Sunday, 31 March 2013


This poem was born when I looked out of my "office" window late in the evening and noticed that the sky was turning purple and that it was a particularly windy evening.  Everything just fell into place and so, I present the conductor of today's piece ...

Conductor  -  31 Mar 13

Stage is set
Purple backdrop lowered
Orchestra plays the overture
The sequin stars shine
Upon the chorus
As the dancers take their places

For a moment
The conductor stands
Arms upraised ~ motionless
Then a flurry of wind
Shakes the branches
And the dancers take flight

I Love it when Muse suggests that I look in a certain direction and offers a word of inspiration.

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Haikū 86

Another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Butterfly + Debate -- 09 Aug 10

Butterfly debate
which flower tastes the nicest
Dance in sunlight

Grey  -  09 Aug 10

Briefly ... saw the world
sun and sky ~ then cloud returned
now nothing but grey

Touching  -  09 Aug 10

Tenderly touching
Your hands hold my Heart ~ kiss me
I'm tasting your Love

Call  -  10 Aug 10

Hearing the wild call
in the wind I hear my name
inviting me on

"Under the Bridge"  -  10 Aug 10

I waited for you
We agreed ... under the bridge
was our special place

More poems of various flavours to come soon.

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Friday, 29 March 2013

Wolf Night

Just for a change ~ a poem which grew before the midnight hour.  It feels just a little strange but sometimes that is the best feeling for some of my poems.  Lines grew from the Wolf watching line and from the idea that a wolf was indeed walking the streets in darkness.

Wolf Night  -  29 Mar 13

Breath ~ fine wisps
Wrapped around the lamps
Wolf watching
Softly padding through
Streets of dark night
Eyeless shades watching

A hand of shadow
Reaching cross the rift
Asking to take
A maiden’s kiss
Back to the place
Where he is held

Wolf guard
Aware of hidden places
Times of otherness
When both sides of the veil
Touch and blur distinctions
Wolf ~ Maiden ~ Man

Muse said "You aren't really watching that DVD ~ why don't you write about the Wolf watching?"

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Under Frosted Moon [Acrostic]

Need I say that this poem grew in the very early hours of the day, a couple of hours after midnight?  Probably not, but ...

Under Frosted Moon [Acrostic]  -  29 Mar 13

Unknown worlds
Never visited except in
Eternity never seemed so
Real and close

Forged in dream
Recalled as we woke
Our Loves brought
Substance to our lives
Together we dreamed
Enchanted places for us to

Moonlight glitters
On our secret doors
Opening to our secret

Triggered by a line I wrote in the outro of the last offering.

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Thursday, 28 March 2013


An interesting little piece that grew in the very early hours of the day ~ nothing new here ~ under a cold frosty full moon.

Enchant  -  28 Mar 13

Fingertip dipped in ink
Blood pretence
Write the Runes
On Heart manuscript
Forever enchanted
Words of light open
Into the day
Sing the words
Songs take me
Take me back to you

In moments
Diamond sky star encrusted
Mythic songs
Soothe the Heart
Lift the legends to new heights
Take the dreams of Love
To cradle us

Love gathers
Around the Rune embroidered
Draws in new dreams and …

Under frosted moon ~ have I already written that or is Muse showing me a new line of exploration?

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Joy Bringer

This poem grew through the afternoon without any of the usual triggers ~ Muse was having fun ...

Joy Bringer  -  26 Mar 13

Lightly touching
Her feet dance across my Soul
Joy bringer
Inviting smiles
Sharing Her with Me

Moving through my thoughts
She goes
Her thoughts entwined with mine
Touching ~ Tasting
Experiencing We

Footsteps lightly trace
The patterns of our dreams
Her kisses …
Leave no physical trace
But never forgotten

I really Love how some poems grow from just a few words.

