Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What Is The Colour...

This poem grew from the title line, I suspect that Muse was playing with my thoughts ~ nothing new here.

What Is The Colour...   -  27 Feb 13

Questions asked in the dark
While attention divided
Washed by cascading thoughts
Mind pretending
To be aware
Hoping to fool

Asking again
Bath of thoughts
Drowning in reverberating sound
What is the colour of
A summer storm?

A slightly surreal image ~ wondering how far Muse will take me with her prompts.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Night Wind

This poem took a couple of days to fully form and I now think that it is ready to meet the world.

Night Wind  -  26 Feb 13

Night clouds slashed
By the
Sword of wind
Ribbons scattered
Flying free
Flowers of frost bloom
On rooftops
‘Neath the Moon
Blades of ice
Point skyward
Challenging the wind
On the battleground
Of dreams

Sometimes a slow birth can result in an interesting "baby".  What do you think?

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Gogyohka 3

Another selection from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.

Summoning  -  09 Jun 10

Summoning me
from my daydream
Smell of food cooking
is distracting me
Must go eat

Evening  -  11 Jun 10

Early evening
Warm sun still high ...
Watching us
Leading gently
toward night

The Happiest Place On Earth  -  22 Jun 10

You are
For me
"The happiest place on Earth"

Loss [themed short poem]  -  05 Jul 10

We ...
No more
I remember
I cry

Summer Rain  -  15 Jul 10

Summer rain
blots out the sky
soaks the street
Suddenly ...

There are more Gogyohka and other things to come...

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Monday, 25 February 2013

Haikū 69

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Life  -  12 Jul 10

Feeling my old life
slipping away ... crumbling
Waiting for new birth

Connection  -  12 Jul 10

I touched your hand ... once ...
the connection ~ permanent ~
always connected

Smile  -  13 Jul 10

Your smile wickedly
dances through my mind ~ showing
glimpses of a dream

Message  -  3 Jul 10

She left a secret
message ~ wrapped it in petals
and sealed with a kiss

Darkness  -  13 Jul 10

Darkness wrapped round me
Owls call ... speak my thoughts tonight
Mice hide in long grass

More to come before long...

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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Gogyohka 2

Another selection from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.

Nowhere  -  30 May 10

I was nowhere
but lost in the world
bound by my own thoughts
You shone a light
and broke the bonds

Endless Summer  -  01 Jun 10

Wrapped in Love
all through the
endless summer ...
We shared our lives

Artificially Sweetened  -  03 Jun 10

I'm already wonderful
as I am
and so beautifully sweet
I don't need to be
Artificially sweetened

Prey + Pray  -  06 Jun 10

that I might be the prey
I pray for your assistance
let me be protected
by you

Prey + Pray [2]  -  06 Jun 10

Avid readers
prey upon the words
then ask
Pray ... tell me

There will be more of these and other things to come ...

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Friday, 22 February 2013

Silk and Honey

This little poem grew from a misheard line from a song ~ I felt that what I heard was more interesting than the actual line so...

Silk and Honey  -  22 Feb 13

You gave me touches
Little movements of your fingers
Bring shivers where’re you linger
Silk on my skin

Sweet your kisses
Pleasure laden
Soft breath across my face
Honey on my lips

I find it totally fascinating how little things can trigger thoughts which lead somewhere wonderful.

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Roads & Remember

Sitting in the very early hours of the morning, listening to music when slowly Muse started to suggest a few words to me.  The resulting poem is actually two interlinked poems, different but fully connected in feel and theme.

Roads & Remember  -  22 Feb 13

The road past my door
Is empty now
Though my memory still hears
The footsteps you left

I recall the Lovely words
You whispered
To me
… Remember

The road across the moor
Chill ~ wind blows cold
Forgotten words still spoken
By forgotten voices

You softly said
We shall be together
Again … always
… Remember

The road by the sea
Where we walk
Hand in hand
Your touch always

Your gentle words
Always in my mind
We are together
… Always

I think it works rather well, thank you Muse for your suggestions.

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Spell Binding

This poem grew without any perceived input from any source, like heard music or seeing a word somewhere.

Spell Binding  -  20 Feb 13

You wrapped your words
Round my Soul
Sealed in verse
To take me into your world

Threads loosely woven
Binding the ancient spells
To me
Whispered ~ whispering

My songs sung sweetly
Entered into the chorus
Bound your words
To mine
Changing the melody

Released your cords
Freeing me
I remain ~ by choice
Bound by our spells

Muse smiled.

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Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Another example of a poem which grew from a two word hint from Muse, this time it was the first line and it flowed quite well from there.

