Monday, 27 December 2010

Siren Song

Something I listened to just before turning off my computer triggered this poem and I sat on the edge of my bed and wrote the first two stanzas, the third came through as I was writing them up before posting the poem to Muse.

Siren Song - 27 Dec 10

The siren's
Wordless song
Enflames the passion
Within my Soul
Draws me on
Into her world
Takes me
On a journey
Far beyond
My imaginings

She stands before me
Reaching out
Taking me
Into her secret night
To dream
So deep

Waking into a day
Without her presence
To brighten my life
I walk through
The world
I crave the night

I craft the words when Muse says "Write..." and sometimes unexpected things appear...

Friday, 24 December 2010


Drifting between the words of someone's thoughts another world held me and asked me to show it to this world.

Captive - 24 Dec 10

She watched me
A little smile played
Across her lips
Sparkled in her eyes
Touched my Soul

Curled on the sofa
She reached out her hand
Tilted her head
With an unspoken

I heard her...
"Hold me..."

My thoughts
Drifted with hers
As I took her in my arms
Held her

And in that moment
When all other thoughts
Had faded
Into nothing
I was lost

Sometimes I do wonder where these poems come from - I'm not complaining...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Soul Flight

This poem took a little longer to emerge - it feels more like free-association but seems to flow more easily.

Soul Flight - 21 Dec 10

You whispered
Into my Soul
Touched deep within
Held my Heart close
Burned my desires
On the Altar
Birthed my Phœnix
Let it fly

On wings of fire
We flew
From the dawn
Into the light of
A new day
Fingers coax desire
Dew from a rose
Crimson velvet
Scattered on the ground

We drank the last
Of the midnight wine
Sipped from the cup
Shared between us
Before we turned again
To kiss
And kiss again
Our Soul

Muse smiled as this poem grew - I think she knows more than she lets on.

Monday, 20 December 2010

The Moon

Suddenly flowing through my mind, the words came and forced me to write...

The Moon - 20 Dec 10

The Moon holds
The secrets of our lives
In whispers
Taken from our sleep
And when we are not
Aware that we spill
The shadows from
Our history
Onto the world

The Moon watches
Our playful dances
As we touch the dreams
And sing the starlight
From worlds never imagined
With our words
In an endless gavotte

The Moon sings
In wordless voice
The songs that are taken
Straight from our Hearts
Sung directly into our
To share
And whisper in our dreams
To a special Love

The Moon smiles
She knows where we come from
And where we are going
Her words
Lead into the special places
Where Love can be found
And shared

It happened before, it happened this time, I am sure that it will happen again - I asked Muse for another suggestion and she provided me with this song.
Thank you.
I hope you like what we offer.

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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Haikū - 30

Another selection of Haikū from my hand-written archives.

Lying Together

Lying together
drifting through the afterglow
your hand holds my Heart


Passionate kissing
leaves a brand upon my Heart
marked "Yours...Forever"


Quarter-Moon flying
between the darkness
calling to the sun


Little, important,
Words...phrases in a motto
to impart focus

Frozen Moment

A frozen moment
glistening in the sunlight
water in motion

One Moment

For just one moment
allow throughts to roam freely...
where will they take you?


Do you suppose, that
our love will be eternal?
I have no problem...

By posting this selection of Haikū, I am requesting Muse to suggest a few new ideas - it has worked before...smiling in anticipation.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Whisper Goodnight

This poem was inspired by something I wrote in an e-mail - just a few lines but I was certain that those lines were a part of something bigger. I took it away and let it grow till it was ready.

Whisper Goodnight - 12 Dec 10

Through our afternoons
Watching the sun
Reflect in the stream
Beside the branches
From the trees
Feeling a gentle breeze
Shake the leaves

Ripple the water
Drift the clouds
Shake the webs in the grass
Move our dreams

Sunset into the ocean
Waves brushed gold
Into a symphony of light
And shade
Mottled thoughts echoed
As night draws on

Moon glows
Silver shadows
Hang from the trees
Ghosts of the day

And now...

I whisper a fond goodnight
Into your late evening
And leave a little kiss
To follow you into your dreams
Let the veil of stars
Hold you as you sleep
And bring you
To your new dawn
Where I will be waiting
For you
My love

I'm rather pleased with this - hope you like it too.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Whispering Through My Dreams

Sitting and looking at something on my computer I heard the words in my head and Muse invited me to write them down, I offer...

Whispering Through My Dreams - 12 Dec 10

In the dark
Of early morning
Your words
Float through my world
Cascading through
Through the midnight
Of a moon-washed sky

I dreamed I heard you
The words I always
Wanted to hear
In the sleepy
Room of my slumber
And you were there

Time holds my memories
Trapped in amber
Shining diamonds
Your words
Around me fall
Written in murmered

You hold me
As you always
As you always
And your whispers...
As I listen

Love poems flow easily from me, especially in the night.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Forever in a Kiss

I woke this morning and before I could move to get up, Muse said I did.

Forever in a Kiss - 10 Dec 10

In a dream
Between thoughts
Feeling your movement
Under my hand

Letting the visions

Your words
Meld with mine
As we play
Our games together

Your thoughts
Meld with mine
As we sit in silence
At the end
Of the day
Watching the sun
Slide into the sea

Your body
Melds with mine
As we flow
Forever in a kiss

What a nice poem and thought into which to wake.

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Monday, 6 December 2010


This is another poem which grew out of hearing just a couple of words from a song, taken out of context they brought this poem into existence.

