Sunday, 31 January 2010

Where Am I

This is the poem that I intended to post yesterday but for various reasons it had to wait.

Where Am I - 30 Jan 10

Eyes open
The 'where I am'
Floating in front of
The 'the rest of the world'

Images mix and blend
Bringing memories to dance
With thoughts and dreams
Of forgotten times

Not knowing now
Whether fantasy
Or reality...

Playing with the thoughts
And letting them grow
And the thoughts
Are playing with me

The thoughts behind this poem are even more valid today than they were yesterday...

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Saturday, 30 January 2010

A Game in the Afternoon

I actually started to write a totally different poem but this one was rather insistent and demanded to be brought out into the world. I did finish the other one and may post it in a day or two - depending on what else happens.

A Game in the Afternoon - 30 Jan 10

Lovers meet
Tempt with offers
And dreams,
To enter into places
Where no one else can go
Teasing, tempting
Leading on, then
Drawing back
To tease again

In the warm afterglow
Of day
Watching the sun set
Into the sea
When the games have ended,
The place where others
Cannot go
Still waits, welcoming
Inviting us in

Pleasing on so many levels and, just as equally, surprising too - this was not the poem I expected.

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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Sharing Dreams

Another little love poem, quite a few of these seem to be coming through at this time - I'm not complaining.

Sharing Dreams - 28 Jan 10

You knew,
I showed you a little part
Of my dream
You took it
Played with it and stroked it
And showed it some of yours

They moved
As if one
And in their dance
They took my Soul
To show me yours

Together we lit the flame
That we knew
Would burn forever
Fuelled by the love
We shared

Interesting how these poems seem to gather in groups; some love poems, some neutral and others which defy categorising.

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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Layers of Blue

This poem formed suddenly, without warning while I was eating lunch - I don't see what the connection is between these two events but I do not argue with Muse.

Layers of Blue - 26 Jan 10

With a fine brush
Painted across the sky
Mare's tails
Wisps of white
On blue

On silvered blue,
Gentle waves carry thoughts
From me
To me
Around me
Within me

Below - in blue,
With the dolphins,
To songs of love

Today was cold and with a totally grey sky - but my memory allows wonderful vision.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Souls, Dancing, Dreaming

This poem suddenly came through this afternoon and I felt that it should be posted straight away.

Souls, Dancing, Dreaming - 25 Jan 10

We have been in this space
We have played here...
Lifetimes together
Lifetimes apart
Dancing, dreaming

Souls kiss and merge
Enfolding and holding,
Keeping safe the dream
Of unity

We will return to this space
To play some more...
And dance a new dream
Into reality
And make all lifetimes

Sometimes a little touch of sadness will bring a thought and dream...and poem, into the outer world and give it the power to fly.

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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Sailing Dark Seas

This was born in the early hours and is more a collection of images rather than a 'proper' poem, whatever one of those is.

Sailing Dark Seas - 24 Jan 10

First quarter moon
Sailing over a midnight sea
Toward the west

Stars scintillate, flashing,
Signalling safe passage
Through reefs of cloud

Owls call through the dark
Secret messages for those
Who wake in the midnight hour

Calling on my Muse to show me something new.

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Thursday, 21 January 2010


I am not going to attempt to explain what this poem means - or where the Portal leads, just invite you to read and contemplate it for yourselves.

Portal - 21 Jan 10

Wondering where it may lead,
Looking at a place
That exists outside time
And shared
Between friends,
Following our footprints
Down to the sea
To walk again
Within warm waves
Along the strand

The memories, which have
Yet to form...
Drift across our minds
To tease and play

Opening the portal
To that future day
We watch

Confused? Me too but...

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Sunday, 17 January 2010

We Are Here

This poem grew part way then rested for a day before emerging today after Muse got my attention again.

We Are Here - 17 Jan 10

I am here
She said and smiled to me

We walked along the strand
Our fingers entwined
Gentle waves
Lapping over our feet

Our eyes met
We recognised ourselves
In that look
We remembered
Our eternity together

I am here I said
And looked into her eyes

We paused in the waves
I wrapped my arms
Around her
And kissed
Her smile

Knowing our We
We understand our I
And can journey into
Our future together

We are here
We said...and walked on

I have made many journeys to the edge of the sea to touch eternity,

Saturday, 16 January 2010


Standing in my conservatory and listening...

