Tuesday, 27 September 2011

She Tasted Me

I had fully intended to write a different poem, even had a provisional title and theme in mind but Muse had another idea for me and this is what grew from her suggestions.

She Tasted Me - 27 Sep 11

She tested me
She tasted me
On bare skin

Playing hide and seek
Through my hair

Warm breath
Unexpectedly blows
From secret places

She knew how
She knew where
She woke me

Perhaps the poem I had intended to write will be allowed out in the near future.

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Saturday, 24 September 2011

Creating Now

A friend showed me a quote from "A History of Cornwall" by F E Halliday [c 1959], it read;
"...as we travel to Land's End we also travel back in time, towards our beginning."
This triggered something and almost immediately this poem was born.

Creating Now - 24 Sep 11

At the dawn of time
Where land and sea
Meet and kiss
In the place where
All our yesterdays
Are born
All our tomorrows
Are yet to be

Feeling the Ocean
Beckoning, inviting
Holding out
Her moist hands
To me…
Come my Love
Let us create
Our now

Muse gives no notice as to her nudges and she can offer some surprising things.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2011


A windy afternoon, I heard her whispers and felt her presence - Muse has different ways of making herself known and offering suggestions for a new poem.

Whispers - 13 Sep 11

Lightly stepping on the boards
Her breath
Her eyes
Expectation shivers

Delicate fingers
Open the door
She watches his sleeping form
Her lips

Slipping beside him
Not touching
Just watching
In his dream he
Her name
She enters
His dream

I love the way Muse works to offer ideas and suggestions, her assistance is always welcomed.

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Monday, 12 September 2011

Soul Summoning Spell

As so often happens, Muse tapped me on the shoulder some time after midnight and offered some suggestions for a new piece. I didn't know where it would lead but am rather pleased with the result.

Soul Summoning Spell - 12 Sep 11

Still she sang
Her old song
In the dusky darkness
Where Moonlight never reached

Lamenting loves lost
In years gone by
While watching new flames
Growing in her heart

Watching waves wash
Across the sand
While the distant lantern
Lights from ships sail beyond the bay

Tasting tomorrow’s tea
Her heady brew enticing
Drawing him closer
Into her grasp

Evening’s ebon eternity
Holds her … waiting
As her lover, spell-bound
Approaches through the night

Spell-bound he might be but willingly he is drawn to her side.
Yes, I am aware of the inspiration that Led Zeppelin left in a gentle way.
Muse is never to be denied, her suggestions always worth listening to for the words she offers.

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

A Sad Song

Writing, once again, in the dark of night with soft music for company. Muse said, "your turn" and asked me to take up pen and write.

A Sad Song - 06 Sep 11

I know I said it
A long time ago
As I walked toward you
I said
I love you
But now I realise
I was walking in vain

I know I said it
In the dark of
A starless night
When even the Moon
Chose not to look
And my words
Lost their way
In the dark

I know I said it
But dark tears
Washed the traces
The feint footprints
From the path
And my lost words
Were walking in the rain

Interesting how a thought can take you into places that have not been explored and can only be seen in the dark of night.
This poem / song is not autobiographical, nor is it about anyone I know, it is just a feeling that grew out of the music to which I was listening at that moment.

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Friday, 2 September 2011

Dark Friend

I was listening to some instrumental music when words started to drift through my mind, pen and paper taken up and the poem flowed. I'm not certain that I can say that much about it or who the poem is about but I offer it to you.

Dark Friend - 02 Sep 11

She walked alone
Through deserted streets
Held in
Night’s cool embrace

A strange dark friend
She knew him well
Many years
Together ~ comforting ~ conversations

When daylight cracked the sky
Alone again she found herself
Dawn glow
Ghostly light fills the sky

Alone still ~ her friend within
Companion in the dark
Light … lover
Always together never lonely

Muse has a wonderful habit of tapping me on my shoulder when I least expect her arrival.