Tears - 06 Dec 10

I reached out
For you
You touched a nerve
In me
Brought tears
Welling up in my eyes

I could not know
Never could have known
How you would
Affect me...
In unexpected ways
As well as every
Way I hoped

Now I look
Through the glass
Of an unopened window
Vision blurred
The tears
Of an unfulfilled dream

My world is somehow
Smaller now
Without you
Next to me...
I will recover
But will always
Have a tear
For you

It grew in the early hours and writing it brought tears...

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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Muse Songs...Poet Sings

This poem grew without any inspiration from external sources initially - it just seemed to flow.

Muse Songs...Poet Sings - 04 Dec 10


Take my words
Feel them
Let them grow within you
Let your love
And warmth
Feed them...
For me


In your hands
My love
You shape my thoughts
Weave the words
Tease me
With ideas
Show me places
From which


Let me hold you
Mould you
Please your senses
Take you
From here
To the land
Where you will birth
The words for me

Poet and Muse:

Within us
Whispers of the Heart
Shout loud
Echo through
And ignite our love...
The song grows

When I say "initially", I mean that I was just about to write the final stanza when I received a tweet from a friend incorporating the line "Whispers of the Heart" and it called me to insert it into the poem. So I would like to thank Pat Hammett [@Wild_Petals] now, for her unintentional piece of inspiration - thank you.

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Poet's Spell

This is another example of just hearing a couple of words somewhere and a whole poem growing from there. This one is a departure from my usual themes but I felt that a change would be good.

Poet's Spell - 01 Dec 10

The piper plays
A merry tune
But within it lies
A hidden melody
Carrying a secret
From ancient days

The choir sings
Tells of days
From whence the mystery
And grows
Within the sacred grove

The piper and the minstrel
Offer the words
To charm the trees
And wrest the
Ancient stones to dance

Mortal ears can hear
If they choose
But so often
Will ignore
The song before them
And the choir falls silent

Who will join the poet now
To weave the words
To bind the song
And allow the melody
To grow again
And charm the world

I wonder if this fits into any other sequence of poems I have written - I suspect that the answer is yes and it may be a way of rekindling the energies in them.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Dark Night Kisses

I glanced at what the tide was doing - a little application on my computer shows what is happening - and Muse prompted me to write something, I was happy to do this...

Dark Night Kisses - 29 Nov 10

Darkness surrounds...
In my mind
I watch the tide flow out
Reveal moist sand
To the stars

I feel you watching me
Moving my tide
Away from me
Revealing the me
To your stars

The touch of your eyes
Upon me
Gentle fire
Over my skin

Feed the fire
With your touch
Lay your hands upon my heart
Feel my Soul
Take my kisses

I really felt this one as I wrote it and I hope you get the feelings too.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Muse prompted someone else to say something and her words inspired me to start writing, the words and content have nothing to do with this person but something resounded in my mind and my words flowed.

Questions - 27 Nov 10


One o'clock in the morning
The stars shine bright
In the chill night air
Frost glitters to rival the stars

I walk the road
When did I make the change?
Not why...

The Moon knows
But she only smiles
Her enigmatic eyes
Glisten in my memory

I raise my eyes
To meet hers, questing
I plead, beg for an answer
And wait...


Painted sky gave way to cloud
And rain
My mind still questions

The Sun says nothing
Behind his cloud
And leaves me to find the aswers
For myself

Now that I have written this poem out, I do wonder if it is a little opaque. I know what it is about but maybe I can leave a little enigma here for others to work on.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


"In the early hours"...a familiar phrase to introduce the birthing of a new poem appearing, as quite often the case well after midnight. I felt something growing but thought that it was another Gogyohka. It was only after a few lines that I realised that Muse was showing me something more - this is today's offering.

...Forever - 24 Nov 10

Look upon me
She said
I will show you beauty
Beyond imaginings

Breathe my perfume
I will take you
To places
You have never dreamed

Take my hand
I will lead you
Through places
That can never be described

Kiss me
She said
And you will be with me

I looked
And saw her beauty
I breathed
And travelled within her
I took her hand
And walked with her
I kissed her...

Words flow freely when least expected.

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little Starlight

This poem was birthed on 19 November - just a short time after the last poem but I didn't feel right posting it too quickly after "Secretly Waiting".

I offer it now...

Little Starlight - 19 Nov 10

A sliver of light
Through a barely opened door
Catching dust motes
Dancing across
My sight
Never settling

I think of you
In those moments
When the little starlight
In the room
Reminding me...

I still see you
Watching me
Tender smile playing on your lips
As we slid into a kiss
Eyes open
As we fell into each other

Little starlight
Shining from the corners
Of your eyes
Catch my eyes
Hold me
Keep me in you
So easily

It has a different feel to "Secretly Waiting" but continues part of the general theme and I get the feeling that a few more of this sequence are still to come.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Secretly Waiting

Sitting in a dark afternoon with several thoughts passing through my mind, muse tapped me gently on the shoulder and suggested that I start to write. This is what flowed from my fingers...

Secretly Waiting - 18 Nov 10

Secretly waiting
Pretending that I don't really care
But when you aren't here
Sadness fills my thoughts
And my eyes blur
Vision fades
Cracked images
Show themselves
To me

Whether you will ever come back
To fill the space
You created when
You left
My eyes still see you
Standing with me
Walking with me
Being with me

Now I feel
Eternity is closing around me
Leaving me stranded
Like driftwood
On the shore

Secretly waiting

Sad songs are often the most fulfilling despite the content - I will leave you to comment, if you choose.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Melancholy Songs

Daylight, for want of a better word, filled my room and senses. Rain was falling outside and the deep grey of the sky influenced my thoughts. I offer this without much more in the way of explanation.

