a promise
Of a beautiful time
To come

When I looked at her promises
In daylight
I saw them for the empty shells
That she had created
And I cried

This is another of the 'sad' phase of poems - I am hoping that this will change soon.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another Memory

Sometimes the 'real' world becomes inextricably blended and linked with my inner world, I often find that I don't always know where I am and in which world I am living.

Another Memory - 04 Feb 10

Wind howling at my door again
Rain scratching at the windows
Trying so hard to get in,
Hearing your voice in my memory
Blending with the wind-song
Drawing me to look out
To see if you are there - looking in

Tears on my window
Mocking the rain on my cheeks
Wondering whether to go out
To get closer to your voice
In the storm...
I touch the windowpane
Wishing it was your skin
I sigh and turn away

I have been invited to explore 'sad' again - wish I knew why.

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Monday, 1 February 2010

Phoenix Trilogy [Senryu]

This sequence of Senryu was birthed over a number of hours, starting relatively early and spreading over the midnight hour. I felt that it would be good to post them all here so that they could be viewed as a whole.

Phoenix Trilogy - 31 Jan & 01 Feb 10


She took my heart and
Melted it in her fire
I could not resist


Forged in the fire
Mixed with glowing coals; my heart
Made stronger by flame


Nurtured by fire
Reborn from flame, I take flight
I am the Phoenix

It is not right that the reasons for the birth of these Senryu be discussed here, only that they should appear for your enjoyment.