Saturday, 31 May 2014


As promised [ threatened ? ] a couple of days ago, I now offer a variation on the "limite surréaliste" concept.  A darker level which I am naming "limite surréaliste de l'obscurité".

Moondark  -  29 May 14

And in the darkness
Of a Moondark sky
Stars hidden
By the nightmare
And your bloodstream

Scarlet screams
Of oft-told dreams
Schisms in the dark of dream
Shining in a brooding night
Pandora’s dream

The tears of a sleeping princess
Drown the smiles
Of the aged clown
Who moves in his usual ways
To please the King

In the dark sky
Dreams are pinned for all to see
To imaginary stars
And all thoughts
Hoping for a dawn
Which never comes

Do you think that I could take this to darker levels?

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Friday, 30 May 2014

Mutual Madness

Perhaps this is a possible definition of Love.

Mutual Madness  -  29 May 14

In a moment of madness
I reached out to you
For comfort
My madness was rewarded
As you reached for me
We took our madness
And turned it into something

A little Love song with a slight twist.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Webbed In Dark

When this poem was birthed I realised that it was one of the darker "limite surréaliste" offerings.  It rather pleased me because it really emphasised the surreal nature of where my poems are beginning to wander.

Webbed In Dark  -  28 May 14

Fringes of darkness
Decorate my thoughts
The edges open to reveal
Scarlet dreams and open wounds
Web of dark
Holds me in its thrall
Fingers of ice
Run down my spine
Drip in my memory
Flow through
Unwanted dreams
Fringes of my mind
Lost in the dark

Maybe future poems in this theme will be even darker ~ who knows.

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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Edge Of Vision

Just the first line ~ along with an impression of something on the edge of my vision ~ came to me as I was preparing for bed, since it was just the single line I ignored it.  When I woke the line was still there so I let it flow.

Edge Of Vision  -  27 May 14

Aware of movement
On the edge
Formless movement
Hinted shapes

Then you

Filling my vision
With the vision
Of you
Watching you move
Around me

Unexpected arrival

Always welcome
Your moves excite me
Hinting at more
Dancing from the edge of me
Into the Heart of me

This poem was not quite what I was expecting but it works.

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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Cold Tears

This poem grew in the late afternoon but the last stanza only appeared when I was in bed and Muse dropped a hint.

Cold Tears  -  26 May 14

Afternoon rain
Washes like cold tears
Across the cheeks
Of the earth

Warm incense
Touches the senses
Flows through the mind
Opens thoughts to elsewhere

Sweet smoke
Takes me back … forward
Links me through all the times
I inhabit

The worlds of everywhen
Show me what I am
I remember the cold tears
I once shed

The tears for long-lost Loves
Held once then slipped
Into the mists forgotten
Incense returned to remind me

It is not unusual for additional stanzas to appear when I am supposed to be going to sleep.

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Monday, 26 May 2014

Dark And Light

A little poem which grew from the opening line which sat in my mind for most of the afternoon.

Dark And Light  -  25 May 14

Abandoned in the darkness
How it feels as you left
Surrounded by empty
Filled by empty

Then your light brightens my world
I open my eyes and see your face
Surrounded with you
Filled with you

Not certain how to describe this poem.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Finger Painting

This started out being a Love song but my thoughts gradually shifted and the focus shifted too.  The end result was a received Love song ~ see what I mean ...

Finger Painting  -  24 May 14

Paint on me the rainbow hues
Of your Love
Use no brushes
Just your fingertips

Colour my world
With your Love’s light
Show me your world
So we can dance together

Little traces in light and colour
You leave on my skin
Turn into words for me to read
I Love You

I rather like the way it turned out.

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Saturday, 24 May 2014


In an afternoon as tiredness wafted over me, my mind was more open to thoughts and this poem grew.

Places  -  23 May 14

In the secret place
Where dark and light
Blend and merge
Love grows

In the secret place
Where whispers
Are the loudest thing
Love grows

In the secret place
Where fingertips
Do the talking
Lust grows

In all the secret places
We share together
Words are unnecessary
We grow

A sort of Love song / Lust song.

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Friday, 23 May 2014

We Wrap We

I offer the third and final part of the "Wrap" sequence of poems.

We Wrap We  -  22 May 14

We own the dream
In dream caressed
Played the magic games
Through to completion
Knowing on the new day
Ahead of us
We can start new games
So for now
We rest
In each other’s arms
We wrapped in we
Into the night
With kisses
And Love
In our dream

I hope you enjoyed the sequence.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

I Wrap You

This is the second of the three "Wrap" sequence of poems.

