Friday, 30 April 2010


This poem grew rapidly as the first wave of words washed over me but it changed in a way that I didn't expect into the final form that I present here.

Brushstrokes - 30 Apr 10

Lovingly applied
Painting the afternoon
With flowers
With the sky
With the setting sun
With the ever moving sea

Watching, waiting
For my love to meet me
On the shore
A promise made
Yet unfulfilled
But still I wait
I know my lover
Will be here
To be with me again
And so I watch
And wait

The colours fade

Painting the evening
Dark blue
With the mist
With the sky
With the Moon

Sad but hopeful, waiting for a loving outcome.

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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Haikū - 2

This is the second of the re-runs of my Haikū - I made a slight error last time and posted the first of a group of three Haikū without realising that they formed a coherent whole. So I re-post it together with the second and third along with a few others.

Haikū - 2

Phœnix Trilogy

She took my heart and
melted it in her fire
I could not resist

Forged in the fire
mixed with glowing coals, my heart
made stronger by flame

Nurtured by fire
reborn from flame, I take flight
I am the Phœnix


Hearing the sky sing
the words bring old memories
back to the surface


Changing perception
around me vistas shifting
blurring my vision


Weaving a new day
from the threads of the old day
Moon sharing her loom

The only reason for this post is that Muse is preparing something new for me and it isn't complete yet. Soon, Muse tells me, soon.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Haikū - 1

Since this is a quiet day with no new poems I decided that it would be a good idea to archive the Haikū I have written this year. You may have seen them drifting by in the Twitter stream but some were never published before.


Full Moon looking down
watching over us tonight
protecting our dreams

Muse Song

I talk in the night
she listens, makes suggestions
my Muse - touch my Soul


Smiling at a thought
joy fills my mind with beauty
lifts me up higher


Your smile throws rainbows
across my sky if I'm sad...
I send you one too


She took my heart and
melted it in her fire
I could not resist

Five at a time should be sufficient I think...

Monday, 26 April 2010


This is yet another of the poems which grow unexpectedly in the very early moments of the day. When Muse requests my attendance, I never argue, just write and watch.

Teasing - 26 Apr 10

She took me by my hand
As I lay sleeping
"Come with me"

My sleeping body
Heard her call
Knew her call
Listened to her whisper
Followed her
Into her dream
Of me

Kissing a rose
She tempted me
Played with my thoughts
Teased my emotions
Raised me high
Left me hanging
Then with a smile
Led me back to bed

Laid me down, said
"Sleep my love"
And in the darkness
Left me
Dawn's sunlight hand
Caressed my cheek
Woke me to the memory...

Of a dream?

In some ways, I think I rather like this dream lover - she is a tease but isn't that part of the game?

Sunday, 25 April 2010

I Remember Tomorrow

This is the second of the two poems that were birthed in the very early moments of yesterday morning.

I Remember Tomorrow - 24 Apr 10

Tomorrow carries the dream
I wake and try to catch
Try to hold
Try to keep
I grab the threads
As they pass by
Tantalisingly close
And hold them to me
Trying to remember
What holds me
To them

Remembering the dreams that are yet to come...

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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Lovely Thief

This is one of a pair of poems that was birthed in the very early hours of today, both were completely unexpected - but I am used to this happening.

Lovely Thief - 24 Apr 10

She laid her head
Beside mine
And smiled
Her breath
Sweet warm inviting

So gently
She stroked my forehead
Cheek, neck
Her hand
Soft warm enticing

Her lips invited
In words that
Only love could understand
Her whispers
Reached deep within
Caressed my Soul
Stole my heart

I enjoyed writing this poem, felt the stirrings deep inside...

The second of the poems will be posted on the morrow.

Monday, 19 April 2010

Colour Wash

I am not at all certain where this poem came from, as I have said before though, I do not argue - I just write them down.

Colour Wash - 19 Apr 10

Painted afternoons
With a brush of flower
From a splash of light
Stolen from the sun

Fire colours washed
Across the land
Warming against the wind
That offers pale water
Blue and grey
To counterpoint

Hints of afternoon colour...