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Haikū 85

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Butterfly  -  08 Aud 10

Pirouette above,
around, transformation in
Butterfly dancing

Dance + Beauty + Majestic  -  08 Aug 10

Majestic ... Playful
Supreme Beauty ... you take me
Dance within your Soul

Blissful  08 Aug 10

Blissful afternoon
Holding you now in my arms
Will never let go

"One Soul"  -  08 Aug 10

When we met, I knew
there was no one else for me
our Souls are as one

Souls Dancing  -  08 Aug 10

Souls dancing ~ dreaming ~
holding on tight to our Love
but letting it grow

More offerings soon, of all flavours...

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Haikū 84

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Defend  -  06 Aug 10

I cannot defend
myself against your Love ... and ...
I do not wish to

Clock  -  07 Aug 10

The clock ~ silent now
never showed the passing time
on its handless face

Remember  -  07 Aug 10

Whatever happens
in life ~ remember my words
I am here for you

Talent  -  07 Aug 10

Unexplored region
Your hidden talent creates
smiles out of dark times

Boiling  -  07 Aug 10

Boiling inferno
Emotion out of control ...
what you do to me

There will be more to come soon ...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Haikū 83

More offerings from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Stubborn  -  05 Aug 10

Have been told "No Way ... "
Stubborn when I want something
I will find a way

Spectacle  -  05 Aug 10

A display of Love
Joyful spectacle ~ glowing
I offer you ... me

Lily + Strapping + Hidden  -  05 Aug 10

In a hidden corner
a piece of strapping, holding
a wilting lily

Race  -  05 Aug 10

Race?  No thank you ... but
I will walk beside you please
hold you by your hand

Heart  -  05 Aug 10

Holding my Heart close ...
your tender touch, protecting,
nurturing ... Loving

All these Haikū were written on the same day and three of them show a Love theme ~ I like that.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Falcon Night [Haikū song]

A strange little piece, once again triggered by the appearance of the opening line in my thoughts.  Muse Loves playing her games.

Falcon Night [Haikū song]  -  22 Mar 13

Under the shadow
Of a falcon’s wings ~ darkness
I dance in false night

Sun hides ~ feathered clouds
Draping across Earth body
Whispers urgently

Her presence unveiled
Falcon sees alluring moves
Tempting ~ inviting

Falcon flying on
Dawn pretending to be new
Sun glints on water

I wonder where else Muse will take me to dance.  Another thank you is due to Muse for her input.

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Haikū 82

Haikū hand-written archives selection.

Apprentice I  -  04 Aug 10

The Sorcerer needs
a new apprentice because
I graduated

Apprentice II  -  04 Aug 10

I needed to learn
all about Love's mysteries
I'm your apprentice

Tent  -  04 Aug 10

We did travel far
Caravan stopped ~ oasis ~
tent pitched in the sun

"Taking You"  -  04 Aug 10

Taking you with me
into all the realms of sleep
~ guard me as I rest

"Ebon Dark"  -  05 Aug 10

A Loving embrace
in the ebon dark of night
Secrets from the world

More soon and other things too...

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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Haikū 81

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Weak I  -  02 Aug 10

Just a weak response
I said "I Love you" and you
just smiled back at me

Weak II  -  02 Aug 10

When you smiled at me
my knees felt weak ... my Heart raced
Lost in the moment

Willow + Soar + Resistant  -  03 Aug 10

Above the willow
Wings ~ resistant to rain ~ lift
The eagle shall soar

Rash  -  03 Aud 10

Saying "No" to you
A truely rash decision
one I will regret

Out  -  03 Aug 10

In the wilderness
Out of the known world I go ...
Your tracks lead me on

The two "Weak" offerings show what could be opposite sides of the same story ~ one, in which Love is rebuffed and the other shows acceptance.

There will be more poems to come soon.

