Friday, 30 March 2012

The Garden of Infinity

This poem took quite a long time to grow, the first stanza appeared a few nights ago followed by a rather long gap but, suddenly, last night the remainder appeared quickly and smoothly.  So, now, here is...

The Garden of Infinity  -  25 & 29 Mar 12

Her footsteps
Gently caressed the lawn
As a whisper
In the night

Her feet
Kissed by the dew
Washed by beauty
Then dried
By the sun at dawn

Her smile
Pales the intensity
Of the rose
And makes the day
Even warmer

Her Soul
Patiently waiting
In the Garden
For her Lover
To join her

It is quite unusual for a poem to take a long while to grow or rather - emerge into the world but even then I am usually pleased with the result.  Thank you Muse.

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Sunday, 18 March 2012


At five in the morning as I was preparing for bed I noticed a glow in the Eastern sky, I looked out of the bathroom window and was rewarded with the sight of a crescent Moon a few days before New Moon.  Muse kept pushing that image and a few words at me for over a day till eventually it all came together this afternoon.

Watching  -  18 Mar 12

Five AM
Still cold ~ dark sky
Selene watches her Lover
As he sleeps
Fights the urge to
Touch him
Wake him
Kiss him

Craves his touch
Wants his warmth

She does not know
Secretly ~
He watches her
Never sleeping
Her warm smile
Touches his Heart
Embraces his Soul

I will always thank Muse for my inspiration.


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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Webs and Dreams

This poem actually started to grow in the middle of the night [there's a surprise] and came fully to the surface today.  I feel that it is complete and have decided to post it now.

Webs and Dreams  -  10 & 11 Mar 12

A web of words
About our lives
To trap our dreams
So we could
Live them
Feel them
Be them

Weaver of dreams
Shaped a world
In which we could play
Allowed the dream
To leak
Into our world
So we could
Touch them
See them
Be them

Builder of Love
Created our space
In which we could grow
Allowed our Love
To fill our world
So we could
Live it
Feel it
Touch it
See it
Be it

Once again I have to thank Muse for pushing ideas gently into my mind.


Friday, 2 March 2012

Wind ~ Primal Thoughts

After a long pause, of about two months during which Muse assisted me to create poems for A River of Stones and The Haiku Challenge, we return.
Inspired by the wind and by various feelings that the wind engendered in me this poem grew quite quickly...

Wind  -  02 Mar 12
Primal Thoughts

Scratches round corners
Rushes across the fields
Carries the scent
From the Sea
Tears clouds
From the sky
Scatters them across
The hilltops
The valleys

Whispers in my mind
…Reminds me
Shakes the memories
To clatter among
Loose thoughts

Ripples her clothes
Sends shivers
Through me
Pleasant thoughts

Strokes my neck
Or is it … her?


The references in the intro above are to...
...for A River of Stones
...for The Haiku Challenge

It was only when I was nearly finished that I noticed that the construction was formed using Prime numbers for each stanza ~ hence the alternate title.
We are happy to be back ♥