Melancholy Songs - 12 Nov 10

Trying to sleep
But music
Playing in my mind
Forcing me
To sing along
Melancholy songs

Dredging up
The memories
Of a near-forgotten past
To live again
In the fringes
Of my thoughts

You held me...
I held you
So close
We shared
A dream
Ashes scattered now
Wind blown

Trying to sleep
And songs
Will not permit
I rise
And enter my grey day

Reality colours my thoughts, grey from the sky, grey from the rain...

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Monday, 8 November 2010


This poem started coming through just as I was going to bed and was completed in the early afternoon. A slight change of style for me with the Poet writing in Senryū and Muse responding in Gogyohka...I'll leave you to decide whether it works.

Conversation - 08 Nov 10

Poet hides kisses
Secreted in his writing
Shown only to Muse

Come my love
Write the words
I offer to you
Show them to all
Without exception

Kisses are for you
I cannot show them elsewhere
...They are just for us

Sweet man
What use is love?
If not shared
Thee with me
And thee with everyone

Laying another
Kiss upon the page...he smiles
And takes up his pen

Muse watches
Shares her smile
Now write
"Poet hides kisses..."

I feel that it does work.

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Haikū - 29

Another collection of Haikū from April of this year.


Keeping you safely
in my pocket for those times
when I need your love

Summer Afternoons

Listening to the
woodpigeons calling, sounds like
summer afternons

Maiden's Bow

Sunset murky sky
Maiden's bow and owls calling
mocking the daylight


Smokey evening
blowing through open window
day fading away


Blossom enchants me
transports my mind, lets me feel
the wonder of you

Return I

Sent my love to you
you smiled as you tasted it
sent love in return

Return II

Wishes sent today
out into the Universe
"Return to me, love"

Something new next time...or more Haikū archive memories.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Haikū - 28

Another sequnce of Haikū from April this year.


Crying in secret
the Book of Life opens at
days that can't yet be

With you in my heart 
your beauty brightly shining
how can I be poor?

Windswept Cliff
Windswept clifftop walk
kissed by sun watched by the sea
gather memories

A choice of words today
made me think the game was just
a farce, am I right?

Waking Kiss
Your kiss woke me up
lifting me from loneliness
to your lovely sky

I look at you now
how can I gripe when I see
the beauty of you

Iceland volcano
made a mess of my sunset
Sun hides behind ash

More to come or maybe something new...who knows yet?

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Rainy Memories

Sitting on a wet afternoon, events in my life conspired with Muse to encourage me to write a new piece. I am quite pleased with it and Muse told me not to wait and think about the poem, just post it here it is.

Rainy Memories - 30 Oct 10

Watching rain
Dribble down my window
Listening to the wind
Whisper sad songs
At the window
Old memories
Knocking at my door

I let them in
To converse
Remind me of where
I was
And when...
And what the feelings were
When I was there

Watching the stream flow
Taking the memories back
To the places
In which they live

Gazing out through the rain
Watching new memories
Gather under the trees
Waiting for me to join them
To play
Walk with the Sun
Sing to the Moon
Dance with Life
Share the Love
...I will be there
With you

Whispering my thoughts and feelings to the Universe...listening for the answers.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Whispering Waves

Listening to lovely music, Muse tapped me and said you can do that too...I didn't have time to set up a document on computer, I just grabbed pen and pad and started to write. Sometimes the old-fashioned methods are best.

Whispering Waves - 28 Oct 10

On the banks
Of the river
On the shores
Of the sea
We have been together
Hand in hand
Heart in heart
Souls holding...caressing

Never known before
How deep
We can be

The tide
Forever carries
Holding the echoes
Of all our words
Ever spoken
As the waves break
They whisper
I love you

I stand
And watch
And listen
The waves talk
Share secrets
With the shore
They talk of us

I love you

This poem flowed even more smoothly than usual and I am pleased with it.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Another poem birthed in the early hours, this seems a good time for Muse to visit me - when I am most receptive to her gentle persuasions.

Epitaph - 27 Oct 10

Her voice
Quicksilver sliding
Through my mind
She touched me
Deep within
Removed my pain
But left me with a new one
I knew her
I knew I couldn't have her
The mists of time
Had already claimed her
To dance in otherwhere

A sad poem that doesn't actually refer to anyone I know personally; it was triggered by listening to lovely music sung by a beautiful woman who is no longer incarnate.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Haikū - 27

Muse has been rather quiet and has been letting me get on with posting Haikū and Gogyohka on Twitter and other places so it is back to more Haikū for the archives, April this year again.


I catch my partial
reflection in the window
sunset holds me now


Recipe for life:
Joy, happiness, smiles and a
large portion of Love


Darkness before dawn
Wondering why I am here
Whispering starlight


Loves wine spilled over
cloth still holding your perfume
a delightful stain


Hold fallen petals
reminders of love's blossoms
perfume still lingers


Touch the dream gently
the thoughts within are fragile
need to be cherished


Corner of the field
hiding unsuccessfully
scrap of spring, lurking

More of these and more new poems coming soon...

Friday, 22 October 2010

Haikū - 26

Another selection from April of this year for you to see.

Grey Sky

Grey sky and green hill
between, smudge of yellow light
not enough sun though


Raindrops dragging veils
grey threads torn from clouds, scattered
out across the earth


All the equipment
I need to see you, I have,
My eyes are open


Space where you exist
shining bright glimpse of heaven
overlaps with mine


I don't need a bribe
to hold me to your heart now
willingly staying


Crows and cockerels
in the sun, morning choir
discordant chorus


Offering to you
something only I can give
a portion of me

More poems, Haikū and other things coming somewhen soon.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Darkling Shadows

In the very early hours of today Muse gave me an idea to work with. Five linked Gogyohka, each of which could stand alone yet work together as a complex multiple piece.

