Tuesday, 22 June 2010

New Dreams for Old

Just after midnight...this seems to be a rather familiar phrase but this was when this poem was birthed and grew into what you see here.

New Dreams for Old - 22 Jun 10

One more broken dream
Fractured before
It could complete
I thought that was all
There ever would be

But then you showed me
Something new
A world I never knew
Somewhere different
Where we could walk alone
In our own dream

Hand in hand
Through our bright dreams
Letting them spill
Into the darkness of the world
To shine
For others to see

Dreams and other wonders...shared with the world.

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Monday, 21 June 2010

Solstice Eve

A little poem to celebrate mid-summer and the flowing energies...

Solstice Eve - 21 Jun 10

Solstice eve
Quarter-Moon sails
Above the horizon
In a midnight blue sky
Waiting for us to
Ride the night

Our thoughts
Not quite dreams
Explore the fantasy
We have created
Sing in the stars
Join the chorus
Create a verse
Sit in the starlight ring
Waiting for the dawn

This poem wasn't quite what I was expecting but it still works.

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Sunday, 20 June 2010


I kept hearing the word "duet" in my mind and from other sources during yesterday evening and in the early hours of today, the rest of the words formed fairly quickly once I decided to start writing.

Duet - 20 Jun 10

The words we spoke
And sung
Came from deep within
And harmonised
In ways
That made it feel
That they were uttered
By a single voice

Distance never mattered
Our words held us close
Harmony and counterpoint
Were easy
And the rhythm
Inspired our songs
To fly

In the temples
Of our hearts
We wove the thoughts
And made the songs
That told of the dreams
We were growing
Dreams to fill
The songs
We showed the world

I feel that this is a return to an earlier theme but also feel that the themes are both [all, perhaps] are about to grow, severally and together. I am watching to see what Muse will show me.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

In Your Mind

Another poem which grew from a partially heard line from a song; a fragment, once heard blanked out everything else till I started to write. Unusually for me, the title is actually part of the whole poem and not just an echo to name it by...

In Your Mind - 19 Jun 10

You took me in your arms
Held me close
Ran your lips
Down my neck
Laid them on my lips

Your hands stroked
My hair
My cheeks
You ran your fingers
Down my spine

In my mind
I let you

In my mind...not as special as some of the poems here but when Muse says that it should be posted then, post I do.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

The Kiss

This poem grew unexpectedly [don't most of them?] from a sad seed but developed into something rather special and, for me, just a bit different too...

The Kiss - 15 Jun 10

Beneath the
Newborn Moon
The rose lies bleeding
Petals strewn
Across the lawn
The kiss
Red on red

Satin sheets
Beneath her,
Lips waiting
For another kiss
She writhes
Waiting for his breath
Against her skin

Craving another kiss
She reaches out
To draw him close
To wrap with
And hold him closer

I really didn't expect this poem to form, from what started in my mind...I am wondering whether this marks a new departure for me, if so - where will it lead?

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Saturday, 12 June 2010


Muse teased me slightly with a repeated phrase and asked that I fill in something to make the poem grow...this is what resulted in the early hours of today.

Question - 12 Jun 10

You asked me
From the shadows
Thrown by a single lamp
I could see you watching
To check my response

You asked me
The question...
You needed to know
The answer
Dared me to tell

You asked me
As you stared deep
Into my eyes
Trying to read
My mind

I answered
With the only word
I felt
Was necessary...

Your eyes softened
And smiled
And they kissed me
As you watched

Interesting how poems will grow from simple beginnings.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


This poem grew in the very early hours of this morning, I am not entirely certain what it means but Muse was insistent that it should be posted here - I'm not going to argue...

Threads - 09 Jun 10

You took me
Held me
Tied me with your golden cord

Drifts of opal cloud
Hide you from my eye
And let you play the game

Binding with a silver web

Plaiting my thoughts
Into the fabric
Images are shown

Strewn across my mind
Drawn with thread

I walk...exploring
Guided by your threads
Take me further

Bound with your thoughts
Seeing sights created by you
For my eyes

Gold --- opal --- silver
Dragonfly wings

I wrote it out, slept on it, now - posted it here and I still do not really understand the meaning...anybody?

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Monday, 7 June 2010

Haikū - 8

Another series of archive Haikū...


The old willow tree
bent by winter's storms and gales
but not defeated


Thunder torments us
tearing the clouds, shaking rain
sky rent asunder


From trees, conversations
owls talk away the night hours
waiting for the dawn


Clouds hiding the stars
owls call in darkness, distract
ears of rodent prey


Afternoon delight
friends words weave an enchantment
all around my Soul

Another five Haikū, posted because my flow is a little dry at the moment.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I Dream, of You

I am not entirely certain what set this one underway but I am quite pleased with the way it went.

I Dream, of You - 02 Jun 10

Night comes silently
On wrapped feet
Sliding in to take me
To dream
Of you

Out into the sleeping world
We go
Night holding my hand
Leading me on
To where you

Wait for me
Beside the jasmine...

Perfumed dreams...

Hold me close
When I arrive

I remember the blossoms
I remember...
In the night
Jasmine fills my senses
The flame will never fade
The dream remains

Where this came from, where it leads - I do not know. If you have any suggestions...

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