Friday 3 February 2023


Dreaming of a long, long journey. 

Shipboard        -       02 Feb 23 

We were ready 
Everything was stowed 
Movement about to begin 
The shipboard lights 
Flickered momentarily 
To indicate the start 
Of the journey 
We were on the way 

I will not say to where we go. 

Thursday 2 February 2023

Colour Of Evening

Slowly fading into black. 

Colour Of Evening        -        01 Feb 23 

The day was fairly clear 
As evening closed in 
The colour of evening 
Lost definition 
Faded fast into black 

All colours fade eventually. 

Wednesday 1 February 2023

Today And Tomorrow

Looking at the options that are or might be. 

Today And Tomorrow       -       31 Jan 23 

Viewing the probilities 
Of possible progress 
From today and into 
Seeing where they 
Might lead 

All the possible directions. 

Tuesday 31 January 2023

On Wheel

I have experienced something new. 

On Wheel        -        30 Jan 23 

I have travelled 
In buses 
In cars 
On various wheeled things 
But never before
To the best of my knowledge 
In a wheel chair

Convenient but sensitive to every bump. 

Monday 30 January 2023

Hands Warm

Need to get warm. 

Hands Warm        -       29 Jan 23 

Wondering where to put them 
When I need to warm 
My fingers and hands 
Nowhere seems appropriate 
Or polite 

Just have to remain uncomfortable and cold. 

Sunday 29 January 2023

Tasting Night Air

The flavour of the air is different at other times of day. 

Tasting Night Air        -       28 Jan 23

A certain crispness to 
The night air 
Walking on the heath 
With my mouth open 
Tasting the flavours
And texture of the air 

An experience to be savoured. 

Saturday 28 January 2023


Trying to return to vertically is not always easy. 

Down       -       27 Jan 23 

Involuntary change 
Of orientation can be painful 
Getting back from down 
Can be more so 

Personal experience, not to be recommended. 

Thursday 26 January 2023

Time Play

In the morning nothing seems real. 

Time Play        -       25 Jan 23 


Nothing is real. 

Wednesday 25 January 2023

Waking Mysteries

In the night I stir and wonder. 

Waking Mysteries        -         24 Jan 23 

Who is speaking 
To the wind 
Disturbing the owls 
Keeping me waking 
In the mysteries 
Of night 

I never know. 

Tuesday 24 January 2023


Looking for something I have used before but now cannot be traced no matter where I look. 

Questing       -        23 Jan 23 

Dropped off the face 
Of the Earth 
Gone without a trace 
I have not given up 
I am still questing 
One day I shall find it 
I hope 

Life is a little emptier without it.