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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Haikū 80

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Navigate  -  01 Aug 10

You are the star by
which I navigate through this
world now ... every day

"Dreaming You"  -  01 Aug 10

Dreaming you into
my world ~ so I can have you
here with me always

"Dark Day"  -  01 Aug 10

Day, though early ...dark
Damp grass, grey sky, vision ... cloud
nobody smiling

"Mind's Eye"  -  01 Aug 10

Mind's eye sees the Sun
basking in its warmth, I sit
Dreaming other days

Icarus  -  02 Aug 10

Modern Icarus
I flew too close to your Sun
Your beauty burned me

There will be more soon.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Gogyohka 5

A few more from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.

Fish  -  01 Aug 10

On the marble slab
surrounded by ice
Like the last fish
awaiting new delivery

Sea Fog  -  01 Aug 10

Sea fog
rolling up the valley
internally illuminated
as it swallows
street lamps

Scatter  -  02 Aug 10

My thoughts
before the wind
like Autumn leaves ...
I try to gather them again

Scatter II  -  03 Aug 10

Cat prowls
Watchbird sees
Sparrows scatter
Cat unhappy
Retires defeated

Cares  -  04 Aug 10

the afternoon slip by
the cares of the day
with it

More poems of all flavours to come.

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Monday, 18 March 2013


The opening line had been lurking in my mind the whole day yesterday and suddenly, just a few seconds after midnight, it formed into what you are about to read.

Edges  -  18 Mar 13

Edge of the world
Nowhere else to go
I look over
I see me
Looking at me
Wondering who
I am

Edge of time
Nowhen else to explore
In the mirror
Clockface hands clap
Taunt the faces
Of the watchers

Edge of sanity
Nowho else to ask
I ask myself
The same questions
Over and over
Why am I?

Bordering on the tantalising edge of surrealism.  Thank you Muse for your nudges.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Haikū 79

A few more from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Devise  -  31 Jul 10

I'm working so hard
trying to devise a way
to bring you to me

Massage  -  31 Jul 10

Longing for your touch
Loving ... healing ... sensuous
whole body massage

Abandon  -  31 Jul 10

You, with abandon,
danced around me ~ bringing you
right into my life

Edge + Mountain + Post  -  31 Jul 10

In the mountain pass
a post-horn sounds ~ coach arrives
at "Edge Of Beyond"

Wonder  -  01 Aug 10

New worlds of wonder
just a step away from here
~ open mind  ... and go

There will be more ...

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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Dawn Thoughts

This poem grew a few seconds before I got into bed ~ Muse picks some strange times to offer inspiration but if it works and something good comes of it ... I don't mind.

Dawn Thoughts  -  16 Mar 13

Watch the sky
Painted clouds
The arrival
Of the

Words shared
In secret
Intimate contact
Only we know
Only we share

Muse tells no one
She knows
The secrets
Of the night
Words of Love

Thank you Muse for all your hints and whispers.

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Friday, 15 March 2013

Haikū 78

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Waters  -  29 Jul 10

The waters in which
dreams float ~ surround us always
pop in and take one ...

Vow  -  30 Jul 10

Silence calls, the vow
made so many years ago
I still cannot speak

Tantrum  -  30 Jul 10

Your disguise has failed
people can see what you are
Throw not a tantrum

"Mysterious Land"  -  30 Jul 10

Low-flying cloud back ~
filling valleys, hiding hills ...
Mysterious Land

Promiscuous  -  31 Jul 10

Not promiscuous ...
but I enjoy sharing me
whenever I can

More to come somewhen soon.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Haikū 77

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Asphalt  -  27 Jul 10

Searching for you now
you left no trace of footprints
in asphalt deserts

Hook  -  28 Jul 10

You know what you did ...
bait was set, I swallowed it,
hook, line and sinker

Beyond  -  28 Jul 10

In the spaces beyond
all dreams and imaginings
I will wait for you

Foremost  -  29 Jul 10

In my mind ... foremost
thoughts of you always with me
I'll never forget

Fantasy  -  29 Jul 10

Fantasy ... I play
stirring my dreams ~ bringing thoughts
up to the surface

I don't think that "Beyond" was inspired by Rumi's poem because, at that time, I don't think that I was aware of his writings ~ though it does feel like one of his.

