Monday, 3 October 2011

Night Flight

The opening line of this poem had been drifting in and out of my consciousness for the whole afternoon till, in the late evening, it emerged with more than I had expected in the way of content.

Night Flight - 03 Oct 11

On tattered wings she flew
Through night’s
Spangled dome
Toward a fleeting dawn

Her lover
In a distant land
On a distant shore
To the wind soughing
Through the grass
Rattling the stems
As the waves danced
To the rhythm of the breeze
With his mind
Come to me

Owls circled him
She is on the way
She will be here

She saw his spark
On the beach
And knew
They would be
Together forever

There are several small inspiration points in this poem all coming together in these stanzas.

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  1. "On tattered wings she flew
    Through night’s
    Spangled dome"

    wow! spectacular imagery, Ainsley. your love poems/love songs are truly stunning! beautiful!

  2. Thank you dani ♥ your words of praise are really lovely ♥ thank you again ♥