Friday, 16 April 2010

Let the Dream Begin

This poem is a little different in feel to the last few that have been posted here recently. I'm not going to try to explain - just let you read and comment if you want.

Let the Dream Begin - 16 Apr 10

Dreaming in the night
Visiting places
Visiting people
Doing things
The conscious mind
Would never permit

Dreaming in the day
Journeying to places
And things
That can be done
But circumstances
Could never permit

Dreaming in Soul
Places and things
Do not mean
What they do
To mind
Or body

Taking the one-way journey
From mundane
To the secret world
That is...if looked for

Open your eyes
But let the dream continue
And explore the real world
That is beyond
The ordinary

Dreaming...see where it takes you.

Comments are always welcome - I may not respond to them but I always read them all.

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


This poem grew out of a Haikū that had just been birthed but with a nagging feeling that there was something else that needed to be said. The whole thing was also tied to a walk to the cliffs on a windy but pleasant day.

Reminiscing - 13 Apr 10

Windswept cliff top walk
Kissed by the sun
Watched by the sea
As I gather new memories
To keep with me
For a distant time
In case I forget

Reminiscing with old friends
Looking back
On the ancient memories
When time seemed
To flow but linger over
The special moments
But old friends
Or new friends
Aren't here with me
As I harvest the memories
Of today

Who will share with me
In the distant time...
Or will I sit alone
Gazing at images
Gathered on a sunny day
On a windy cliff top...
Will the sea remember me?

Sad but valid, if you are alone when harvesting memories you will find it difficult to share them properly with friends - unless they really know the location where the memories grew.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Waters Edge

The flow of this poem was blocked for a while but it did eventually emerge.

Waters Edge - 06 and 09 Apr 10

Standing at the waters edge
Feeling the little touches
On my toes
As I look out to see
The horizon
And ask myself, what is beyond?

Can it be the promises offered
Will be fulfilled...
Or be stillborn

Weaving the threads
Taken from the setting sun,
Into a new dream
Colour filled, colourful
Waiting for the moon
To fade into view
To show herself
As guide
As protectress
And the weaver
Of our lives

Show me the dreams
Dust off the old dreams
Shine up the ones
That haven't tarnished too much
And bring out the new
Still wrapped in their
Cotton wadding

Weave them in with
The promises
Keep them dry
But the occasional tear
Will not cause the colour
To run

The promises offered
May be fulfilled
Some may die
Watching as they grow
With hope

On the waters edge
Feet washed by the waves
The horizon doesn't seem
So far...

This poem has now been completed despite the little hitch of being accidentally shown as a work-in-progress, suddenly I found the threads in my hand and it was but a small task to weave them into the new cloth.

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Monday, 5 April 2010

Distant Memories

This poem grew rather unexpectedly late yesterday night but as regular readers know - I do not argue, I just write them down.

Distant Memories - 05 Apr 10

Looking out
To the point where distance
Makes the details blue
And memories are fading
Into each other
Written on paper
And left for far too long
In the sunlight
Afraid to look
In case the touch of sight
Will crumble it to dust
And the final dream
Will be lost

Looking out
In the hopes of seeing
All the dreams that were
And wondering whether
New dreams are forming
Beyond the haze
To come and play
In my mind

I wish that I could fully understand where my poems have their roots - I would go and water the area to allow more to be born...

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Phœnix Waking

After a longer gap than I wanted a new poem has been birthed, it was inspired by an Haiku I wrote...

Phœnix flies again
problems removed, singed in the
Fires of Rebirth

...and this poem asked to be born.

Phœnix Waking - 04 Apr 10

The fires of Autumn
Long burned to ash
The pyres of Autumn
Hold a magic

The morning mists
Of Spring
Shroud the trees
Veil the sun
Protect the mystery
The secret movement
Of a symphony
In waiting

The opening chord
Is played
Phœnix awakes
Carrying the flame
Of a new Spring
Phœnix takes flight
Spreading the magic
Across the land

Phœnix may be a recurring theme, I feel.

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