Darkling Shadows - 19 Oct 10

In darkling shadows
Painted on the city walls
By fleeting clouds
At sunset
By the moving sun

Wherein can be seen
A memory
Of hidden aspects
Of time gone by
In dreams alone...shown

Shadows deepening
Moon walking
Leaving footprints a
An untouched land
Beyond our thoughts

Branches etched
Across the moon as she flies
From cloud to cloud
Under the star-spattered sky
Carving dreams for us

City walls allow us to dream
Hold us safe against the night
Nightmares wander the outer world within

This concept really appeals to me and I will probably be doing another one fairly soon.

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Haikū - 25

Another selection of Haikū from April of this year...


My thoughts wandering
need more than a stitch to hold
them in the right place

Rainbow Fragments

Was raining, now clear
sunlight glinting from puddles
rainbow fragments shine

Easter Spirit

Rabbit in the stew
so much for Easter spirit
[just kidding my friends]


Now searching for the
infinite invisible
will I ever see?


Phœnix flies again
problems removed singed in the
fires of rebirth

Level - 1

I make a promise
I will do my level best
never break your heart

Level - 2

The rest of the world
is sloping - some quite badly
I'm on the level

Till next time when a new poem or more archive Haikū will be posted.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn Wind

This poem was inspired by the real weather conditions, very strong winds and rain...

Autumn Wind - 08 Oct 10

The wind through my mind
Tearing down old familiar things
I had come to rely on
Through the years
To point the way
Through my life

The wind
Tore down more than I knew
Shook my understanding
Took me to places
That are new to me
Carried me into
A new tomorrow

The autumn wind
Changes my year
Blows away the old impressions
Shows me new
Shows me things
I never knew before
Which will change me

The wind through my mind
Has changed me
Shifted my perceptions
Opened me
Opened my consciousness
To realisation
That I am

Muse was really assisting me in this birthing, it was smooth and easy but I felt her hand as I wrote.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Another of the very early morning birthings while I was writing some other works to appear on Twitter.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - 06 Oct 10

Mingled with the echoes
Of yesterday
And the dreams of today
I sit and watch
The dawn
On the worlds of tomorrow
Bring me
New dreams
Where you stand
With me on the shores
Of a new ocean
I reach for you
...Take my hand?

Another of my wistful poetic dreams...

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Wild Dreams

The first lines were going to be the basis of a short piece, maybe a Gogyohka, but Muse said that it should be larger and so I present...

Wild Dreams - 01 Oct 10

In the wilderness
Beyond the city
The wild dreams
The world
In ways that only they
Can understand
Or do

Wild dreams
Shine the light
Into dark recesses
To show us
There is nothing
To fear
To fly
And be
Our destiny

Wild dreams
Guide us
Show us the way
Share the love
Show us how to be...
Wild dreamers

In the wilderness...was where I found this and it sounds like a fun place to go.

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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Shared Dreams

Another poem that chose to be birthed in the very early hours of the day and I had to write it to paper first before commiting it to computer 'paper' and to the Muse pages.

Shared Dreams - 30 Sep 10

Night after night
We danced our dream
Played the games
We created
To share our love
Our thoughts
Our special dreams
Silver places
Where our Souls
Play together
...Shared dreams
...Never parting
I love you

Romance will never fade away, always in my Mind and in my Soul.

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Monday, 27 September 2010

Secrets, of Love

This poem grew suddenly, and quite quickly, in the very early hours of this morning.

Secrets, of Love - 27 Sep 10

I tasted you...
Too long ago
The memory of you
Still burns
In my Soul

Whispered promises
Still echo in my mind
Shared thoughts
Still linger

Images still wrapped...
Holding my thoughts
Keeping them
From escaping back
To the void
I see you
In my dreams
In my waking thoughts
I hold you
And in me
Where no one else
Can see
I shall hide
With you

Interesting thoughts and feelings, for me, behind these lines...there could be more before too long.

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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Haikū - 24

Another selection of Haikũ for your entertainment.


Negative thoughts pass
I choose not to reach for them
I want happiness

Windswept Moon

A windswept Moon sails
across clouded midnight sky
heads for the Dawn port


Walking on the beach
gritty sand beneath my toes
seaside memories

Smooth talking

Smooth talking lover
says the things you want to hear
none of them sincere


A vow of silence
I break it in one second
just too talkative

Couple - 1

Lovers couple and
candlelight paints mystery
lingering tonight

Couple - 2

How long? I asked her
just a couple of minutes
kiss lasted longer

More Hakiũ soon and more new poems too...

Thursday, 23 September 2010


After a bit of a pause, Muse again tapped me on my shoulder and requested me to write.

Dreams - 22 Sep 10

In the light
I dreamed the dark
The ancient myth of
Dæmon time
Where we were once held

In the time
Where we were
Where we are
Dreaming of otherness
Chasing our dreams
To where we meet them

In the darkness
I dreamed of light
Chasing shadows across the night
Watching them fade
Into the dawn

Interesting feel to this poem, I'm not entirely certain what triggered it but I am rather pleased with the effect.

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Friday, 17 September 2010

Haikū - 23

I haven't been posting much recently - this must change, in order to make a start here are a few more Haik
ū for your entertainment.


