Monday, 29 March 2010

The Quest

From fairly innocuous opening lines I had no idea where Muse would take me - the middle and end of this poem was a surprise to me, see where it takes you.

The Quest - 29 Mar 10

Aurora paints the sky
Dawn lifts the veil
The sun peeps between
Misted trees
New day

Birds serenade
As animals scurry
Returning to their rest
Shake the dew
From grassy banners

Feeling the early fire
Of the day
Touch my face
Pull the sleep
From stagnant corners
Of my mind
Awake my body
Propel me into action
To try to find me
The remnants
Of old me
Shattered pieces
Scattered across the lawn
Or hung to dry
Like tattered clothing
On leafless bushes

Will I find me?
I have no idea
But still...
I quest

Now written, I ask Muse what it means but all I get is an enigmatic smile...

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Love Song Drifting By

Various events conspired to bring this poem into the light encouraged by Muse.

Love Song Drifting By - 24 Mar 10

Touching her
Resting my hands
On her hair
Gently stroking

She has been with me
For an eternity
Soul tied to Soul,
With threads of gossamer

Lifted into flight
On angel's wings
To soar among the stars
With love as our guide

And gathering
The love songs
As they drift past us
In our skies

The long-term readers among you will know that I do not argue with Muse when something is suggested.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Work in Progress

After quite a long pause Muse gave me a gentle poke in the ribs and invited me to write again.

Work in Progress - 23 Mar 10

Through the chambers
Of my mind

Your voice
Carries all the feelings
We shared...
And share

Looking from the window
Across the beach
To where the waves
Meet the sand
And where the sea
Kisses the sky
Between all the worlds
Our footprints mark
Our wanderings

Sitting on a grey afternoon
Working on a half-written
Love song
Wondering if
I will finish it today

I'm pleased to be back in the lovesongs mood again...

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Thursday, 18 March 2010


In another change of mood from the recent poems, Muse has shown me this and requested that I post it here, today.

Puppet - 18 Mar 10

Whispering energy
Teasing thoughts
Running through my mind

Sitting behind the veil
She watches, pulls the strings
That make me dance
And walk me through
The pantomime,
She smiles

My thoughts
Trying to move beyond
The confines of my strings

She makes me
Strut, cavort, say stupid things
To entertain her
Because she is bored
Her previous toys
No longer interest
Or amuse...
I may be next

Can I move
Without my strings
Can I try

I often wonder where I find the inspiration for the poems I write, this poem is an example - I cannot find anything in my memory that could bring it out into daylight.

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Monday, 15 March 2010


Muse appears in different guises to me and shows me things I usually do not expect.

Forest - 15 Mar 10

She took me by the hand
And led me deep
Into the forest
Dappled sun
Through leafy canopy
Laid me down
Beneath the trees
To sleep

Dreams flowed
Places I have never been
But have always
Existed in them
Remembered to me
To allow me
Experiences of another way
A different view

She watched me dream
And in the dream
She led me further
To find me
And who I am
And where I am
And where I am going
Her gentle smile
Encouraged me
Further still

Muse is playing with my memories again today...wondering what I will be shown.

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Sunday, 14 March 2010

Birth Flight [Chrysalis Sequence IX]

...and now...the final poem in the Sequence.

Birth Flight - 11 Mar 10

Strenuous action
Breaking free

I look around
Being watched

A wing├Ęd horse
Stands guard
In flight
For me

Am I still dreaming
Or is this reality

Only one way
To be sure...


Was that what you expected?

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Saturday, 13 March 2010

Firelight, Rainy Night [Chrysalis Sequence VIII]

After this I have only one more of the Sequence to post here, I am watching it come to a close with very mixed feelings - almost as though I am reading what someone else has written...

Firelight, Rainy Night - 11 Mar 10

Dark, apart from
Flickering firelight...
Thoughts I thought
Were ancient
But haven't happened
Tease me
Show me things
That are yet to be

A myriad sparkling drops
Fall from an ashen sky
Watering the soil
Preparing the way
Causing growth
To stir

Here, in me
I can feel
A growing change
Shifting into something

Soft susseration
Rain on the window
Crackling fire
Softly wakens me...

