Thursday, 29 October 2009

She Is...

This poem has just been born, it surprised me with the speed of delivery - it was even faster than usual.

She Is... - 29 Oct 09

She watched me
In my private place
When I wasn't aware
She was there

She touched me
In a way that left no fingerprints
But shared her memories
With me

She breathed me
And I felt a gentle breeze
Across my brow
And on my cheek

She kissed me
Her lips brushed mine
And I felt her love
In my heart

She loved me
The warmth of her presence
Was a fire in my body
And my soul

I feel this is one of my more powerful images, what do you think?

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Talking in Your Sleep

This is another of the poems from a few years ago, I do recall the event that triggered the creation but, in the spirit of the poem, I shall not divulge this.

Talking in Your Sleep - 11 Nov 00

Inspired by the words
You spoke in your sleep
That night so many moons ago

I sit up past the midnight hour
Shaping the words that form
In my mind to lay them on the page

And in the mellow darkness
Surrounded only by the music
Coaxed from the strings of a guitar

Layer upon layer the words I place
Between the lines
Wandering across the page

Until, like some tired wanderer,
They lay down to rest
And become ensnared by my pen

Now for you to read
And ponder upon the hidden meanings
Of my random thoughts

This poem has a slightly different feel to my usual offerings, I hope you like it.

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Monday, 26 October 2009

I Will Be Waiting

Another poem from a few years ago, this is set in a place that features in a Song Cycle I wrote and the Cycle itself has been knocking at my mind again - I feel that there is more to come.

I Will Be Waiting - 01 Feb 03
A love song from the land where the Warlord walked.

When the watchnight fires
Have grown cold
I will be waiting
For you

When the wind from the sea
Washes across my face
Carrying memories
From a distant past
I will still be there
For you

In the night
Through the day
I will hold
The memories
Of our times together
I will still be there
Waiting for you
To return
To me

This poem and the background story still have the power to bring a gentle tear to me.

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Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Secret Love

Just a little old poem to let you know that I am still here...

Secret Love - 05 Jul 03

Don't ask
I will not tell you

The times we had together
Are ours alone
And our to share
To dream about

Not for you to know
Or pry into

They were glorious times
And beautiful
And ours
When we are together
To remember

Don't ask

I post this old poem while waiting for Muse to tap me on the shoulder again with a new offering.

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

Knocking at the Door

This poem grew fairly quickly this afternoon and is another of the ones that have no known trigger, obviously something inside me did set something in motion but I have no idea what this was.

Knocking at the Door - 17 Oct 09

Knocking quietly
At the door of my memory
You are
Trying to bring the thoughts
Back into view

I remember playing with you
All those years ago
When we were young,
Was it so very long since
We were together?

A rose we shared
Crimson petals like velvet
Cool, yet warm in our hands
Echo of the fire in our hearts
The love still glows

A temptress in the loveliest sense
I cannot refuse your request
And I invite you in again
And offer you the cup
To share love's wine

I hope you enjoyed this offering.

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Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Soft Rain

This poem was born in the very early hours of today, I wasn't planning to write anything but words started to play in my mind and I just had to transcribe them.

Soft Rain - 14 Oct 09

Soft rain on my face
Like a gentle touch,
A gentle caress
Memories of the days
We spent together
When we told of our love
And the feelings we shared

The rain on my lips
A sweet kiss that takes
The mind and lets it swim
Through oceans of love
Bliss eternal, playing, dreaming
Taking the game to higher planes
From which we can never return

Rain on our bodies
Enfolded in the joy
Holding, keeping, trusting,
Taking our love and cherishing
Allowing the time to share
And be
Together, forever

I enjoyed bringing this poem into being, I hope you like it.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

I Exist

Another of my poems exploring different phases of existence, places I have lived and things I have experienced.

I Exist - 18 Apr 02

I exist there
In the dawn
That place before creation
Before the song began
Before the music

I exist there
In the shapeless
Formless shadows
Of the evening
After the singer ends her song
As the music fades

I exist there
In all the places
Where you can go or have been
In the eternal day
So we can sing all our songs
And play our myriad melodies

I exist
I am
You am
We am

I don't think there is much more to say about this poem.

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Friday, 9 October 2009


Going back to 1997 for this little poem, it seems to indicate that I was going through some issues again but I cannot recall what these might have been.

Bewitched - 25 & 26 Aug 97

Here you go again
Weaving your songs
Around my soul
Playing with my soul

Here I go again
Believing your words
Accepting your myths
My heart ensnared

Why can't we
Do our own thing
Stay together, work together
Be by myself, be by ourselves.
Go my own way
Go your own way
Go our own way
Do all the things we want to do

I have to admit that there is a little inspiration from Fleetwood Mac [Go your own way] here but the majority of the poem was an internal creation.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Another of the older poems, I was reading through some with the intention of posting something and was struck by the images and memories that this poem triggered in me - I hope that the same can be said by you when you read it.

Memories - 08 May 97

I remember
Soft warm breezes
Slow sunsets
Into the sea

Memories of those
Loving days
Watching the waves
Washing silver across the sands

I remember
Special mornings
Gentle golden light
Washing through the windows

Pulling me from sleep
Taking me from my bed
Inviting me to walk
Through the gardens of a dream

I remember
Places I have never been
Imagination takes my waking mind
To other worlds, other lands

In my dreams
I have touched these places
And drunk the waters
Eaten the bread. Lived there.

I remember
Walking the wild places
Dreaming of a time

When through a window
Across the sea
I watched slow sunsets
Into the sea

I feel that this is one of my more evocative poems.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Frost in the Air

This was an experimental poem written in 1991 - I think - which uses two interwoven themes denoted by the use of normal and italic script.

Frost in the Air - Nov 91

A touch of silvered knives

Dreaming. Morning, or is it night?

Along a tree-lined path I walk

I forget sometimes

Clouded sky. Sun hidden by a veil

No matter. I am happy here

I think the concept works but I do feel that it could be longer. I am not going to fiddle with this original work but I may well try another version sometime.

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Sunday, 4 October 2009

October Rain

Another of those poems that grow from something seen and heard while doing something totally unrelated.

October Rain - 03 Oct 09

Autumn, October rain
Washing the leaves
From the branches
Casting mottled shadows
From the reflection
Of the streetlamp
On the road.
In the night-dark time
A rumbling wind
Almost drowns out the patter
Of the rain on my window

The weather cannot make up it's mind what it wants to do...just after this was written the sky cleared and a [just past] full moon shone out.

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Friday, 2 October 2009

Talking To Myself

Sitting and listening to something in myself, I realised that a poem was being birthed.

Talking To Myself - 01 Oct 09

Whispers in the gloom
Of an early October afternoon
Listening to myself
Talking to myself

Wondering why I don't
Get any answers
To the simplest
I ask

Only when I realise
That I am not listening
To my questions
That I discover the answer
I'm lost

In the gloom
Of an early October afternoon
I feel my way around
And I hear the whispers
Echo back

I usually do listen to myself but this was inspired by things seen on Twitter where there seemed to be no real connection or interaction between the messages.