I Wrap You  -  21 May 14

In soft silk enfolded
Held with gentle kisses
In a tender embrace
I wrap you in me
Holding you close
In a world of our own
In a dream of our own
Our days and nights
Flow together
As I hold you
Wrapped in me

The final poem will appear on the morrow ~ all being well.

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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

You Wrap Me

This is the first part of a trilogy of poems which are just forming.  If all goes well the second and third poems will follow on successive days.

You Wrap Me  -  20 May 14

Moments of another day
Wrapped in gossamer
Fine dream
Open to interpretation
Only one can be seen
You hold me
In the same dream
All the days
Joined as one image
Wrapped in you

Posting this just after I have said that most of my poems do not need to be read in a specific order.

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Tuesday, 20 May 2014

You Are The Song

This Love song is the one I intended to post last time but another poem interrupted.

You Are The Song  -  17 May 14

You are the song
I try to sing
Your complex melody
Enchants me
But I can never
The Beauty of you
Or sing
Your song

At least these poems are not intended to be read in any particular order.

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Monday, 19 May 2014


This is not the poem I had intended to post today, that one will probably appear tomorrow.
Muse woke me as I was trying to get to sleep and offered her words ~ since, as I have said, I never argue with her ~ and so here is the poem she offered.

Prophecy  -  18 May 14

The prophecy
For those who
And watch
With open eyes
And open minds

A man
Five thousand miles
A woman

Holding dreams
In a sacred space

Interesting how these things happen.  The "Five thousand miles" reference is from two previous poems I wrote a little while ago.

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Remembering What

A poem with more than the average amount of "limite surréaliste" in it.

Remembering What  -  17 May 14

Remember tomorrow
The land where
Possibilities and impossibilities
And shed the fragments
On our today
Traces for us to follow
Images imagined
Tasted in a dream
Smelled while awake
Waiting to see
The fragments
Come together again
Before the next dance

Perhaps I should develop the category to allow for different levels.

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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Sensuous Smile

There was no specific trigger for this poem other than a feeling which grew out of the paired words in the first stanza.

Sensuous Smile  -  17 May 14

Tongue tip
Tasting teasing
Sparkling eyes
Watching me
Watching you

Tasting your lips
Sharing the sensuous smile
I feel your breath
On my cheek
As you whisper
The special words
We share

Not so much a Love song as a Lust song.

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Friday, 16 May 2014

Afternoon By The Sea

A poem filed with vague memories, future wishes and a little communication with the sea.

Afternoon By The Sea  -  14 May 14

Sit by the window
Let the thoughts
Drift gentle
Through your mind

Remember the afternoons
When we played
With the sea
She still waits for us

Waiting for the tide to change
So we can walk out
Across the sand to the water’s edge
And dance with the sea

As she dances with us
Through all our days
And all our nights
In all our ways

With a hint of Love song in it too.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014


This poem was birthed just moments after the last one.

Kissed  -  13 May 13

Kissed by the rain
As I wait for you
Kissed by you
As you arrive

Kissed by the sun
Because you smile
Kissed by angels
Because you are

Occasionally the poems do come in groups.

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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Thank You For You [Acrostic]

The idea for this came to me several hours before the poem actually formed, when it did the poem flowed quite well with only minor changes needed.

Thank You For You [Acrostic]  -  13 May 14

Thoughts flow between us
Holding future memories
Amber moments of afternoon
Never ending
Kisses shared

Yesterday held a promise
Of special things to come
Unexpected pleasures

From our Eternities
Our worlds are endless
Rolling through the Multiverse

You have reached
Out to me
Unfolding our future for us

Thank you ♥

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Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Fairly early in my day the one-word title came into my mind but it was well past midnight, of the following day, before the poem grew.

Dreamwalker  -  13 May 1

A dream once thought
Made real by what you said
To me
Whispered in the night
Surrounded by stars
Wrapped in Love
Coming to see you
In our dream
I walk
To you

Sometimes just letting the thoughts cook for a while ...

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Monday, 12 May 2014


A  day filled with racing clouds was the inspiration for this poem.  It was also to be a carrier of a little Love.

Clouds  -  11 May 14

Dances between

Dark clouds
Light clouds

No clouds

Dreams dance
Between minds
Skip like clouds

Warm thoughts
Filled with Love
Fly between us

Love drives the world.

