Monday, 30 November 2009

Spinning Around

After days of rain, a welcome sight was seen this evening.

Spinning Around - 30 Nov 09

Spinning around in the day
Trying to touch everything...I'm
Blown by the wind
Sprayed by the rain
Having too much fun to

In the darkness
The cloud breaks and
A nearly full moon looks down
And smiles

The moon has been missed here - I hope she hangs around for a bit.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Winters Night

Sitting and relaxing with the cat when this poem came through, triggered by hearing things [see the poem for details] and remembering...

Winters Night - 28 Nov 09

In darkness
Rain lashes against
The window
Wind thundering down
The chimney

Within the room
Warm firelight flickers
And makes the corners
Gentle music
Massages my ears
And my mind

My arms around you
We sit
And we watch
The firemares
Chase around the logs
Dancing in time
With the music

And we both
Are lost in the timeless
Drifts of our memories
Like the smoke
From leaves
In autumn bonfires

Gentle thoughts for a stormy night.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Your Smile

This was a difficult cat was on my lap and he didn't want me to do anything other than cuddle him, eventually the poem was born and I present...

Your Smile - 25 Nov 09

In my dreams
You come to me
And you smile
And you melt my heart...

Wakes me
And I smile,
Reaching back
Into my dream
To take your hand

The thoughts,
Dream or awake,
Between our hands
Giving them life
By our love

A dream love-song perhaps...

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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Dream Flight

This poem was inspired by a night blessing from my friend June who said, "the new moon shines not to earth but to space...taking our dreams way out there..." It didn't take long for this little poem to be born.

Dream Flight - 21 Nov 09

She whispered an incantation
Gently, quietly, in my ear
She rested her hand on my heart
And we took flight
Our dance took us
Between the stars
To follow our dreams
In their flight

Thank you June for your inspiration.

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Thursday, 19 November 2009


A new poem just arrived here, say hello...

Remembering - 19 Nov 09

The firelight glow
On a cold winter evening
As we sat and dreamed

What we did do
What we will do
No difference,
Time plays a game

Wine as dark as night
Gently prod the fire
Into full life and feel the warmth
Feed the body, feed the soul

How we were, who we were
Who we are
Letting the warmth of the memory
Add to the fire's heat

Our dreams yet to come
When we walk along
The shores of summer
Hand in hand

Another dream...

Monday, 16 November 2009

Holding Me

In a change of mood today, I present a love song - it sneaked up on me while I was actually doing something else and I took pleasure in setting it down here.

Holding Me - 16 Nov 09

Moment by moment,
You hold me in your hands
Caressing, loving
Soothing my aches
Easing my fears

In all the moments,
I have felt your energy
Surrounding me
Touching me
Holding my soul
To yours

Our moments fill eternity,
And eternity is in all our moments

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I did writing...

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Sunday, 15 November 2009

Silvered Tongue

Another poem which grew suddenly after I 'heard' the whispering...

Silvered Tongue - 15 Nov 09

Caressing my ear
With her voice,
Playing with memories
That should be left alone


A long forgotten door
Creaks open
And her light shines in,
I had forgotten the way
She could manipulate me


The dreams she created
For me...and her...
Were only that,
No real substance
I didn't care


She knew the power
Of her words upon me
But still she spoke and whispered,
Little words controlling me
But I am immune now


Like a puppet
I dance to her command
Smooth words uttered carelessly,
Pulling my strings
To make me move


I swear that some of my poems come from other lives - I have known several people who fit this poem in parts but none of them are in my current life

Friday, 13 November 2009

Winter Longing

Another new poem which grew almost fully-formed to rest here.

Winter Longing - 12 Nov 09

Drifting through the afternoon
Wondering where the day went
Wondering where you went
When you left me

Watching the last leaves
Drift from the branches
Into the grey of the day
Landing in puddles fed by the rain

Feeling the sadness of the closing year
Feeling the potential of the coming year
Hoping that you will be with me
To share the love and joy

Inspired entirely by the dark afternoon...

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Dolphin Love

This poem was born in the late hours of yesterday.

Dolphin Love - 09 Nov 09

Around me
Above and below
And within
As I move
Beneath the surface
Of my dreams

She came to me
Circling and calling me
Inviting me to dance
Pressing against me
Holding me tightly
In her thoughts

I reached out
And our souls touched
And kissed
Mingled, wrapped
In each other's
Warm embrace

A warm "Thank you" goes to Laura who sent me a Twitter message incorporating the phrase 'Dolphin love' - when I read that, the poem just grew.

I had been waiting for a poem which would include my pod-mate and now...

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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Watching, Waiting

After a break, partially enforced and partially chosen, I return with a new poem - born this day...

Watching, Waiting - 08 Nov 09

Watching, waiting,
Wondering when you will return
To me
You have been away
For too long and I miss you
And your touch

My lonely days
My lonely nights
Too long have I felt this way
Wondering if the new day
Will bring you back
To my arms

My vision is blurred
By a tear

I think that this poem is another of my ancient memories, not of this life but some other; I seem to be carrying a lot of sadness from those periods in my many lives.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

November Storms

Last night's weather was rather wild...

November Storms - 04 Nov 09

Moon and cloud
In equal measures
Paint the sky and ground
With rain and silver.
Wind hurls drops,
Mingled with ice,
At my window

So glad I'm inside
The wind is jealous
Trying to join me

I felt it was necessary to mention the sounds which kept me alert in my office before I actually went to bed, rather fun listening to the noises at the window behind me.

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