Monday, 25 April 2011

Night To Night

The first stanza was born in the early hours of 24 Apr 11 when I noticed a last-quarter Moon hanging over the eastern skyline, it fell neatly in Haikū format. Another day passed before the second and third stanzas asked to be birthed, the second in Tanka and the third back in Haikū form.

Night To Night - 24/25 Apr 11

Half Moon ~ Eastern sky
Wind rattling willow leaves
Owls serenading

Dawn ~ Sun rushing on
Racing wind ~ chasing a cloud
Shadows hide the dark
Night waits in caves, crevices
Waiting for time to emerge

Sunset, sets night free
To roam the land ~ sing with owls
Nightingales surprised

I find it fascinating the way poems are birthed and...sometimes, insist on being birthed.

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Remember When...

The first four lines slipped into my mind yesterday but something prevented me from doing anything with them. This afternoon, in the gathering dark of a clouded sunset, the remaining words arrived.

Remember When... - 22 Apr 11

Remember when...
In the purple haze
Of a summer afternoon
We sat
And dreamed
Of our futures

Remember when...
Words we shared
From distant worlds
Played in our
With feelings that made
Our love complete

Remember when...
Yes, I remember
Even though it hasn't happened
Fluid time flows around us
Forming memories
For us to live

Remember...the future is always fluid and is for us to shape.
Thank you Muse, for reminding me.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Love's Dance

Early this afternoon [09 Apr 11] the first stanza wandered into my mind, by late afternoon it had been completed.

Love's Dance - 09 Apr 11

Dancing in the dark
With only the light of stars
To guide our footsteps

Listen to the sea
Provide the sweet melody
To which we can dance

Across golden sands
Our steps follow, synchronous,
Flowing with the waves

We dance into dawn
Golden light now fills the sky
Stars still there - watching

Dance ~ in Haikū time
Among the infinite stars
Dance with me, my love

All I can say now is, thank you Muse.

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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Roses Are Read

A Fantasia on an original theme by Sir Edmund Spenser [1552 - 1599] from his "The Faerie Quene" [Book Three, Canto 6, Stanza 6] written in 1590.
This was also seen in various nursery rhymes and other things from 1784 to the present day.

Roses Are Read - 05 Apr 11

Roses are read
The words dripping
Like bloody tears
To velvet robes

Violets blew
In tousled waves
Across the ground
To rest upon the bank

Honey's sweet
Nectar changed in secret ways
So that the flavour reminds me
Of the time we spent together

And thoughts
Remain with you in all my days
Through all the ways
Your magic has enwrapped me

This is my offering for One Stop Poetry...
...I hope you like it - *smiling shyly*.

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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Dream's Edge

This poem took twenty hours to come from the original acrostic inspiration to be fully formed.
If there is anyone out there who hasn't met the acrostic concept - the first letter of each line is from the title, in this case even the apostrophe counts as a letter, so that the poem continues the theme and meaning of the original line.
It has been a long time since my last acrostic but...

Dream's Edge - 05 Apr 11

Delving into the depths
Reaching for a hidden thought...
Enigmatic shadows
Awaken memories and dreams
Manifested around, through and
'tween the worlds of wake...
Sleep holds the higher hand

Elegant forms of spirits
Dance through my night
Giving secret forms to my memories and an
Edge where we can meet

When Muse asks me to write it sometimes takes a little while but usually I find that it is quite satisfying - I like this one...comments?

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