Sunday, 31 May 2009

Selection from 2006

A little selection from '06, for your reading pleasure.

After another of my long sessions on the computer, I was heading for bed when I saw...

And Soon the Dawn 22 Jun 06

The sky is already bright
Though the sun hasn't risen

In the east,
The Crone's Bow
Is encircled by
The singing jackdaws
And in my mind
The songs of the day
Are forming

In this July, 1997 still frame captured from v...Image via Wikipedia

No longer incarnate but I can still wish...

Call Me Back 03 Sep 06

She is like the sun
That dances across the wave tips
And across the shimmering sand

In my dreams
I have watched her dance
And charm the spirits of the sea

Playing in the foam
Along the strand line
And where the waves lie against the rocks

She enchants the drifting waves
And the dreaming deeps
Where my spirit lies

Call me back to the world
Where you belong and
I would love to be

Call me back, my love

Birds feeding on the shoreImage via Wikipedia


Footprints 12 May 06

At the end of the day
In the soft coolness as the sun sets
I remember the time when you were
In my arms - and I smile again

Memories hold me in their grasp
As all the thoughts come flowing back
I remember
Those times when we touched
And walked across the sands
Of our younger days
See the footprints?

We can continue the dance
If you want,
I know that I do
Take my hand and let us journey
Across those sands - and new ones
Let is leave our footprints again
Where others only dream
We have the reality

I hope you have enjoyed this trip into my past and dreams
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Saturday, 30 May 2009

New poems

I felt that it was necessary to create a new blog to post some of my poetry and prose for evaluation, posh way of saying "This is what I wrote, what do you think?"

Pre-dawn - senryu

Stars in a pale sky
Honeysuckle scent fills air
I wait for the dawn

Chevrefeuille sauvage (wild honeysuckle)Image by ~Mclaire~ via Flickr

Cloud Night - senryu

In the moon dark night
Foxes roam the streets, questing
Stars shrouded by cloud

Red fox pup ( wild )Image by Eric B├ęgin via Flickr

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