Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Haikū - 14

Another compilation of Haikū from earlier this year...

Mouse gestures

Mouse gestures, rodents
insulting from a distance
can you take the cheek?

Guiding Light

Light in the darkness
a candle flame lights the way
returning home now

Beautiful Moon

A beautiful moon
hanging over horizon
breaking up darkness


Our love, powerful
would dwarf the love the whole world
shares with all of us


Among all my thoughts
the ones of you shine brightest
and live in my heart


Beautiful visions
all around me in the world
just open your eyes


Carry the couple
enwrapped with flowers and love
the wedding barge sails

A few more Haikū as a filler till Muse taps me on the shoulder again...

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Haikū - 13

This is the thirteenth sequential compilation of Haikū from my handwritten notes, the vast majority of these first appeared on Twitter. So, though they are not 'new', this is the first time they have appeared here on Muse.


I look to the world
Love seeking to recruit "YOU"
I go to sign up


Unexpected things
chance meeting brings together
new friends...become old


In Xanadu did ...
... oh, sorry, been done before
another poet


The sun has not set
but still the day grows darker
clouds masking the sun


You enhance my life
give new experiences
by touching my Soul


It takes a sharp knife
to pare away the layers
that hide your Soul Light


Wind playing random
notes with abandon, flute song
playing in my heart

Hoping that Muse will give me another prod soon, in the meantime...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Haikū - 12

Another selection for the archives, while waiting for the next prompt from Muse.


Winter easing it's
long clasp on the world, now soon
Spring is on the way

Ocean Dreams

My Ocean Dreams of
wonders carried by the thoughts
of waking Angels


Only listening
to their songs, they weave a tale
of lands far distant


Sea carries visions
memories and impressions
showing us the world


Moon watches us all
smiles upon the dreams and thoughts
shared in midnight hours


Words spoken aloud
Nature tells all her secrets
to those who listen


Looking within you
I see myself gazing out
in me, I see you

Hoping to see more fresh poems requested by Muse for me to write soon.

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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Whispered Smile

After too long a gap Muse prodded me yesterday evening to write this poem for posting here.

Whispered Smile

The little words
That whisper in my mind
Call my name
With your voice
I can hear the smile
Behind the sounds
And I smile

Reaching out to touch
My hand meets yours
And we smile
Our fingers link
Carry the smile
Through our bodies
To linger
When we are gone

It's good to write fresh [publishable] poems again - seems far too long since it happened last.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Haikū - 11

No new prompts from Muse [that I can publish] so...


Write a Senryū
thoughts needed to get it right
clears your mind of fog


She smiled in the night
ensnared my heart with her charm
captivated me

Random Tweet

Random tweet floating
freely in the twitterverse
no one understands


Owls cry in the night
as we talk and share our thougts
whispering our love


Tried very hard to
hide my disappointment when I
watched the soufflé slump


Senryū, Haikū,
ephemeral poetry
lost, computer crashed


Eyes scan horizon
watch for your returning sail
long have you been gone

Another sequence - there are a lot more to come...

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Haikū - 10

Muse has been prompting me with a few new Haikū but no new large works so I shall continue with the archive and present the tenth selection.


Beautiful Dragon
wings furled and folded heatly
takes food from my hand


Taint of black against
the sun, clouds bringing the rain
water spring flowers


Beating in night air
whisper soft, felt as a wind
Dragons taking flight


Everything you do
shows your capacity for
Joy and Divine Love


Spirit surrounds me
enters me, to hold my Soul
safe, warm, protected

Sacred Geometry

Circles drawn on ponds
the Sacred Geometry
nature shows us how


Write a Senryū -
thoughts needed to get it right
clears your mind of fog

...still waiting for some more inspiration...

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Monday, 12 July 2010

Haikū - 9

It has been rather too long since I posted anything here - this was due to a series of events in my life that have changed the direction of my life for me...and others too.

I'm trying to get back into the flow with Muse but until that happens I shall return to posting my old Haikū until Muse presents me with something new to work on. This, then, is the ninth in the series.


Marginal views from
fevered imagination
where am I going?

Dare I

Incandescent thoughts
beneath her breath she whispered
Dare I love you now?


The sun has set here
half a world away - sunrise
thoughts in confusion


When the wind whispers
her words are heard deep within
bring tears to the mind


Drifting afternoon
hazy vistas memory
dubious linking


Darkness gathering
sun sets behind cloud, shyness
does not become him


Lights from a fairy
rock concert illuminating
neighbours back garden

A few more Haikū than usual to start to make up for the lack of posts recently.