Shadows  -  19 Feb 13

Chasing shadows
In the corridors of my mind
Ancient portraits
Hang on dusty walls
Sightless eyes stare
As I pass below

Cobwebs blow
Shaken by the wind
Of my frantic flight
To catch a fading fragment
Of a shadow
Printed on faded wallpaper

Shadows drift
Living in imaginary places
Where sunlight takes on
Colours of a dream
Still I run to catch
Shadow chasing

Thank you Muse for yet another lovely, gentle, push.

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Monday, 18 February 2013

Come Back To Me

The result of listening to a song accidentally ~ another track was the one to which I should have been paying attention, that one was good but another track appeared on YouTube and I was taken with that.  Words formed which had nothing to do with the song and they formed their own story...

Come Back To Me  -  18 Feb 13

Return to the City of the Past
I can hear it
Calling you

I will be here waiting hopefully
For you to return
To me

Will always be here in my Heart
I will wait as long as
I must

My Love will call you to me
Just listen for me …
Come home

I find poem building quite fascinating when Muse has a hand in the mix.

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Sunday, 17 February 2013


Another poem triggered by a single word from Muse.  The word this time was the title "Cerulean" and it is probably my absolute favourite hue of blue.

Cerulean  -  17 Feb 13

Tossing clouds around
Remembered hues
Across sky ~ through memories
Blown away ~ hooded eyes
Isolate images ~ shapes
Robes echo visions of sky
Showed me who she was
Daylight dreaming of her

It was good to be reminded of that particular hue.

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Haikū 68

Returning to the hand-written Haikū archives for a few offerings.

Mystery  -  06 Jul 10

Dark hour Mystery
Sweet Lover touches my Heart
before day returns

Verdant  -  07 Jul 10

In a field ~ verdant
we lay ~ watched the clouds above
Sky dancing for us

Dog Haikū [from a dog's point of view]  -  07 Jul 10

sniff, sniff, sniff, pant, pant,
[ my master ! ] run, lick, lick, lick,
bark, bark, bark, walk, sniff

Breeze + Thought + Memories

Twilight memories
of all the beautiful days
carried on the breeze

Blizzard  -  08 Jul 10

Cherry blossom ends
Petals fall like driven snow
Blizzard in summer

More  poems to come soon...

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Gogyohka 1

This is the first posting of poems from the hand-written Gogyohka archives.
For those who do not know ~ Gogyohka have roots in the Tanka tradition but where Tanka do have a strict syllabic structure [5 : 7 : 5 : 7 : 7] Gogyohka only have to contain a five-line pattern and the syllable count can vary completely.

Test  -  21 May 10

Life offers a test
from time to time
just to see
if you are still ...

Darkness  -  23 May 10

When darkness clouds the sky
I will be here
to hold your hand
To protect you

Gossamer  -  24 May 10

Threads of arriving
Gossamer dreams
Drifting on the day
Ensnare me
Take me back

Watching  -  25 May 10

the sun slide gently
into evening
taking dreams and memories
to rest

Missing  -  29 May 10

My Heart
Missing for so many years
found by you
nurtured and returned to me
to Love again

Only "Test" and "Missing" came from prompts the others are home-grown, so to speak.
There will be more to come.

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Friday, 15 February 2013

An Image of Her

This poem grew from a prompt by Muse ~ she offered just the second line and over the course of the afternoon it formed.
Written on 14 Feb 13 and posted today ~ the fifteenth.

An Image of Her  -  14 Feb 13

Dark night air
Heavy perfume painted sky
Held me close
My thoughts of her
In silent reverie
Hold the image
Secret in my Heart
Protected from elements
Which might change
The meanings
Of my dreams
Writing in the night
Telling of feelings
That can only be whispered
Only into the night
To the perfumed phantom
Of the sky

I thank Muse for her suggestion.

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Haikū 67

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Fragile + Powerful + Mirror  -  23 Jun 10

Images turn blue
The fragile mirror shatters
Powerful magic

One  -  23 Jun 10

Through darkness hours
To you ... dreams one existence
You are the dreamer

Design  -  23 Jun 10

Drawing a strange day
Sketching the design in cloud
Watercolour rain

Remember  -  05 Jul 10

Words of Love I spoke
Remember the dreams we shared
We had everything

Hurricane  -  05 Jul 10

Feel the emotions
pick you up and spin you round
Ride the hurricane

There will be more to come ~ I have only just started to delve into the archives.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Haikū 66

Yet another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

"Freestyle"  -  21 Jun 10

The rules, forgotten,
allow freestyle construction
to grow an Haikū

Next?  -  21 Jun 10

Now half-way through year
Some things changed ~ some stayed the same
What will I see next?

