Monday, 28 February 2011


Yesterday evening this was the poem that was nearly complete when "Evening Haikū" came through and requested to be posted, now complete I offer it here.

Pupil...Teacher - 27 Feb 11

I thought...
I knew it all
I thought...
That I had been
Taken where I needed
To go
To learn

Then you saw me
Touched me
Let me see
Who you are
Who I am
And where
I have never been

Leading me
Showing me
Teaching me
Letting me be
Who I am
In the world
...Just be

In that moment
I saw
I realised
I became
All at once
We learned together

I hope you feel that it was worth the Muse does but she is biased.

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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Evening Haikū

I was actually composing another poem when these words were suggested to me, they flowed so smoothly that I felt that they were asking to be posted first - I know better than to argue...

Evening Haikū - 27 Feb 11

Now the afternoon
Stretches long shadows, blue mist,
Toward the moonrise

Daytime is closing
Candles flicker in the dark
Call you home to me

Across the ocean
Last glint of daylight shimmers
Between sky and sea

Waiting for you now
I know you are on your way
To be in my arms

I love the surprise arrival of poems, thanking Muse for the prompts.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011


#Haiga #Haiku

My offering for this weeks

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Wish ~ A Duet

In a break from the usual things I post here a renga, a collaborative linked poem comprised of Haikū, entitled "Wish ~ A Duet".
dani harris and I started writing it a little while ago and we think that we have taken it to the point where we now feel it can be published. We are presenting it simultaneously on her pages and here.

Wish ~ A Duet - 19 Feb 11

what would you have me
do for you if any wish
i could grant to you?

One touch, your gentle
hand rested for a moment
on my heart, with love

one touch, from the hand
of a loving heart ….. the touch
of your beloved

A smile and a kiss
just to brush your fingertips
as they touch my heart

shivers down my spine
from the light touch of your lips
on my fingertips.....

Fingertips follow
your wandering shivers...down...
explore soft wonders

a soft moan escapes
my lips... my hand on your heart
feels it beat faster

My lips kiss your moan
taste it tenderly...kissing
before it flies off

my lips meeting yours...
one kiss just the beginning
of passion's release

Looking deep within
eye speaks unto eye...calling
come with me tonight

soul speaks unto soul...
coming together with joy...
no longer alone

Lightly touching me
your hand strokes my heart again
granting ecstasy

two souls... two hearts... joined
in ecstasy... desire...
each for the other

Passion smouldering
constantly glowing...waiting
your words fan the spark

your words the spark ...fires
of my desire ignited...
passion burns brighter

Heart enflamed - burn bright
body burns with your love's touch
hold me in your arms...

already holding
you in my heart holding
you close in my arms

Our lips are touching
wordless speech from our bodies
talk to each other

touch... taste... sight... sound... scent...
all of our senses heightened
by flames of desire

Senses beyond five
allow me visions of you
...I can see your Soul

the shells ...the bodies...
matter not ~ 'tis the souls whose
journeys continue

To Infinity
exploring our passions
we fly...together

My co-writer, dani harris of haiku love songs - can be contacted via her webpage or on Twitter @poetpassionbakr
- I can be found tweeting as @DolphinDancer on Twitter and new posts from my various blog pages are announced as they happen. We hope you enjoyed reading this duet as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

She Called

Early morning, when waiting for a message from someone, this poem started to grow. It took further form while I was out walking and completed on my return home.

She Called - 16 Feb 11

I woke early
And heard her calling
To me
I went to her
The wind at my back
Urging me
To where
She waited

I went to her side
She was very pleased
To see me
She clapped her hands
In joy
She danced
And offered me
A cup of her wine

This is another experiment in illustrated poetry - I feel that it works, any comments will be welcomed - especially if they are polite [said he with a smile].

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Monday, 14 February 2011

Night Clouds

Early morning, 04:00 had just been called by the church clock, I looked at the sky...

Night Clouds - 14 Feb 11

Pinned against the night sky
By the Moon
Like a trophy
Before the stars
Silver rimmed
Asymmetric halo
About her face
Dawn's pale light
A distant dream

A slightly unusual poem illuminated by a fleeting Moon.

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Saturday, 12 February 2011


#Gogyohka #Valentine

An entry for

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pandora's Toys

The phrase "Pandora's Toys" had been drifting through my mind for about seven hours before it was brought into realisation, though I cannot see where my inspiration actually came from, I offer it to you now.

Pandora's Toys - 09 Feb 11

Pandora's toys
Kept in a jar
By her bed
Taken out
From time to time
To satisfy
Her curiosity

Winter white
Dancing flakes
Frozen ponds
Streams of ice

Spring green
Leaves flutter
Streams flow
Birds sing

Summer gold
Corn dances
Water warm
Sun plays on the sea

Autumn bronze
Time slows
Dreams form
Watched in fire

Pandora plays with her toys
Lets them flow
Around her...through her
Gives them form
Watches them dance
Before she places them
Gently back
For another time

Sometimes poems form without any reason, other than Muse giving me a gentle prod to let them be born.

This is an entry for

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Monday, 7 February 2011

I ~ Call ~ You ~ To ~ Me

This poem grew as I was walking to the cliffs; partially inspired by something said to me before I left my house, partially by the image
I photographed and partially though listening to the sea.

I ~ Call ~ You ~ To ~ Me - 07 Feb 11

Listen to my whispered
Of distant lands
Listen to the songs I
Of men and ships
Who brave my depths
Listen to my secrets
I shall listen to
Whisper to me
As you stand
On my shore
Call me to your life

The title is a Gogyohka which I embedded into the photograph.
I think this concept works quite well - what say you?

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Out Of Her Shadows

This poem grew suddenly and totally unexpectedly this evening, it took the shortest time to write as well - I offer it to you now...

Out Of Her Shadows - 02 Feb 11

For years
She had waited
Her dreams passed her by
Darkness enfolded
Her days
Wrapped her nights
With pain
Saw nothing but tears
In everything she did
Everything that came to her

Glimmers of light
Showed occasionally...
In her fear she pushed them away
Afraid that
Her darkness would engulf
Deny her again
...Yet again

A spark returned
To her...
She probed it
Felt it
Tasted it
The spark grew into a flame
Turned into an inferno
Consumed her
Took her to new heights
Her reborn Soul
Took flight

Into the light she flew
Taking with her
Her power
Leaving behind
The shadows
She had carried
For too many years
Now smiles are all she wears
As she rises higher

I cannot say how surprised I was as this poem formed and flowed from my mind to the page.
This is an offering for One Shot Wednesday -

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