Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sun's Shadow Side [Reality Five]

Another of the Reality series, this one took two days to reach maturity, but is now ready to be placed here in Muse for your consideration.

Sun's Shadow Side  -  29 & 30 Jun 12

Shoals of cloud
Under the neon sun
I walk alone
Though other feet have passed
This way
Through me

Wash the Unicorn’s horn
In the woodland dell
Leaves dance

Pan’s Pipes
Weave a madrigal
About the rhythm
Of the stream
To set the Mayflies

Sometimes the poems flow and at others they move more slowly.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Realities of the Night [Fourth Reality]

Born in the very early hours of the night as I looked out of my window while preparing for bed.  It continued to grow through the day till it was mature enough to be posted to Muse.

Realities of the Night  -  26 Jun 12

Low-flying cloud
Paints the night
With shades of grey
Wraps street lamps
In filigree damp
Cloaks the trees
With diamante robes

Wolf howl
Baying to an imagined Moon
Startled Peacocks
Ruffled feathers
Shaking their secret eyes
Seeing into other worlds
Awaiting sunrise

Silence of the mists
Hides the calls
Whispered words
Muttered incantations
Midnight Amethysts to
Burn bright

I find it very interesting how a random insertion into my sight and thoughts can deliver surreal imagery to be included in a poem ~ thank you Muse.
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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Third Reality

The "Reality" sequence is developing and growing, I'm getting feelings that another one is in gestation and should be arriving fairly soon.  In the meantime I present the third poem.

Third Reality  -  23 Jun 12

Fierce rain
Biting through clothes
Sky bruised
Beaten with a whip of ice

A kiss from a Phœnix
Warm feathers caress
My face

Maidens dance
In formal moves
Scarves draped
From silky wrists

Sun hides his face
Watching the dance

Knows he cannot join
Simply watches
Desire grows


These poems are showing more than a hint of Surrealism and this really pleases me ~ thank you Muse.
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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Diving Deeper

Another long pause and protracted birthing but, finally, a new poem sees the light of day.  I hope you feel that it was worth the wait.

Diving Deeper  -  07, 12 & 16 Jun 12

Her fingers reached
Within me

Took my senses
To higher states

Reached into me
Stroked my Soul
Held it tenderly

Gave me new meaning
To my thoughts
To my feelings…while

I would like to thank Muse for her patience...

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Another Reality

This is the second of, what is turning out to be, a new series of poems.  I did wonder when "Reality" appeared and was revealed to be somewhat unusual in content.  Now it is confirmed that the Reality sequence is to continiue.

Another Reality  -  05 Jun 12

Casting shadows on the sun
A moon-dark day
Over the sea of madness
Where voices chant
A litany of wordless songs
In ancient languages

Maidens walk the leopards
Through woodland lanes
As the ivy watches
From treetops bare
And blackbirds
Sing an anthem

Thank you Muse for the inspiration for this piece ~ looking forward to the next poem.

Monday, 4 June 2012


After another long gap something has appeared, it feels to me that it is the first part of a new on-going series of fantasy poems.  I shall have to wait and see what Muse suggests to me about what might come next.

Reality  -  03 Jun 12

On the edge of reality
Where suns and moons shine
With unexpected colours
And winged horses
Fly through mountainous

There dreams take shape
Before the dance begins
Words crystallise
Into lines
For Muses to sing
Into being

Going with what Muse prompts me to see...