Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Night Whispers

At about 05:00 the words of this poem grew in my mind.  Muse suggested, very strongly, that I noted them down [using my phone] because she knew that I would forget them before I woke.

Night Whispers  -  29  Aug 12

Night whispers
In the wind
Dreams talking to each other
Across time
Across space
In the dark

Tears of rain
Beat out a rhythm
On the Autumn leaves

Sentences left hanging
Now completed
Words unspoken
Now shouted
Silenced only
By a closing window

Muse was right, I had forgotten what I had written.
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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Night Storm Spills

I lay awake in the night listening to the rain beating down and Muse suggested, rather strongly, that I wrote down what I was thinking.  When I woke, more words started flowing and the whole thing came together.

Night Storm Spills  -  27 Aug 12

Gathering wind
Rustles leaves
Shaking branches
Owls are silent ~ expectant
Waiting for the storm

Rain on an already
To an already full stream

Night ~ silent but for wind
Storm ~ lashes the land
Spills ~ its rain

I feel that this poem works even though it didn't grow in the way I expected ~ thank you Muse for the prompts.

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Saturday, 25 August 2012

Stone Heart + heart of stone + together + Look Deep ~ Spark 15

This is another of the collaborations that dani harris and I had, this time for publication on Spark 15.  Once again we had a great deal of pleasure in working together. 

Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
heart of stone
by dani harris
a heart set in stone
once broken asunder ~
what loss
could have caused it
o shatter so?
the pieces carefully
put back together
…..with hope?
a heart set in stone
…still vulnerable
…still exposed
…still yearning for someone
to reach out and touch it?
a heart set in stone
waiting for Love
ready to become whole once more
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
the breeze
dancing round us
warm the sunlight
caressing our
the feel
of your lips
sweet the taste
of your
the touch
of your fingertips
love and desire
flowing back
between us
our hearts merge
love shines out
of sparkling
the song
of our souls
as we journey
through life

Ainsley Allmark
Look Deep
Response piece
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.
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Monday, 13 August 2012


While writing the outro for "Competition" I said "Getting the feeling that this is the first poem of a pair."  Within a few moments of posting it here on Muse, the first words of the second poem started to form, so here is the second poem...constructed as a "count up" form.

Harmony  -  12 Aug 12

Angel voice

Giving my Soul
New words to sing

Relief from the competition
Old contestants
Scurry for the shade

Harmony ~ songs of Love
Now fill my thoughts
She touches me
With warmth

For inspiration
A flame is lit
Gives me a smile and a song

I think it works rather well.  Maybe more poems like this will appear soon.  Thank you Muse.

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Sunday, 12 August 2012


A new poem wandered into my mind, with gentle encouragement from Muse, it grew fairly quickly and I present it here.  The structure of a "count down" wasn't actually intended originally but I felt that it was good and I continued till it was complete.

Competition  -  12 Aug 12

Emptiness tried to claim me
Loneliness was already here
Between them
The melancholy choir
Was complete

Cobwebs on unused dreams
Did nothing but collect dust
And hide the light
From my eyes

Felt that all I saw
All I felt
Was all

Began to hear
New music

And then an Angel sang

Getting a feeling that this is the first poem of a pair ~ it this is the case, then part two will appear before too long, I hope.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012

moon dance + the magic of a day + Thoughts [Spark 14]

Another collaboration by dani harris and myself that was originally published in Spark 14
[ ]
The response photograph ~ an Haiga, at the end of this post, is now the correct image for Spark 14.  The image originally posted on that site was posted in error and has now been amended for me, by Amy ~ the creator of the Spark concept ~ and I thank her here. 
Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece
moon dance
by dani harris
if not for the Moon
would there be no tides?
no gentle surf to wade in
or raging seas to fear?
if not for the Moon
dancing with the Sea
would She retreat
or unleash Her greatest fury?
the Moon will always be
companion to the Sea
pulling Her closer to Him
if ever She tries to break free
the magic of a day
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
the sun came up
shining her love upon the world
warming hearts and souls
clouds passed by for a very short while
shedding tears of joy upon the green earth
a rainbow smiled
spreading her beauty
far and wide from hill to hill
the morning wind danced
with the trees in the forest
to sweet melodies sung by the birds
bees snuck kisses from flowers
while butterflies tickled their leaves
and fat furry catapillars giggled in delight
the sea waved hello to the rivers
as they rushed to greet her
happy to be coming home
the fish did as fish do
and swam in circles
playing tag or hide-and-seek
after a long day
the sun warmed the oceans with her parting rays
as she settled down to rest
the evening breeze hummed a faint tune
while the night was busy
wrapping the world in his safe embrace
the moon just smiled
when the stars peeked out
and began to twinkle one-by-one
then it all started over again…
the sun came up
shining her love upon the world
the entire time
i thought about you
Ainsley Allmark
Response piece
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.
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Friday, 3 August 2012

Passionflower + moonlight sonata [Spark 13]

This is a collaborative work by dani harris and myself.  It was originally posted to Spark 13
[ ]
My inspiration piece ~ the passionflower photograph ~ was replied to by dani and her inspiration piece ~ moonlight sonata ~ was replied to by me and this is the compiled result.
Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration Piece

dani harris
two tiny sparks
made of  stardust
and comets’ tails
drifted aimlessly
…each alone and lonely…

time did not exist
…existed endlessly…
until the moment
when they chanced
upon one another

took shape…
life began…
time moved forward…
and they were lonely no more

for aeons
they joyfully danced
and sang and played
across the cosmos
always together

their friendship grew
into a deep and special love
until at last
the two sparks
became one soul

the gods had watched
fascinated yet skeptical
a decision was made
the one soul was split in half
and put into two humans on Earth

two gifts were also given ~
the souls were allowed
to be reborn over and over
and they would always
recognize one another

lifetime after lifetime passed
…each and every time
the two souls found one another
and their love became deeper
and their connection grew stronger

the gods understood
…even split into two…
neither soul was complete
without the other

in celebration
the gods created the passionflower
as a symbol to all
of  what is possible
when love is true
moonlight sonata
by dani harris
Inspiration piece
she gives off no light of her own
merely reflecting that of another
yet her warm glow
brings comfort to many
as she floats above
solitary in her journey
across the velvet skies
she listens to the songs of love
and prayers of the lost and lonely
sent to her from below
ever-changing in her constancy
shy in her newness
just a sliver in the sky
gorgeous in her fullness
pregnant with promise
she moves the tides
and hearts of men
waxing and waning
to a sonata
only she can hear
wrapping lovers
in moonbeams
and dreamers
in moondust
she watches over us
ultimate symbol of magic
and love
weaving her spell
deep within our souls
of every accolade
upon her glory
since man first looked up
Ainsley Allmark - Hiding
response piece


There will be more of these pieces appearing before too long, in order to bring the Spark offerings up-to-date.
If you want further information about Spark you should visit where you can view more images and poems by all the entrants to the various segments.