Contact  -  22 Jun 10

The point of contact
where our dreams touch ~ energy
to power the world

Appeal  -  22 Jun 10

Love never loses
the appeal it always had
deep within my Heart

Drowsy  -  22 Jun 10

Warm wind ~ drowsy day
Between wake and sleep, I hear
Wood Pigeons calling

There will be more to come.

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Close Your Eyes

The first stanza grew just before I went to sleep and the remainder flowered this afternoon.  The date remains valid because I am a "late to bed ~ late to rise" kind of person.
I present this new poem for your consideration.

Close Your Eyes  -  12 Feb 13

Close your eyes
Let your thoughts wander
Through our dream
Can you see me?
Can you feel my touch?

Crimson velvet petals ~ soft
Caressing visions of Love
Sweet perfume touches
My senses ~ enflaming thoughts
Dreams awaken

Sketched in Amethyst
Drawn in future memories
May be ~ might be
Or have they already happened?
Living them now

Closed eyes
Taste the rose
Feel the Amethyst dream
Remember when
Touch We now

More thanks are due to Muse for her little suggestions.

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Monday, 11 February 2013

Haikū 65

A few more from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Dragonfly  -  20 Jun 10

Dragonfly questing
Primal thoughts ~ food ~ safety ~ mate
nothing else to do

Expect  -  21 Jun 10

Solstice upon us
Warm days ~ bright nights ~ now time to ...
Expect the Magic

Fringe + Delicate + Focus  -  21 Jun 10

Hide behind a fringe
Your delicate beauty now
seen in soft focus

Words  -  21 Jun 10

Haikū style poems
Delicate words make you think
Focus on meaning

Within  -  21 Jun 10

From deep within me
words flow ~ answers form ~ glowing ...
with the Universe

Many more to come, along with other things too...

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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Play ~ Weather Senryū

This little series grew while I was getting up and while having breakfast.  I present them for your delight [I hope] ~ or at least your entertainment.

Play ~ Weather Senryū  -  10 Feb 13


Rain ~ excitedly
tapping on the windowpane
Asks if he can play


Sun ~ plays tag in clouds
Says ~ come on try to catch me
Laughing ~ runs to hide


Wind ~ flirting in trees
Hears grasses calling out loud
Come ~ dance with us please

I LOVE the way Muse plays with my thoughts and offers little suggestions for poems.

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Saturday, 9 February 2013

Haikū 64

Another small selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Sheer + Austerity + Soar  -  19 Jun 10

Watch sheer beauty soar
wonderful austerity
Simple in it's joy

Afternoon  -  19 Jun 10

In late afternoon
Warm sun shines through my window
Moon wants to play

Play  -  19 Jun 10

She waits ~ for moments
till the sun leaves the sky and
then the Moon can play

Lock  -  20 Jun 10

Love has picked the lock
My Heart is open to you
Love ~ showing the way

Dancing  -  20 Jun 10

Sitting in the shade
watching butterflies dancing
in pools of sunlight

The first one is another of the triple prompt games where all words are to be included in the Haikū.

More to come before too long...

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Friday, 8 February 2013

Haikū 63

A few more Haikū from the hand-written archives.

Sound  -  18 Jun 10

Blackbird's dancing song
Joyous sound with harmony
Angelic duet

Devil's Haikū 2  -  18 Jun 10

From the walls, oozing blood
Talon scratches on stone
They're coming to get me

Naughty  -  19 Jun 10

Naughty thoughts wander
in the corners of my mind
Teasing me with you

Prince  -  19 Jun 10

Her songs, beautiful,
Given in praise of her Prince
Now everyone knows ...

"Sweaty palms"  -  19 Jun 10

Reaching for me with
grubby fingers, sweaty palms
... I think he loves me

A reminder that a Devil's Haikū has a syllable structure of 6 : 6 : 6 rather than the usual 5 : 7 : 5
and I have no idea who has sweaty palms and loves me ☺

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Love Enfolding [Moon-Wind III]

This poem is a direct follow-on from "Temptations [Moon-Wind II]" and continues the theme of the five senses which started in that poem.

Love Enfolding [Moon-Wind III]  -  07 Feb 13

I hear a gentle sound
Quiet yet clear ~ heard completely
Moon-wind sighs softly sweetly
Conjures images ~ thoughts
Deep within my mind
Waking and sleeping

An image of her beauty shines
Captivating me ~ enthralling me
She holds me close to her
She and I become We
As our thoughts entwine
Become one

Separate but complete
Moon-wind holds us together
Sighs ~ echoes our happy sighs
Sharing our journey through time
A moment within Eternity
Forever ~ together

Where this Moon-Wind sequence goes from here I wait to see.
Thanks again to Muse and dani for inspiring this series of poems.

