Monday, 29 November 2010

Dark Night Kisses

I glanced at what the tide was doing - a little application on my computer shows what is happening - and Muse prompted me to write something, I was happy to do this...

Dark Night Kisses - 29 Nov 10

Darkness surrounds...
In my mind
I watch the tide flow out
Reveal moist sand
To the stars

I feel you watching me
Moving my tide
Away from me
Revealing the me
To your stars

The touch of your eyes
Upon me
Gentle fire
Over my skin

Feed the fire
With your touch
Lay your hands upon my heart
Feel my Soul
Take my kisses

I really felt this one as I wrote it and I hope you get the feelings too.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Muse prompted someone else to say something and her words inspired me to start writing, the words and content have nothing to do with this person but something resounded in my mind and my words flowed.

Questions - 27 Nov 10


One o'clock in the morning
The stars shine bright
In the chill night air
Frost glitters to rival the stars

I walk the road
When did I make the change?
Not why...

The Moon knows
But she only smiles
Her enigmatic eyes
Glisten in my memory

I raise my eyes
To meet hers, questing
I plead, beg for an answer
And wait...


Painted sky gave way to cloud
And rain
My mind still questions

The Sun says nothing
Behind his cloud
And leaves me to find the aswers
For myself

Now that I have written this poem out, I do wonder if it is a little opaque. I know what it is about but maybe I can leave a little enigma here for others to work on.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


"In the early hours"...a familiar phrase to introduce the birthing of a new poem appearing, as quite often the case well after midnight. I felt something growing but thought that it was another Gogyohka. It was only after a few lines that I realised that Muse was showing me something more - this is today's offering.

...Forever - 24 Nov 10

Look upon me
She said
I will show you beauty
Beyond imaginings

Breathe my perfume
I will take you
To places
You have never dreamed

Take my hand
I will lead you
Through places
That can never be described

Kiss me
She said
And you will be with me

I looked
And saw her beauty
I breathed
And travelled within her
I took her hand
And walked with her
I kissed her...

Words flow freely when least expected.

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Saturday, 20 November 2010

Little Starlight

This poem was birthed on 19 November - just a short time after the last poem but I didn't feel right posting it too quickly after "Secretly Waiting".

I offer it now...

Little Starlight - 19 Nov 10

A sliver of light
Through a barely opened door
Catching dust motes
Dancing across
My sight
Never settling

I think of you
In those moments
When the little starlight
In the room
Reminding me...

I still see you
Watching me
Tender smile playing on your lips
As we slid into a kiss
Eyes open
As we fell into each other

Little starlight
Shining from the corners
Of your eyes
Catch my eyes
Hold me
Keep me in you
So easily

It has a different feel to "Secretly Waiting" but continues part of the general theme and I get the feeling that a few more of this sequence are still to come.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Secretly Waiting

Sitting in a dark afternoon with several thoughts passing through my mind, muse tapped me gently on the shoulder and suggested that I start to write. This is what flowed from my fingers...

Secretly Waiting - 18 Nov 10

Secretly waiting
Pretending that I don't really care
But when you aren't here
Sadness fills my thoughts
And my eyes blur
Vision fades
Cracked images
Show themselves
To me

Whether you will ever come back
To fill the space
You created when
You left
My eyes still see you
Standing with me
Walking with me
Being with me

Now I feel
Eternity is closing around me
Leaving me stranded
Like driftwood
On the shore

Secretly waiting

Sad songs are often the most fulfilling despite the content - I will leave you to comment, if you choose.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Melancholy Songs

Daylight, for want of a better word, filled my room and senses. Rain was falling outside and the deep grey of the sky influenced my thoughts. I offer this without much more in the way of explanation.

Melancholy Songs - 12 Nov 10

Trying to sleep
But music
Playing in my mind
Forcing me
To sing along
Melancholy songs

Dredging up
The memories
Of a near-forgotten past
To live again
In the fringes
Of my thoughts

You held me...
I held you
So close
We shared
A dream
Ashes scattered now
Wind blown

Trying to sleep
And songs
Will not permit
I rise
And enter my grey day

Reality colours my thoughts, grey from the sky, grey from the rain...

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Monday, 8 November 2010


This poem started coming through just as I was going to bed and was completed in the early afternoon. A slight change of style for me with the Poet writing in Senryū and Muse responding in Gogyohka...I'll leave you to decide whether it works.

Conversation - 08 Nov 10

Poet hides kisses
Secreted in his writing
Shown only to Muse

Come my love
Write the words
I offer to you
Show them to all
Without exception

Kisses are for you
I cannot show them elsewhere
...They are just for us

Sweet man
What use is love?
If not shared
Thee with me
And thee with everyone

Laying another
Kiss upon the page...he smiles
And takes up his pen

Muse watches
Shares her smile
Now write
"Poet hides kisses..."

I feel that it does work.

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Friday, 5 November 2010

Haikū - 29

Another collection of Haikū from April of this year.


Keeping you safely
in my pocket for those times
when I need your love

Summer Afternoons

Listening to the
woodpigeons calling, sounds like
summer afternons

Maiden's Bow

Sunset murky sky
Maiden's bow and owls calling
mocking the daylight


Smokey evening
blowing through open window
day fading away


Blossom enchants me
transports my mind, lets me feel
the wonder of you

Return I

Sent my love to you
you smiled as you tasted it
sent love in return

Return II

Wishes sent today
out into the Universe
"Return to me, love"

Something new next time...or more Haikū archive memories.

Monday, 1 November 2010

Haikū - 28

Another sequnce of Haikū from April this year.


Crying in secret
the Book of Life opens at
days that can't yet be

With you in my heart 
your beauty brightly shining
how can I be poor?

Windswept Cliff
Windswept clifftop walk
kissed by sun watched by the sea
gather memories

A choice of words today
made me think the game was just
a farce, am I right?

Waking Kiss
Your kiss woke me up
lifting me from loneliness
to your lovely sky

I look at you now
how can I gripe when I see
the beauty of you

Iceland volcano
made a mess of my sunset
Sun hides behind ash

More to come or maybe something new...who knows yet?