There will be more Haikū and things to come soon.

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Wednesday, 13 March 2013


My word for today was "Observation" and this poem was inspired by seeing the circling shadows on the conservatory roof ~ Muse hinted that there was a poem to be birthed.

Dances  -  13 Mar 13

Shadows left
On the roof
Across the lawn
Birds circling

Shadows left
In the rooms
On the bed
We danced

Shadows left
To mark places
Where our we passed
Souls danced
Into our future

I feel that this works rather well ... what say you?

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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Haikū 76

Yet another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Moon  -  25 Jul 10

Moon ... three hours from full
a smudge behind cloud ~ hiding ~
dark instead of light

Crush  -  26 Jul 10

Like delicate blooms ...
with just a few careless words
you could crush my Heart

Pine  -  26 Jul 10

In my room I pine ...
your voice haunts me day and night
why did you leave me?

Transient + Wash + Liberating  -  27 Jul 10

Transient raindrops
wash ancient memories out
liberating Soul

Brandish  -  27 Jul 10

I brandish my Heart
like a sword of Love ... PLEASE do
NOT put up your shield

Somewhen soon there shall be more ...

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Monday, 11 March 2013

Haikū 75

A few more from the Haikū hand-written archives.

Counterpoint  -  25 Jul 10

Point and counterpoint
Around, together, within,
Songs dance in my mind

Broken + Bleeding + Scars  -  25 Jul 10

Once broken, bleeding,
Then Love touched me, even the
scars are fading now

Reflect  -  25 Jul 10

Images reflect
from still waters ~ willow holds
the Moon ~ cradling

Sunday  -  25 Jul 10

Beautiful to see
the sky reflecting the day ...
Sunday ... just Lovely

Placebo  -  25 Jul 10

Love ... a wonderful
drug no placebo ever
can try to replace

There will be more to come soon.

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Gogyohka 4

A little selection from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.

Unity [Acrostic]  -  24 Jul 10

Undemanding wishes drift in the
Night whispering to each other
In our dreams
Together now
Yesterday is forgotten

Fish I  -  27 Jul 10

as lovely as you
has no need
to fish
for compliments

Fish II  -  28 Jul 10

Showing my age
I remember
card games of my youth
Failed request ...
Go Fish

Cloud  -  28 Jul 10

Low-flying cloud
hides the hills
paints the sky grey
and paints the grass wet
leaves trails on my cheeks

Redundant Memories  -  31 Jul 10

Redundant memories
now only fit
for recycling
so much space

There will be more Gogyohka soon.

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Elements ~ another view

Some while ago I wrote an "Elements" poem but Muse decided that it was time for another look at the concept with a different slant on the feeling of the poem.  I know better than to argue with Muse so here is the new offering.

Elements ~ another view  -  09 Mar 13


Shrouds of air
In finite wrappings
Infinite in feel
Her gentle breath
Coaxing future memories
Into being


She warmed me and whispered
Promised hot fires of
When I arrived


She waited for me
Her thoughts called me
To walk with her beside the waves
She invited me
Her kisses
Formed a prize
Tempting me


Along the sand
On an empty shore
Waiting to be


As one …

The alchemical elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and Spirit are here represented by Sky, Sun, Sea, Sand and Soul.  It was only when building the poem here that the alliteration of the "S" theme was formed and the title of the first segment was changed from "Cloud" to Sky.

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Friday, 8 March 2013

Haikū 74

A few more from the Haikū hand-written archives.

Direction + Siren  -  22 Jul 10

Lookout watcher scans
to find what direction the
siren song comes now

Pill  -  22 Jul 10

Don't just take a pill
Look at the world first before
you go back to sleep

Arrows  -  22 Jul 10

Can't see the arrows ...
I am confused ... unfocussed ...
... now ... which way is up?

Slender  -  24 Jul 10

A slender crescent
hangs upon the eastern sky ...
dawn is approaching

Cloud  -  24 Jul 10

Sitting in a cloud
sighing ... without a sunset
grey just gets darker

There will be more...

