Monday, 26 November 2012


Drifting through the afternoon, thoughts drifting too till slowly they coalesced into a poem.  Here now is "She".

She  -  26 Nov 12

 She touched my eyes
Drew me in
Captivated me

She touched my cheeks
Warmed me
With her fire

She touched my Heart
Gave me Love
From her Heart

She touched my body
Ignited my lust
Shared her with me

Muse often gets me to see things in different and sometimes unusual ways, for that I thank her.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Spark 16 ~ Blackbird[s] + Complete + Love

Another post from the fairly recent past, dani harris and I submitted our offerings to Spark and were pleased to collaborate on another [we feel] successful work.  Incidentally, the square bracket around the "s" in the title refers to the fact that the first two pieces have essentially the same title but dani makes it a plural form.

Spark 16 ~ Blackbird[s] and Complete and Love


Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
by dani harris
sun low on the English horizon
silhouetted in a tree
blackbird calling to his Love
here i am,  my Love
waiting patiently
here i am,  my Love
please,  come to me
i hold my breath
to better hear his song
blackbird calling to his Love
here i am,  my Love
and here i will be
here i am,  my Love
until you come to me
i close my eyes…
hear a soft beating of  wings
blackbird calling to her Love
here i am,  my  Beloved
and here i will stay
by your side,  my Beloved
until my very last day

by dani harris
Inspiration piece
not the light of the sun
nor the dark of the moon
not the flicker of the stars
nor the tail of a comet
not the tides of the sea
nor the petals of a flower
nothing in all the galaxies
can compare to our love
you are mine
i am yours
we are complete

Ainsley Allmark
Response piece

To view these and other people's offerings go to Get Sparked and have a mouse around.

We, dani and I, hope you enjoyed reading these pieces as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Please visit dani's blog site [ ] to read more of her Lovely works, you won't be disappointed.

Monday, 19 November 2012


Muse insisted that I make a note of what was forming in my mind and so the first part was "written" while lying in bed preparing for sleep and the second part came this afternoon.  I hope you like it.

Lovers  -  19 Nov 12

Love you till the end of time
We have heard that
We do not feel it
Lovers make their own time
Seconds flow into hours
Hours flash by
In the flutter
Of an eyelid

We share our time
Becoming WE
Till nothing else matters
We exist in a time
Without end

After I had recorded the first part I fell deeply asleep, Muse was satisfied.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Owl Evening

This poem was triggered by my stepping outside for a few moments and hearing an Owl calling then being aware of what was happening in the western sky.  Without further comment I present it now.

Owl Evening  -  17 Nov 12

Darkling sky
Holds a memory of the day
That has been

Thin silver crescent
In the west
Foretelling the month to come

Owl serenading
Farewell to the Sun
Greeting Lady Moon

I really Love the way Muse shakes my mind and offers suggestions.
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Tuesday, 13 November 2012


In the very early hours of the day, an hour had barely formed, when Muse asked me to make a note of some images which were forming in my thoughts.  The poem grew quite rapidly and I now present it here.

Huntress  -  13 Nov 12

Bird on the wing
She watches
Fleet of foot
Huntress dances through
My dreams

Sings to her bird
Spirals in … touches me
Huntress smiles
Takes me in her arms

Licks blood droplets
From my arm
Kisses and entices

The bird looks deep within
The huntress ~ even deeper
They know me
I wake and a feather
Rests on my pillow

I just Love how these poems grow, inspired by my Muse.
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wandering Dreams

This poem grew rapidly from two points of inspiration. the first, as so often the case, came from a piece of music I was listening to and the second from thoughts of someone special.  I offer it for your reading pleasure.

Wandering Dreams  -  06 Nov 12

You lost your thoughts
In the dreams of another
He took them
Squandered them
Wasted the love
You gave

When I saw them
Floating on the breeze
Lost ~ flying without aim
I gathered them ~ took them
In my arms
Offered my love to them

Took you into my dream
You smiled at me
Requested me to hold
You and your dreams
Give them purpose again
Let them grow

Offered your kiss
Your tender smile
In your gentle hands
Love grew and flourished
Our dreams
Took flight

It is really lovely when Muse brings inspiration to me, I am always most grateful.