Others tried to ban
me from her Heart, didn't work
we Love each other


The Unicorn said
"Allow me to be your guide
into worlds of Love"


Little tears nestle
in the corners of my eyes
Joy to be with you


Let the day unfold
as it needs, watch from shelter
grey rain falls around


I am a figment
of my imagination
I need to get home


Wake the warrior
his task awaits, to roust the
invading army


My Soul's new task is
to roust my mind and body
from complacency

Hopefully there will be something really new here very soon...

Friday, 10 September 2010

Haikū - 22

More Haikū for the archives...


Spring, pretend not here
hide your smile behind the rain
surprise us later


Seeing the chasm
not afraid because I know
I can fly over


Looking in the sky
for inspiration, forget
that it lives within


Early in the day
I sort my thoughts to order
and focus myself


Unguarded moment
inattention, all it takes
Love takes advantage


Yellow stains the sky
out west clouds look really sad
too little, too late


The philosophy
that makes the world beautiful...
Love, Love, Love, Love, Love

More somewhen soon...

Monday, 6 September 2010

Dark and Light

In the very early hours of this morning, I was reading something online when one word triggered a train of thought, Muse placed her arm around my shoulder and told me to write.

Dark and Light - 06 Sep 10

Night kisses me
On my forehead
Then lays her lips
On mine
Her sweet breath
Flows through me
Her eyes
Piercing mine
Laying my thoughts
For her to see

Dawn caresses me
My Heart
To her loving touch
Her hands exploring
Wherever she wants
Unable to resist
I close my eyes
Accepting her touch

Her sweetness
Envelops me
Holding me
I cannot resist her feel
Warm, inviting,

Shared with her sister
Shared me
In the twilight hours
Of dawn
And sunset
And Light
Kissed and loved
Never knowing
With whom I lay

This poem has a radically different feel to things I have created before, I have to admit to feeling rather satisfied with the end result and I wonder if this is the beginning of a new line of imagery.

Friday, 3 September 2010

Haikū - 21

More Haikū from March of this year...


Singing in the night
keeping memories alive
carried on the song


Kisses incoming
she has my range, not ducking
a willing target


Kisses tracing lines
from lips to neck and beyond
eyes misting with joy


Watching grey filled sky
another day draws to close
birds flying homeward

Filing Dreams

Filing dreams, taking
Night into storage, bringing
Day out to play now


I'm searching for proof
that I really do exist
Haven't found it yet

Sad Songs

A night of sad songs
fits with my mood completely
though friends bring forth smiles

More of these and some new poems somewhen soon.

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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


This poem was birthed last night but I had to consider what it meant before I felt that I could publish it here - still not entirely certain but it feels right to post it now.

Where... - 31 Aug 10

It will end
It began
In the oneness that is all
And is nothing

Cradled in my hand
Essence of you
By the elements
Birthed in fire
Washed by the sea
Resting on the sand
Soaring with the eagle

In the eternal
I held you
Dawn kissed us
In the eternal
You held me

The eternal
Dreaming of us
As we dream
The universe
While waiting for it to be

I am still not entirely certain what it means but, I am getting a good feeling about this poem now.

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Friday, 27 August 2010

Reality Changing

Muse tapped and hinted on the course of a new poem.

Reality Changing - 27 Aug 10

In a moment
When the dreaming mind
Is unaware
Of what surrounds
And cocoons
Thoughts come sliding in
To paint images
On the mind

Drifting into a different
In which
Things, which never were
Come into being
And inspire
That reality is changed
To permit
The never were
To become
The now they are

The space from which this poem was birthed is shifting, relatively quickly and I am now entering into a 'now they are' phase - looking forward to exploring this reality.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Haikū - 20

More Haikū from March of this year.

Dream Dancing

Looking for the dream
knowing it is all around
dancing with my Soul


Thinking has ended
hours of contemplation, done.
It is now raining


No mass-produced dreams
or grown in a factory
mine are organic


Window open, rain
thrown in my face, passing gust
nature stalking me


Not too many words
with three 'g's grouped within them
'Luggage' takes a prize


Unexpected change
life can present a detour
to show mysteries


Carried on music
memories of ancient times
ride back into view

That is another seven - more somewhen soon.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Haikū - 19

Even more Haikū from March this year...


Not expecting much
I say hello to my friends
Love showered on me


From a pale grey sky
sunshine fragments reflect off
water in bucket


Looked into my heart
saw you looking out at me
I'm never alone


Very gentle touch
from a dear friend will allow
the heart to open

Allow - 2

Allow smiles to fly
they infect everybody
if you let them go


Afternoon flowing
daylight gradually fades
into evening


Building a fire
letting thoughts of you wander
through my mind again

More to come somewhen soon...

Friday, 20 August 2010


Muse nudged me gently and offered suggestions for the next poem, I feel that this works rather well.

Afternoons - 20 Aug 10

I touched your smile
Caressed your face
Kissed your lips
Loved you

In the afternoons
Of our life
When we wanted
To share love
We spent time together
In love

The moments
Of passion
Burning in our lives
Taking us beyond
This existence
The other worlds
Into us
Taking us beyond
Into a new space
Where our love can grow

We took a chance
Looking for love
We found it
Shared it
Lived it
Became it
And took our love
And dared to say
I love you

I love you

Another return to the love poems, which seem to be growing again...with help from Muse.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Haikū - 18

More Haikū from March of this year.

