Saturday, 30 October 2010

Rainy Memories

Sitting on a wet afternoon, events in my life conspired with Muse to encourage me to write a new piece. I am quite pleased with it and Muse told me not to wait and think about the poem, just post it here it is.

Rainy Memories - 30 Oct 10

Watching rain
Dribble down my window
Listening to the wind
Whisper sad songs
At the window
Old memories
Knocking at my door

I let them in
To converse
Remind me of where
I was
And when...
And what the feelings were
When I was there

Watching the stream flow
Taking the memories back
To the places
In which they live

Gazing out through the rain
Watching new memories
Gather under the trees
Waiting for me to join them
To play
Walk with the Sun
Sing to the Moon
Dance with Life
Share the Love
...I will be there
With you

Whispering my thoughts and feelings to the Universe...listening for the answers.

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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Whispering Waves

Listening to lovely music, Muse tapped me and said you can do that too...I didn't have time to set up a document on computer, I just grabbed pen and pad and started to write. Sometimes the old-fashioned methods are best.

Whispering Waves - 28 Oct 10

On the banks
Of the river
On the shores
Of the sea
We have been together
Hand in hand
Heart in heart
Souls holding...caressing

Never known before
How deep
We can be

The tide
Forever carries
Holding the echoes
Of all our words
Ever spoken
As the waves break
They whisper
I love you

I stand
And watch
And listen
The waves talk
Share secrets
With the shore
They talk of us

I love you

This poem flowed even more smoothly than usual and I am pleased with it.

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Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Another poem birthed in the early hours, this seems a good time for Muse to visit me - when I am most receptive to her gentle persuasions.

Epitaph - 27 Oct 10

Her voice
Quicksilver sliding
Through my mind
She touched me
Deep within
Removed my pain
But left me with a new one
I knew her
I knew I couldn't have her
The mists of time
Had already claimed her
To dance in otherwhere

A sad poem that doesn't actually refer to anyone I know personally; it was triggered by listening to lovely music sung by a beautiful woman who is no longer incarnate.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Haikū - 27

Muse has been rather quiet and has been letting me get on with posting Haikū and Gogyohka on Twitter and other places so it is back to more Haikū for the archives, April this year again.


I catch my partial
reflection in the window
sunset holds me now


Recipe for life:
Joy, happiness, smiles and a
large portion of Love


Darkness before dawn
Wondering why I am here
Whispering starlight


Loves wine spilled over
cloth still holding your perfume
a delightful stain


Hold fallen petals
reminders of love's blossoms
perfume still lingers


Touch the dream gently
the thoughts within are fragile
need to be cherished


Corner of the field
hiding unsuccessfully
scrap of spring, lurking

More of these and more new poems coming soon...

Friday, 22 October 2010

Haikū - 26

Another selection from April of this year for you to see.

Grey Sky

Grey sky and green hill
between, smudge of yellow light
not enough sun though


Raindrops dragging veils
grey threads torn from clouds, scattered
out across the earth


All the equipment
I need to see you, I have,
My eyes are open


Space where you exist
shining bright glimpse of heaven
overlaps with mine


I don't need a bribe
to hold me to your heart now
willingly staying


Crows and cockerels
in the sun, morning choir
discordant chorus


Offering to you
something only I can give
a portion of me

More poems, Haikū and other things coming somewhen soon.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Darkling Shadows

In the very early hours of today Muse gave me an idea to work with. Five linked Gogyohka, each of which could stand alone yet work together as a complex multiple piece.

Darkling Shadows - 19 Oct 10

In darkling shadows
Painted on the city walls
By fleeting clouds
At sunset
By the moving sun

Wherein can be seen
A memory
Of hidden aspects
Of time gone by
In dreams alone...shown

Shadows deepening
Moon walking
Leaving footprints a
An untouched land
Beyond our thoughts

Branches etched
Across the moon as she flies
From cloud to cloud
Under the star-spattered sky
Carving dreams for us

City walls allow us to dream
Hold us safe against the night
Nightmares wander the outer world within

This concept really appeals to me and I will probably be doing another one fairly soon.

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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Haikū - 25

Another selection of Haikū from April of this year...


My thoughts wandering
need more than a stitch to hold
them in the right place

Rainbow Fragments

Was raining, now clear
sunlight glinting from puddles
rainbow fragments shine

Easter Spirit

Rabbit in the stew
so much for Easter spirit
[just kidding my friends]


Now searching for the
infinite invisible
will I ever see?


Phœnix flies again
problems removed singed in the
fires of rebirth

Level - 1

I make a promise
I will do my level best
never break your heart

Level - 2

The rest of the world
is sloping - some quite badly
I'm on the level

Till next time when a new poem or more archive Haikū will be posted.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Autumn Wind

This poem was inspired by the real weather conditions, very strong winds and rain...

Autumn Wind - 08 Oct 10

The wind through my mind
Tearing down old familiar things
I had come to rely on
Through the years
To point the way
Through my life

The wind
Tore down more than I knew
Shook my understanding
Took me to places
That are new to me
Carried me into
A new tomorrow

The autumn wind
Changes my year
Blows away the old impressions
Shows me new
Shows me things
I never knew before
Which will change me

The wind through my mind
Has changed me
Shifted my perceptions
Opened me
Opened my consciousness
To realisation
That I am

Muse was really assisting me in this birthing, it was smooth and easy but I felt her hand as I wrote.

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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Another of the very early morning birthings while I was writing some other works to appear on Twitter.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - 06 Oct 10

Mingled with the echoes
Of yesterday
And the dreams of today
I sit and watch
The dawn
On the worlds of tomorrow
Bring me
New dreams
Where you stand
With me on the shores
Of a new ocean
I reach for you
...Take my hand?

Another of my wistful poetic dreams...

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Friday, 1 October 2010

Wild Dreams

The first lines were going to be the basis of a short piece, maybe a Gogyohka, but Muse said that it should be larger and so I present...

Wild Dreams - 01 Oct 10

In the wilderness
Beyond the city
The wild dreams
The world
In ways that only they
Can understand
Or do

Wild dreams
Shine the light
Into dark recesses
To show us
There is nothing
To fear
To fly
And be
Our destiny

Wild dreams
Guide us
Show us the way
Share the love
Show us how to be...
Wild dreamers

In the wilderness...was where I found this and it sounds like a fun place to go.

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