Wind - 16 Jan 10

Whispering to me
Through the keyhole
Singing songs
Of far distant lands

Carrying the fragrance
Of a myriad blossoms
And all the memories
They hold

The songs still echo
Through my mind
Reminding me
Of all the places

The songs are now
Summoning me back
To a world I knew
Before I was born

I'm staying here - I just love the song and will listen to it every time it is sung.

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Friday, 15 January 2010

Love Always Here

This poem grew quite quickly this afternoon.

Love Always Here - 15 Jan 10

The last streams of day
Paint the sky
Fade to dark
I light a candle
To honour the sun

I close my eyes
And see your face
Watch your smile
Spread light into my world

Memories caress my mind
Stroke my Soul
Bring thoughts of you
Back to the surface
To dance with me again

I look from my window
To watch the distant lights
Of passing ships
A gentle hand rests on my shoulder
And warm lips brush my neck

Those lips sent a shiver down my spine - lovely.

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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Waking Nightmare

This poem was actually birthed at the same time as "I Will Take You..." but it didn't feel right to post it then; thinking about it I felt that since life isn't all 'sweet and lovely' the occasional sad poem to illustrate this is valid.

Waking Nightmare - 13 Jan 10

I lift aside the veil
To look upon your face

In my sleep I watch you
In your sleep
I kiss your shoulder
And your eyes
Smile open

There is no veil
And you...not here

I gaze upon the empty pillow
My throat knotting up
I bow my head
A single tear slips
To land in that empty space
Where I wish...

Sleep snatches painfully
At my thoughts
Dark thoughts in my mind
Fitful sleep
No rest

I wake
Still alone

I shall return to sweetness and light for my next offering.

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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I Will Take You...

I find it fascinating how a single line will sit in my mind till it just starts to grow into a full poem; in this case the first line kept repeating till I actually paid attention then...

I Will Take You - 12 Jan 10

Put your hand in mine
I will take you...
To where the morning sun
Gently brushes the dew
From the cobwebs
And kisses the flowers
You hold

Put your hand in mine
I will take you...
To show you the warmth
Of a summer afternoon
And you can listen to
A stream playing
With the rocks
And dancing with a

Put your hand in mine
I will take you...
Where an evening candle
Lights the window
To guard against
The failing light

Put your hand in mine
I will take you...
To watch a lighthouse
Draw a line across
The sky
Through the night

Put you hand in mine
I will take you...
And show you
The eternal day
Where our Souls
Meet to play

The dance of Souls across the Eternal Day - we have all been there...

Monday, 11 January 2010

Lunar Dreaming

This poem formed as I was preparing to shut down my computer for the night - I wasn't able to argue and had to stay awake for a while longer to write it down so that I could post it here.

Lunar Dreaming - 11 Jan 10

Opening a dream
Letting it spill
Across my pillow
In glittering shards
Of rainbow
Reflecting the Moon
And dancing
With the images

I rest my head
The sparkling
Pieces of the Lunar dream
And let the rainbows
Fill my mind
And guide me into
Blissful sleep

This was more a kind of wishful thinking - I woke today feeling tired...don't know what I was doing during the night but it wasn't particularly restful.

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Friday, 8 January 2010

Fire Wish

I was building a fire when this poem started to come through...

Fire Wish - 08 Jan 10

Building a fire
Against the coming night,
How we used to sit
And gaze upon the flames
That it will happen again

I watched from my window
To see if you would appear
When I called
To you

Darkness closes in
Too quickly
And with it comes the cold,
I turn from the window
And set a flame
To the kindling
Then turn again
To look out
And call

Cast a yellow glow
Mocking the flame
I cannot see you

But still I call to

Feeling the sadness of a lost love.

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Monday, 4 January 2010

Swimming Together

Another poem, inspired by the same source that gave rise to the Dolphin and the Angel was birthed today.

Swimming Together - 04 Jan 10

Standing together
We watch the stream,
Within the flow
The flashing forms
Beneath the swirling movement

Swimming together
Within the flow
Our love entwines
Gently binds
Holds our bodies
In close embrace

This was a fairly easy birth, only the posting proved somewhat problematical. Nothing, I hasten to add, to do with Blogger - 'twas my machine.