Heart and Soul

You have seen my Heart
touched my Soul, given me Love
taken me to fly


Orion, Hunter
watches my every movement
guarding in my sky


No longer fettered
I roam the infinite space
I'm looking for you

Taken Back

Taken back, my youth
surrounds me, singing the songs
I knew oh so well


Tiny candle flame
permitting the world to see
the display of Love


Sunset stains the sky
orange magenta salmon
Joyfully coloured


Little messages
scattered on the wind, delight
when they're found again

More to come somewhen soon...

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

The Silence Is Loud

This is the second of the poems that were birthed two nights ago.

The Silence Is Loud - 15 Aug 10

Silence will remain
Shouting across the sand
Trying to take us back
Into the place
Where we were
And still are...
In my mind

Forgotten times
Where our toys
Lie abandoned
Playroom ignored
The places in our minds
Allowed to remain
Gathering dust
Tired memories
Wishing they could return
To live again

Take my hand
We can try to bring them back
All we have to do
Is want
They wait...
For our touch

This poem would have appeared yesterday if I hadn't been interrupted by a lovely walk to the sea.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Memories Will Return

Last night Muse tapped me again to put down [on paper at first] this poem. Once again this has a slightly different feel to those that have been appearing - what do you think?

Memories Will Return - 15 Aug 10

Sunrise in a forgotten land
Gather in the glow
Fleeting like the clouds
Flying from the dawn

On the shore
My thoughts exist
By the thoughts
Of you

I can see the sands
Where we played
And watched the sea
Touched the sea
Became the sea

Touch me
And you will feel the dawn
Taste the air
Touch the sand
With your toes
And remember

In many ways this harks back to the love poems I wrote about the sand and sea and...

When this was complete, Muse again prompted me to write and a new poem was birthed, that one will appear here on Muse on the morrow.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Haikū - 17

Echoes of March this year - more Haikū to delight your senses...

Laughing Poets

Laughing at the day
poets play an awesome game
of 'tease the ego'


You carry sunshine
wherever you go, share with
everyone you meet


Sorrow's dynasty
family of frustration
brings tears to my eyes


Gates shut with a clang
staring through bars, wondering
will I pass through soon


Shattering mirror
fragments of day, reflecting
broken images


Disjoint sentences
orphaned words dance over page
my meaning is lost


No better way to
show the world your beauty than
just by being you

Hope you liked them.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Rain and Tears

A new poem inspired, in part, by the weather recently - low-flying cloud always blurs vision.

Rain and Tears - 09 Aug 10

Tears of rain
Beating against my window
Blurring my view...
Looking out to see
If I can find you

Rain of tears
On my cheeks again
Filling my eyes
Blurring my view
I cannot see you

But in the moment
When the rains stop
I feel your touch
And realise you
Were with me all along

I turn to see you
Looking deep within me
And realise that my tears
Were only washing my eyes
So I could see you better

There are a few more things and people that inspired me and this poem though it isn't right that those should be discussed here.

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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Haikū - 16

Another set of Haikū from my hand-written notes, most have been published to Twitter but one has never been seen before.

Puppet [2]

Seeing life through the
eyes of a puppet, people
move much too smoothly


I'll be listening
in the space between your words
for your truth to shine


Whispering goodnight
the day has faded away
only sleep remains


Sifting through the heap
of the dregs of yesterday
diamonds are found


Lips gently touching
a kiss caresses my neck
you are with me now


The way a saint looks
always shifts me into joy
power to amaze


Meeting the one who
breaks my window frosts and ice
and starts my spring thaw

More soon but there should be some fresh poems before long as well...

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Dream Flowers

Muse just gave me a gentle push and what was going to be a small poem, an Haikū or a Gogoyhka suddenly grew into something much bigger.

Dream Flowers - 04 Aug 10

Flowers clutched
In her sleeping hand
Not crumpled
Held tenderly
A token of his love
Carried into her dream
To fill that world
In ways
Beyond imagining

In sleep
She still feels his touch
Gently brushing her body
Caressing her
Moving intimately
Over and within
And as she sleeps
She smiles
Reaches for him

Takes him
Pulls him closer
To kiss
Caress him in the way
He caressed her
And more

Flowers exchanged
In dream
As they were
In love
Sleep on
Into tomorrow

This poem has a distinctly different feel to my usual ones - do you like what you see?

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Haikū - 15

The fifteenth selection of Haikū from my records...

Winter Afternoon

Winter afternoon
watching stars glow into life
sun cannot fade them


Colour of the sky
reflected to me, through me
landmark of my life


Listen to the song
your Heart and Soul are singing
sing Joy to the world


On a busy day
glad to have a peg to hang
my thoughts so they rest


Patience, difficult
to practice, impossible
to teach correctly


You can touch my dreams
couldn't stop you anyway
you have my permission


I walk and I dance
you make me move how you want
a willing puppet

There are many more to come and the list is growing daily...

Monday, 2 August 2010

Sea and Moor

Muse tapped me on my shoulder yesterday and said, "Write..."

Sea and Moor - 01 Aug 10

Half way between
Sea and moor
Is where you can find me

I walk the cliffs
And gaze out
Over the ocean
Try to see my love...
Waiting for her

I walk the circle
Magical ring
Talking with the Guardian
He tells me...
She is waiting

I am at the half-way point
Talking with myself
Again...and dreaming
And asking...

Half way
Is better than
No way

First poem in quite a while and one which has a slightly unusual feel, what do you think?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Haikū - 14

Another compilation of Haikū from earlier this year...

Mouse gestures

Mouse gestures, rodents
insulting from a distance
can you take the cheek?

