Tuesday, 31 May 2011


I have been inspired to produce a series of poems based on photographs of the sea or with a water theme and it has been suggested that they are collectively called "Ocean Love Songs". This is the first of a longer work without a visual link though looking at some of the photograhs I have posted on Visions can give a clue as to the inspiration I have been working through.

Evenglow - 31 May 11

Temple of Evening
Starfire glows across the sky
Evenglow paints the cloud
Pale pink above the sun

She watched
From Her Rainbow Spire
She saw me stand beside the Ocean
I looked
To catch a glimpsse
Of Her reflection on the waves

Once again I thank Muse for the inspiration.
I shall be compiling the "Ocean Love Songs" in some form before too long - perhaps when I feel that it is complete.

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Thursday, 26 May 2011


This poem was presented to me in two parts with an instruction from Muse to put them together as one; I only have a faint awareness of what it is about so will not be trying to explore the meanings, I just present it to you here.

Carnival - 25 May 11

Evening shatters daylight glimmers
Carries the fragments
To the stars
Shadows remain
Come out to play
Where once did day
Upon the waves
Skip lightly
Carnival of stones
Watchers dreaming
On the shore
While fiddlers annoy
The hermit
In the dark

I can see some of the references but really cannot say what it all means. Muse sometimes plays games with my mind - I don't mind if something interesting comes out of it.

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Sunday, 15 May 2011


After what seems to be a very long gap, Muse tapped me on my shoulder and suggested that I started to write. Mirrors is the poem which grew without any effort.

Mirrors - 15 May 11

Mirrored hallways
Leading to secret rooms
I look in
I look out
Dreamt memories

Images of things
That could never have happened
In the hallways
Mirrored dreams
Face to face
With me

Images of things
That might have happened
Watching them run again
In the mirrors
To different conclusions
All the
Might have beens
From my past

Images of things
That did happen
Now haunt me
In the mirrors
Down darkened hallways
In curtained rooms
Shut away from daylight
Veiled mirrors

Images of things
That might happen
A glimpse of sunlight
In the mirrors secret eyes
A subtle smile
Watching me
Watching you
Watching the future

Another slightly strange poem - partially autobiographical, partly imagination and all inspired by Muse, thank you Muse.

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