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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Haikū 73

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Dreaming  -  19 Jul 10

Fantastic dreaming
Reality lies outside
It's raining again

Plumb  -  20 Jul 10

Feel the energy
passing through me ... touching me
plumb my hidden depths

Kitty + Evil  -  20 Jul 10

Evil kitty thought ~
then purred sweetly ~ lulling you ~
false security

Lace + Glacial + Abomination  -  21 Jul 10

Wrapped  in crimson lace
blood-stained abomination
glacial smile kills

Copy  -  21 Jul 10

You, unique, special ~
You are irreplaceable
not a pale copy

As always ~ more to come...

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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Haikū 72

Another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Easy + Pulse + Touch  -  18 Jul 10

Gentle tender touch
makes it easy to Love you
Soothes my racing pulse

Asset  -  18 Jul 10

Your greatest asset ...
A warm tender Loving Heart
so easily shared

Bare  -  18 Jul 10

My Soul ~ bare to you
You took it ... nourished ... Loved it ...
Gave it back renewed

"Roses are ... "  -  19 Jul 10

Roses are a pale
substitute for your beauty ...
Let me gaze on you

Fantastic  -  19 Jul 10

Sunset swirling light
Fantastic colours burning
in the evening sky

There will be more to come.

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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Broken Love Letter

In that space between wake and dream words surround me, Muse suggests an idea and lets me write.

Broken Love Letter  -  05 Mar 13

Past tense
Future uncertain
All I know is I miss you
Missing your touch
Missing your kisses

Awaiting your return …
Smiles I show to others
Just a pale reflection
Of the smiles I give to you
… Calling you back
To me

Torn paper
Empty pen
Words lost in tears
I kissed your memory
Wrote your name in tears
Called you back

Thoughts and memories, sketched on virtual paper on a computer screen.

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Monday, 4 March 2013

Haikū 71

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Relaunching  -  15 Jul 10

Relaunching random
tweets ... not quite so random now
Anybody care?

After Rain  -  15 Jul 10

Wind after the rain
Fast-flying clouds smear the sun
into the background

Rattler  -  15 Jul 10

The Rattler offers
delicious cloudy cider ~
Advert not needed

Drop  -  17 Jul 10

Love given freely
one drop enriches all things ...
fills the Universe

Bush  -  17 Jul 10

A bird in the hand ...
Too obvious ~ but the bush
can hold so much more

More things ~ Haikū, Gogyohka and Poems ~ to come soon.

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Sunday, 3 March 2013

City of Lost Dreams

I do a lot of my writing between the hours of dark and dream.
Muse suggested the title and the poem grew fairly easily, offering it without any further thoughts as to structure and content.

City of Lost Dreams  -  03 Mar 13

In fractured moments
Surrounds the words
Fragments of shattered
Holds them
Prevents escape

I ask you to stay
With me
With me

City talks
Even in the depths
Of night
Dreams walk
Hoping to find … something
Questing for a hidden meaning
To all the images
That share the mind

Calling back the dreams
Please stay
Hold my thoughts
Hold me

Lost dreams
Asking to be dreamed
Again …
They sit and wait for
The dreamer to

Wondering what I will find when I start to travel from dream to light.

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Haikū 70

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Lend  -  14 Jul 10

The beautiful sky
will lend its blue to the sea
Expects nothing back

Grey + Prostrate + Pleasure  -  14 Jul 10

Prostrate on the sand
feeling grey clouds pass the sun
pleasure in warm touch

Vision  -  14 Jul 10

Beauty ~ is sublime,
intoxicating vision
on all the senses

Happen  -  15 Jul 10

Don't push the magic
or try to force it your way ~
Just let it happen

"Three Strikes"  -  15 Jul 10

Lazy afternoon
Three strikes ... the church bell summons
Dozing in the sun

Need I say?  More things to come.

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