Guiding Light

Light in the darkness
a candle flame lights the way
returning home now

Beautiful Moon

A beautiful moon
hanging over horizon
breaking up darkness


Our love, powerful
would dwarf the love the whole world
shares with all of us


Among all my thoughts
the ones of you shine brightest
and live in my heart


Beautiful visions
all around me in the world
just open your eyes


Carry the couple
enwrapped with flowers and love
the wedding barge sails

A few more Haikū as a filler till Muse taps me on the shoulder again...

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Haikū - 13

This is the thirteenth sequential compilation of Haikū from my handwritten notes, the vast majority of these first appeared on Twitter. So, though they are not 'new', this is the first time they have appeared here on Muse.


I look to the world
Love seeking to recruit "YOU"
I go to sign up


Unexpected things
chance meeting brings together
new friends...become old


In Xanadu did ...
... oh, sorry, been done before
another poet


The sun has not set
but still the day grows darker
clouds masking the sun


You enhance my life
give new experiences
by touching my Soul


It takes a sharp knife
to pare away the layers
that hide your Soul Light


Wind playing random
notes with abandon, flute song
playing in my heart

Hoping that Muse will give me another prod soon, in the meantime...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Haikū - 12

Another selection for the archives, while waiting for the next prompt from Muse.


Winter easing it's
long clasp on the world, now soon
Spring is on the way

Ocean Dreams

My Ocean Dreams of
wonders carried by the thoughts
of waking Angels


Only listening
to their songs, they weave a tale
of lands far distant


Sea carries visions
memories and impressions
showing us the world


Moon watches us all
smiles upon the dreams and thoughts
shared in midnight hours


Words spoken aloud
Nature tells all her secrets
to those who listen


Looking within you
I see myself gazing out
in me, I see you

Hoping to see more fresh poems requested by Muse for me to write soon.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Whispered Smile

After too long a gap Muse prodded me yesterday evening to write this poem for posting here.

Whispered Smile

The little words
That whisper in my mind
Call my name
With your voice
I can hear the smile
Behind the sounds
And I smile

Reaching out to touch
My hand meets yours
And we smile
Our fingers link
Carry the smile
Through our bodies
To linger
When we are gone

It's good to write fresh [publishable] poems again - seems far too long since it happened last.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Haikū - 11

No new prompts from Muse [that I can publish] so...


Write a Senryū
thoughts needed to get it right
clears your mind of fog


She smiled in the night
ensnared my heart with her charm
captivated me

Random Tweet

Random tweet floating
freely in the twitterverse
no one understands


Owls cry in the night
as we talk and share our thougts
whispering our love


Tried very hard to
hide my disappointment when I
watched the soufflé slump


Senryū, Haikū,
ephemeral poetry
lost, computer crashed


Eyes scan horizon
watch for your returning sail
long have you been gone

Another sequence - there are a lot more to come...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Haikū - 10

Muse has been prompting me with a few new Haikū but no new large works so I shall continue with the archive and present the tenth selection.


Beautiful Dragon
wings furled and folded heatly
takes food from my hand


Taint of black against
the sun, clouds bringing the rain
water spring flowers


Beating in night air
whisper soft, felt as a wind
Dragons taking flight


Everything you do
shows your capacity for
Joy and Divine Love


Spirit surrounds me
enters me, to hold my Soul
safe, warm, protected

Sacred Geometry

Circles drawn on ponds
the Sacred Geometry
nature shows us how


Write a Senryū -
thoughts needed to get it right
clears your mind of fog

...still waiting for some more inspiration...

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Haikū - 9

It has been rather too long since I posted anything here - this was due to a series of events in my life that have changed the direction of my life for me...and others too.

I'm trying to get back into the flow with Muse but until that happens I shall return to posting my old Haikū until Muse presents me with something new to work on. This, then, is the ninth in the series.


Marginal views from
fevered imagination
where am I going?

Dare I

Incandescent thoughts
beneath her breath she whispered
Dare I love you now?


The sun has set here
half a world away - sunrise
thoughts in confusion


When the wind whispers
her words are heard deep within
bring tears to the mind


Drifting afternoon
hazy vistas memory
dubious linking


Darkness gathering
sun sets behind cloud, shyness
does not become him


Lights from a fairy
rock concert illuminating
neighbours back garden

A few more Haikū than usual to start to make up for the lack of posts recently.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New Dreams for Old

Just after midnight...this seems to be a rather familiar phrase but this was when this poem was birthed and grew into what you see here.

New Dreams for Old - 22 Jun 10

One more broken dream
Fractured before
It could complete
I thought that was all
There ever would be

But then you showed me
Something new
A world I never knew
Somewhere different
Where we could walk alone
In our own dream

Hand in hand
Through our bright dreams
Letting them spill
Into the darkness of the world
To shine
For others to see

Dreams and other wonders...shared with the world.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Solstice Eve

A little poem to celebrate mid-summer and the flowing energies...

Solstice Eve - 21 Jun 10

Solstice eve
Quarter-Moon sails
Above the horizon
In a midnight blue sky
Waiting for us to
Ride the night

Our thoughts
Not quite dreams
Explore the fantasy
We have created
Sing in the stars
Join the chorus
Create a verse
Sit in the starlight ring
Waiting for the dawn

This poem wasn't quite what I was expecting but it still works.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010


I kept hearing the word "duet" in my mind and from other sources during yesterday evening and in the early hours of today, the rest of the words formed fairly quickly once I decided to start writing.