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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Temptations [Moon-Wind II]

As promised, here is another of the Moon-Wind sequence of poems.  It grew in the afternoon while I should have been giving my attention to something else but Muse offered three lines for me to work with and they became this poem.

Temptations [Moon-Wind II]  -  06 Feb 13

In a soft afternoon
Flavoured with the flowers
Of a golden day
The warm wine of the Sun
Intoxicating ~ stimulating
Bringing her essence to me

She offered delights
Tempting me with thoughts
Actions ~ movements ~ sensuous
She bade me smell
The soft Moon-wind
Savour it within me

Pressed against me ~ inviting me
Her eyes gazed deep into mine
Caressing without touching me
Offered her chalice to me
She asked me to drink
The nectar of her Orchid

I thank Muse for the suggestions for today's poem and an on-going thank you to dani who thought that the original Haikū which included the Moon-Wind reference would make a good poem if expanded.

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Haikū 62

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Participating  -  17 Jun 10

A new game to play ~
participating in it
because it is fun

Painted  -  18 Jun 10

Painted dreams adorn
the corridors of my mind ...
Images of you

Engage  -  18 Jun 10

Sitting and thinking
Waiting for brain to engage
and work on ideas

Devil's Haikū  -  18 Jun 10

Dæmons call my name now
lie in wait as I pass
to take me from this Earth

Deny  -  18 Jun 10

You cannot deny
The Essence ~  the Real YOU
Now shine out Bright Soul

A little note on "Devil's Haikū" ~ the Prompt requested that a modified Haikū be written with a syllable count of 6 : 6 : 6 rather than the usual 5 : 7 : 5 ~ I have no idea whether this is an accepted form but it was fun to create.

There will be more poems to come...

Sunday, 3 February 2013


This poem was inspired by a suggestion from dani after she read one of my Haikū containing the line "Smell the soft Moon-wind".  The suggestion was that I should create a full poem from this line.  Muse heard this and started to suggest places it could lead me.

Moon-Wind  -   03 Feb 13

I dreamed
Waking I wandered through
Empty places
Filled with the memories of her …
Places in mind

Music touched
Playing with the echoes
Filling them
They whisper to me

Holding me
In her sweet touch and kiss
She said always in me

Holding close in her smile
Invited me
Smell the soft Moon-wind
Gently stirs

I think that this works rather well but I did get the feeling that this might only be the first of a series of poems using that line.  Perhaps that should be the second poem in a series, if the original Haikū is counted.

The original Haikū was titled "Summertime" and was written on
15 Jun 10

Smell the soft Moon-wind
become the floral perfume
Summertime essence

I wish to thank dani for seeing the potential in the line and Muse for assisting me with her suggestions.

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Haikū 61

Another little selection from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Exhausted  -  16 Jun 10

Exhausted he lay
accepting the tending care
of the Loving hands

Silence  -  17 Jun 10

In the space between
Dusk and the Night ~ silence reigns
in which Stars play

Lingers  -  17 Jun 10

Her perfume lingers
in the air all around me
~ I will remember ...

Thoughts  -  17 Jun 10

Thoughts ~ so beautiful
Meandering through my mind
Bringing peace to me

Sweet  -  17 Jun 10

Smile of an Angel
So sweet ~ so soothing ~ Loving
I could dream in them

More to come soon...

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Haikū 60

More from the hand-written Haikū archives.

Summertime  -  15 Jun 10

Smell the soft Moon-wind
become the floral perfume
Summertime essence

Barrier  -  15 Jun 10

My Heart's barrier
I was afraid to show Love
till you told me how

Crushed  -  16 Jun 10

She crushed his flowers
to her breast ~ sadness filled her
when her Lover left

Tart  -  16 Jun 10

Flavour rather tart
but oddly refreshing though
I really like it

Collect  -  16 Jun 10

Pause for a moment ...
Collect your thoughts ... reflect on
how Lovely you are

More to come soon...

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Friday, 1 February 2013


One of the many good things about staying up really late when all others have long since gone to sleep is that Muse comes whispering and offering suggestions.

Footprints  -  01 Feb 13

Sand on a distant shore
Holds footprints
Single line ~ unmeasured
Seeming without purpose

Watch the water
Fleeting glimpse of silver
Hidden words in dreams
Your times shown in shadow

Ocean dreamer play now
Sing your mystery
Walk beside me
Across the sand

Thank you Muse.

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