The Chrysalis is waking...

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Friday, 12 March 2010

Holding a Moment [Chrysalis Sequence VII]

Number seven in the series...

Holding a Moment - 09 Mar 10


Is all there really is
Being in this moment
Of eternity


The garden of memories
Where we cherish the ones
We want to keep


Harvesting the seeds
To plant for
The dreams of tomorrow

This poem has a very different feel to the preceding ones and even though the sequence is now complete [the final two poems will be posted over the next two days] I am not certain where it is taking me...or what it is showing me.

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Thursday, 11 March 2010

The Thought [Chrysalis Sequence VI]

This poem marks a change in mood and is two-thirds of the way through the sequnce.

The Thought - 08 Mar 10

Crystal memories
Indeterminate age
Yet somehow

I remember,
I think I remember,
Times when we shared
And our thoughts
Were all we had
All we cared about
All that mattered

Now in a grey haze
I hold that thought
To anchor me
In my me
So, as change
Overtakes me,
I have something
To dream on

Feeling the shifts, wondering how much of me is in what Muse is pulling out to display here.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hands Wrapped Around [Chrysalis Sequence V]

The feel of the Chrysalis Sequence is beginning to change...

Hands Wrapped Around - 08 Mar 10

Carefully protected
Guarded from harm
Held carefully

I felt your touch
I knew I was safe
I dreamed on

Hands - holding me safe...
Wrapped - cradling, protecting...
Around - enveloping me with love...

An ending is in sight...

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

In An Empty Space [Chrysalis Sequence IV]

The next in the sequence continues the theme of waiting for something to change...

In An Empty Space - 07 Mar 10

What was filled
Is now waiting
For something

I look around for a sign
A clue
A hint
What is happening

The void surrounds me
Holds me
Keeps me safe...
I think...

Waiting for the unfolding...

Monday, 8 March 2010

Waiting [Chrysalis Sequence III]

Feeling the changes
Shifting my being
Into something new

I don't know
Where I was
I don't know
Where I am going
I do know...

Trying to understand
What I am
Where the change
Is taking me

Muse is taking me on a different journey to the ones I usually take...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Forgotten Years [Chrysalis Sequence II]

This arrived faster than I expected and I typed it on my computer before I retired for my night. This is the second poem in the Chrysalis Sequence...

Forgotten Years - 06 Mar 10

Trying to remember
Where I put my life
All the things
I said would stay with me
Have faded...
I didn't want them to go

How long have I been here
I do not know
Days blend into each other
And my mind

I really do not know what to say about where these poems are leading, perhaps I should just watch and wait for the sequence to unfold.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Chrysalis [Chrysalis Sequence - I]

Just before midnight Muse prompted me to write, I took up pen and paper and words flowed. It was only when I actually read what I had written, that I realised that the nine lines were not a poem but the titles for nine poems.

Another 'song cycle' was being birthed, I present the first of this sequence here, now.

Chrysalis - 06 Mar 10

Been sleeping
So many years
Waiting till the time
Was right

Around me
Time passed
Not fast enough
And I watched
As trees
And shiver
With each passing breeze


Tides came and went
Sometimes leaving
Traces on the sand
For all to see
Only for me
The shadows
Of the passing days
Still I slept

I have no idea how long this sequence will take to complete - I am just going to let it flow.

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Monday, 1 March 2010

New Page

After a short break, during which Muse showed me some other things to play with, I have been requested to add this to the page.

New Page - 01 Mar 10

Waves are rolling in
The tide now covering
Our footprints on the sand...
What we did there
Now a memory
For yesterday
To live again
And retell

Tomorrow brings
A new set of memories
For us to play
And be
And walk the sand...
To leave a new set
Of footprints
To tell our story

This beach features a lot in my life, my memories my dreams and in my poetry - it is almost a second home for me, you are welcome to visit whenever you want.