Duet - 20 Jun 10

The words we spoke
And sung
Came from deep within
And harmonised
In ways
That made it feel
That they were uttered
By a single voice

Distance never mattered
Our words held us close
Harmony and counterpoint
Were easy
And the rhythm
Inspired our songs
To fly

In the temples
Of our hearts
We wove the thoughts
And made the songs
That told of the dreams
We were growing
Dreams to fill
The songs
We showed the world

I feel that this is a return to an earlier theme but also feel that the themes are both [all, perhaps] are about to grow, severally and together. I am watching to see what Muse will show me.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

In Your Mind

Another poem which grew from a partially heard line from a song; a fragment, once heard blanked out everything else till I started to write. Unusually for me, the title is actually part of the whole poem and not just an echo to name it by...

In Your Mind - 19 Jun 10

You took me in your arms
Held me close
Ran your lips
Down my neck
Laid them on my lips

Your hands stroked
My hair
My cheeks
You ran your fingers
Down my spine

In my mind
I let you

In my mind...not as special as some of the poems here but when Muse says that it should be posted then, post I do.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Kiss

This poem grew unexpectedly [don't most of them?] from a sad seed but developed into something rather special and, for me, just a bit different too...

The Kiss - 15 Jun 10

Beneath the
Newborn Moon
The rose lies bleeding
Petals strewn
Across the lawn
The kiss
Red on red

Satin sheets
Beneath her,
Lips waiting
For another kiss
She writhes
Waiting for his breath
Against her skin

Craving another kiss
She reaches out
To draw him close
To wrap with
And hold him closer

I really didn't expect this poem to form, from what started in my mind...I am wondering whether this marks a new departure for me, if so - where will it lead?

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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Muse teased me slightly with a repeated phrase and asked that I fill in something to make the poem grow...this is what resulted in the early hours of today.

Question - 12 Jun 10

You asked me
From the shadows
Thrown by a single lamp
I could see you watching
To check my response

You asked me
The question...
You needed to know
The answer
Dared me to tell

You asked me
As you stared deep
Into my eyes
Trying to read
My mind

I answered
With the only word
I felt
Was necessary...

Your eyes softened
And smiled
And they kissed me
As you watched

Interesting how poems will grow from simple beginnings.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


This poem grew in the very early hours of this morning, I am not entirely certain what it means but Muse was insistent that it should be posted here - I'm not going to argue...

Threads - 09 Jun 10

You took me
Held me
Tied me with your golden cord

Drifts of opal cloud
Hide you from my eye
And let you play the game

Binding with a silver web

Plaiting my thoughts
Into the fabric
Images are shown

Strewn across my mind
Drawn with thread

I walk...exploring
Guided by your threads
Take me further

Bound with your thoughts
Seeing sights created by you
For my eyes

Gold --- opal --- silver
Dragonfly wings

I wrote it out, slept on it, now - posted it here and I still do not really understand the meaning...anybody?

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Monday, 7 June 2010

Haikū - 8

Another series of archive Haikū...


The old willow tree
bent by winter's storms and gales
but not defeated


Thunder torments us
tearing the clouds, shaking rain
sky rent asunder


From trees, conversations
owls talk away the night hours
waiting for the dawn


Clouds hiding the stars
owls call in darkness, distract
ears of rodent prey


Afternoon delight
friends words weave an enchantment
all around my Soul

Another five Haikū, posted because my flow is a little dry at the moment.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Dream, of You

I am not entirely certain what set this one underway but I am quite pleased with the way it went.

I Dream, of You - 02 Jun 10

Night comes silently
On wrapped feet
Sliding in to take me
To dream
Of you

Out into the sleeping world
We go
Night holding my hand
Leading me on
To where you

Wait for me
Beside the jasmine...

Perfumed dreams...

Hold me close
When I arrive

I remember the blossoms
I remember...
In the night
Jasmine fills my senses
The flame will never fade
The dream remains

Where this came from, where it leads - I do not know. If you have any suggestions...

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Sunday, 30 May 2010

I Am...

Another example of Muse pointing out a few lines of text and suggesting that I work a poem out of them. This poem was birthed a very short time after the offering I posted yesterday...

I Am... - 29 May 10

I am the wind
I spin you around
Lift you into the trees
To dance with the willow
In the soft green dream

I am the song
Lifted by
The melodies
Sung for countless years
By a myriad voices

I am the words
In the night
Lovers together
Sharing the pillow
And the dream

I am the thoughts
Taken from the day
Woven in the night
Shared while
Holding the dream
As it forms

I am the laughter
We share while we play
The lovely little games
That only we can see
And play

I am the dream
Enter me...

Words wind themselves around me and dance with my thoughts.

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Saturday, 29 May 2010


In the very early hours of the day I kept hearing the word rainbows in various places, internal and external...and it was only when I really started to think about what I was hearing that this poem, or rather, series of poems were birthed. Before going to bed I realised that this was going to be a set of acrostic images and just after I woke I constructed the framework on which the poems were built.

Rainbows - 29 May 10

Reeds against the sky
Etched silhouettes against blue
Day just beginning

Overhead the sky is clear
Rain has washed it clean
Amber sunlight
Now begins to paint the dawn
Glowing with the
Energy of a new day

You brought me through with words
Eloquent, written on my heart
Love poems filled with
Little words...filled with you
Overflowing with the love
Written from your heart

Gathering thoughts
Reflecting old memories
Etched in the
Energy of what is...
Never ending


Incense weaving through the
Night air carrying the magic
Dancing through the senses
In mystical songs
Giving wings to the thoughts
Of other worlds

Velvet dreams
Opening to

A series of acrostic poems linked only by the theme of "Rainbows", two of these have just been posted elsewhere; "Red" is an Haiku and has been given a hashtag and is on the Twitter stream, "Green" is a Gogyohka and appears with the appropriate hashtag on the Gogyohka Junction page.

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