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Sunday, 11 May 2014


Having walked a labyrinth, I felt that I would like to offer a slightly different take on it.

Labyrinth  -  11 May 14

You set the path
Showed me where to go
Follow the way
Through the labyrinth

Only the one path
Leads me to you
Only one way
Through the labyrinth
Your gate awaits

Your Love
Calls me on
Into the centre
A kiss opens the gate
For me

A Love song from the labyrinth.

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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Soul Touch

A simple [?] thank you Love song for someone special.

Soul Touch  -  10 May 14

A gift
Touch to my Soul
Light in my life
Your Love
Fills me
With starlight

Are thank you messages ever simple?

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Friday, 9 May 2014


A Love song triggered by a perceived taste of honey even though I have not eaten any for many months.

Slowly  -  08 May 14

Honeyed words
From her tongue
Fall softly on me
Glazing my thoughts
Giving me a taste
Of her
Her honey intoxicates me
Lets her Love
Fill me
Draws my Love out
For her

Interesting how little imagined things can influence thoughs of the "real world".

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Secrets In The Sky

This poem grew in the afternoon and is formed from a completely serendipitous event.  I mistyped the word "more"  in the last line and the auto-correct function in Word changed to to "moiré" for me only after I looked away and did something else for a while.  It was such a good change I decided to keep it and I feel really pleased with the result.

Secrets In The Sky  -  07 Ma7 14

Sun secretly rising
Behind a veil of cloud
Air has a tinge of blue
But not in the sky

Afternoon sky
Just grey cloud
Hiding moiré secrets

Sometimes chance plays an important part in life.

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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Love's Rose

This is a sort of reverse Love song, "my" response to the Loving touches from someone.

Love's Rose  -  5 May 14

The scent of the rose
Caresses my senses
Soft velvet petals
Stroke my cheeks

You lay them on me
With every move you make
Every touch
Your hand of Love

Your whispered message
Soft Love
Words that grow
Within me always

A Love song is still a Love song however it was written and in whatever direction it flows.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014


My mind was open for inspiration and only the one word "fires" came through, always ready for the challenge I wrote.

Fires  -  05 May 14

Fire in the sky
Sunlight warms the world
Lights the day
Opens our eyes to see

Fire in the mind
Warms the body
And opens awareness
To new beauty

Fire in the Heart
Opens me to see you
Shows me your beauty
Fills me with happiness

Fire in the Soul
Drives the Passion
Draws us closer
And takes In Love

Sometimes I surprise myself ~ though there is no surprise that this turned into another Love song.

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Monday, 5 May 2014

Drifting Through Afternoon

I am not at all certain where the inspiration for this poem came ~ but I am glad it did.

Drifting Through Afternoon  -  04 May 14

The afternoon’s mellow drift
Colours melt into dream
Hands intertwined
Cradling thoughts
Listening to soft words
Washing like gentle waves
Across my shore
Your smile
Is my sun
And in your eyes
The stars

Just another little Love song.

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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Somewhere in the depths of my mind I heard something about candles and was inspired to write a poem.

Candles  -  04 May 14

Room filled with soft light
You carry the light
Of Love to me
You merge with my Love
Make it yours
Share you with me
Love in the candlelight
Wrapped in each other

I was also aware of some music in the background.

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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Kisses In The Dark

Muse again interrupted a DVD I was watching to suggest that I write a poem so, as requested, here is the poem.

Kisses In The Dark  -  02 May 14

In near dark
Moon’s reflected glow
Paints streaks
On the walls
Silver glint
In your eyes
As you lean forward
Lips touch
Painting kisses
On our Hearts

As I have said before, I will never argue with Muse.

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Friday, 2 May 2014

Moon's Silence

Yet another Love song ~ once again just because ...

Moon's Silence  -  01 May 14

Moon’s silence
Allows the whispers
And the secrets
Of our Love to grow
She watches
But keeps our secrets
To herself
And in her silence
She smiles

There will be more to come before too long because I like writing them.

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Suddenly [Acrostic]

I felt a sudden urge to write another acrostic and Love song.

Suddenly [Acrostic]  -  30 Apr 14

Slowly ~ moment by moment
Understanding grew
Darkness faded and
Daylight flowed in my Heart
Ending the loneliness
Now I knew that ~ I

I also seem to be getting a strange urge to make punny, or funny, references to the poem from the intro.

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