Saturday, 25 June 2011

Fool Moon

The inspiration for this poem came from a TwitPic that I had accidentally mis-named "Fool Moon" instead of "Full Moon", I was initially irritated but the name grew on me and - after a conversation with a lovely friend - decided that I would create a poem using that accidental name.

Fool Moon - 25 Jun 11

In the evening sky
She woke
Looked down
To find her lover

She hopes that he sees
Her dance...
Clinging to her hope

Through the trees
Fool Moon
With tears in her eyes

He wanders
Looking for her
In valleys
Cross rivers
Down to the Ocean

He danced
To attract her attention
Though he didn't see her

Never looking
In the right places

The Fool
Under the
Fool Moon

I would like to thank Muse for gently re-positioning my fingers to create the phrase "Fool Moon" in the first place and my friend dani for suggesting that there is a poem in there somewhere.

Monday, 13 June 2011

Come Speak To Me

Image - Moonset by Ainsley Allmark

Come speak to me
Tell me of your loves for me
Parted from me
On your voyages to distant worlds
Your Earth-bound Lover
Waits for your return
To hear the tales
Of alien worlds and moonsets
Under different suns

Muse drew the words from me a line at a time, then requested it be illustrated using a different form to anything I had previously used - here then, is my offering.

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Spark 12 by dani harris and Ainsley Allmark

This post is to mark the entry of dani harris and I to Spark 12


Ainsley Allmark
Inspiration piece

dani harris

a tree i once met

i don't recall

ever seeing ever meeting

such a tree

before or since


she had no branches on one side

she leaned the other way

where all her limbs

seemed to be reaching out



if you moved

within a few feet of her

there was a palpable feeling

of motherly love

and watchfulness


without a doubt

she has stood guard for years on end

enveloping all who grow near

with love

and safe refuge from the storms



dani harris
Inspiration piece

i wonder what they say?


in the quiet of the night

when the Moon is full

not a star can be seen

because the Moon outshines them all


with the first blush of pink

in the morning sky

i wonder what the Sun says

to the Moon as he passes by?


in the quiet of the night

when the Moon is partially hidden

you may see a little twinkle

of a lonely star here or there


when the Moon is on

one side of the world

and the Sun is on the other

i wonder who they talk to?


in the quiet of the night

when the Moon is but a sliver

the sky becomes full of stars

dancing with delight


when the Sun is setting

and the Moon is nigh

i wonder what he says to her

as they pass each other by?


Ainsley Allmark
response piece


We hope you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed writing and working with the photographs.

You can take a look at the originals of these two offerings on the Spark site
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Well worth taking a look.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Oceans Of The Moon

The title for this poem was actually placed in my mind on 21 May 11 but it was only this afternoon that the poem itself was birthed. Interestingly it is also part of the "Ocean Love Songs" group.

Oceans Of The Moon - 02 Jun 11

In a dark land
Tide dancing
Combing the sand
Washing the stones
Taking memories back
To the depths from which
They were born

I feel the pull of the tide
Wrapping round my feet
Embracing my legs
Talking to my mind
Showing me
...Her face

Watching and listening
I hear the whispers
Of the hidden Souls
In the Oceans of the Moon

I too,
Am there
Listen for my voice
When you stand and watch
The waves
I will call to you
When you lose your thoughts
And loose your thoughts
To the whispers
In the depths
Of the
Oceans of the Moon

I find it interesting that the title came to me weeks before the poem did. I don't know why this should be the case but I love watching the flow from Muse.

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